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When launching your blockchain startup, you have to take care of a broad spectrum of tasks, from website creation to blockchain development. In order to perform all of them in the most efficient way, address the specialists of the ICODA Agency: we are always ready to provide you with the full cycle of crypto-related service.


One of the most important aspects of blockchain launching, which is frequently neglected by startup creators, is Telegram crypto promotion service. Telegram marketing can bring businesses millions of new partners, clients, and investors under one condition – the work should be entrusted to a reliable company with experienced and skilled specialists in different fields. Our dedicated customer support team of smart contract developers, specialized technicians, marketers, legal consultants, and designers is ready to make your crypto campaign successful.


Telegram promotion for crypto startups includes telegram marketing and the best telegram promotion services. You can take the advantage of the telegram promotion service and learn how to promote a telegram channel




What Includes Best Telegram Promotion Services?

Telegram crypto promotion service from our experts includes the following:


  • 24/7 Community Management

  • Content Creation

  • Promotion of your crypto project in top 50+ telegram channels and crypto groups

  • Telegram commenting services


We can guarantee that our experts will work out the most effective Telegram crypto promotion services for your crypto project that will work daily attracting a good few of new investors. Your reliable and transparent Telegram channel will clearly show all the benefits of your blockchain and the enthusiastic capital providers won’t be long in coming.




Leveraging Telegram Crypto Channels


Telegram marketing: the ultimate guide of the telegram promotion service, Create the best telegram group for your target audience


Another way to promote your crypto project on Telegram is to create a channel. A Telegram channel is where you can broadcast an unlimited number of messages or content to a large number of users.


There are two types of Telegram channels – public and private channels. Admins can control both private and public channels, even if they differ in how members can join.


It is a space for brands to send out announcements, updates, or just about any content type without worrying about posting limits. However, unlike the Telegram groups, the Telegram channel is meant for one-way communication and is not intended to spark conversations.


Promote your startup through telegram marketing – learn what telegram group is and how it can help you to promote your business


A public channel is a searchable platform open to just about anyone who wants to join. Some admins submit their channels to the Telegram channel directory to increase their brand’s visibility and searchability. On the other hand, a private Telegram channel requires an invite before anyone can come in. Private channels are perfect for businesses since they can keep track of who can access their content.


Another feature that Telegram channels have is the anonymity of members. Since these channels are for broadcasting content and messages, members are just there to consume and not interact. To protect the members of a Telegram channel, they remain anonymous to each other, which can be an advantage in discouraging competitors from poaching a brand’s channel members.




Take into consideration Telegram crypto groups



An extra benefit of using Telegram crypto groups is how they have high user limits. This allows for inviting thousands of people with ease. It is a great solution to broadcast news, updates, and advertisements.


A major portion of all cryptocurrency and blockchain discussions take place on Telegram. The popular social messaging platform provides a lot of functionality to engage in a conversation with like-minded individuals. Creating a Telegram group is simple and free. Following this approach yields a lot of opportunities for users and projects alike.


Projects and teams can make their Telegram channel with ease. It is an option to explore if one posts regular updates or issues new content continually. It is also an excellent way to bond with community members or potential investors.


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