Opinion Leaders: Make Influencers Talk about Your Crypto Project

With the ICODA Agency, you get a unique opportunity to use the most innovative and efficient strategies of PR and promotion for your blockchain startup. Along with website development, online and offline campaigns, you can apply to the help of opinion leaders – the people, who have established their authority in certain field and can therefore persuade their followers.
Our team is ready to find such influencers and use their services for the promotion of your cryptocurrency product.

Get the Most Out of Blockchain Opinion Leaders with ICODA Agency!

Why do we find this cryptocurrency marketing strategy so effective? Here are just a couple of reasons that are sure to convince you:

  • Potential investors tend to trust opinion leaders. If such an influential crypto expert promotes your startup – it MUST be reliable, profitable, and competitive!
  • The more people talk about your blockchain project, the better. When the project is mentioned in media and on TV, during various conferences and meetings, it becomes one of the most suitable and evident solutions for capital investment.
  • With the help of opinion leaders, you don’t need so much of PR and promotion. Your blockchain startup will be given a great push for promotion without extra costs.

The team of our highly experienced marketing analysts, content creators, software developers, and marketers is ready to promote your solution among the most influential blockchain opinion leaders. We are acquainted with those experts, whose point of view is highly valued all over the world. They will mention your brand at multiple conferences and meetings, in blogs and social media, convincing people to buy your products or invest into them.

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