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DEX Business: How to Promote Business and Reach Out to Customers


According to Citigroup, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have grown faster than centralized exchanges over the past two years. So, the toughest challenge of developing a decentralized business is not the project itself but all the marketing that comes after.

Participants in this niche are picky about the platforms they invest in and prefer established brands with credibility. So, find out the way you can bring new customers and make your business succeed.


SEO and Online Marketing

There is much to gain from online exposure, and DEX businesses are not an exception. If you have any long-term plans, optimizing your website and publishing engaging content about your business is a must.


Otherwise, you will not rank highly enough on search engines to gain visibility and reach out to your customers. In order to reach the TOP3 in organic searches, you need a professional team to take maximum advantage of a marketing campaign (SEO and content creation for your website).


The main focus is establishing authority and providing enough resources for customers to boost their skills and raise brand awareness among your target audience.




Social Media Engagement

The key to effective social media engagement is to build a loyal community. Social media also allows you to share quick updates regarding your business and provide additional information to potential clients. Simply sharing “how to” articles on a social media page is not enough. You need to create an excellent communication plan, generate content, share events and updates regarding your business, and involve clients in conversations.


Make sure you provide content on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, and Reddit pages. You can also experiment with other social media with lower competition, but you should measure if it is worth trying to join this fast-paced race. 


Community management has also changed. It reached a level up: it is no longer enough to just create a thread and share company news. Be sure to provide 24/7 monitoring of comments or concerns and answer them instantly. 


Apart from providing a platform for people to hold discussions, community management is a great way to listen to the user and their pain points. So, you can learn about what they are looking for from DEX. It will help you refine your messaging. 




Influencer Marketing

Decentralized businesses can benefit from increased traffic and brand awareness by engaging opinion leaders in their marketing plans. So, you can widen your audience, make your business heard and reach success.


When working with influencers, you should do your own research in advance. You might also need to consider the personal brand of your influencer and whether or not it is a match with your company values. The influencer gets to talk about something interesting, which boosts engagement with their clients. On the other hand, your DEX will gain valuable exposure and boost your sales if your selection of bloggers is correct.




DEX Media: Ratings and Listings

Another technology to market your DeFi project involves getting mentions in sites dedicated to DEX, including trackers, calendars, listings, and ratings.


When creating a company profile, the best way is to provide all the necessary details that may interest your target audience.


Moreover, brand mentions on top media sites may also significantly boost SEO and traffic to your project page or blog. The idea is that you get mentioned in media that rank on the first pages of a Google search. 




PR Marketing

The best strategy to reach success in publishing articles on tier 1 and tier 2 media without being marked as “sponsored” is to collaborate with a reputable PR agency that has a long-lasting collaboration with media. Crypto marketing agencies take away the stress of creating quality content and building a memorable brand by offering DEX companies professional help. So it always makes sense to outsource the responsibility for creating content to an organization so that they can focus on other aspects of running a company.


Once you submit an article to a large media, make sure it is of good quality and has some value for your potential audience. That means the story itself should be devoted to the resolution of some issues with detailed market research rather than simply directing visitors to your company and its aims. Positive media engagement can position your brand as credible without spending huge sums on advertising.




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In order to capture the opportunity presented by the decentralized space, companies should be ready to utilize various strategies for promoting DEX. Invest time and resources in devising not only a great website, strong crypto community, and media mentions but in an effective DEX marketing strategy. Any activity related to building brand awareness, getting customers, increasing return customers, and improving sales should be effective and measurable.


It is also essential to find a company to assist you with certain aspects of the marketing process for great results. Above all, any robust plan you choose to promote your DEX should be suitable for your brand.




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