Market Making Services

We develop unique strategies for token’s market development to increase volume and liquidity.

Market Making services include:

  • Software customization
  • Daily setting of liquidity management and trading volume for perfect trading history (organic SELL and BUY transactions) 
  • Artificial liquidity with price movement parameter
  • 24/7 spread control
  • Detailed strategy with real-time market data analytics for the entire cooperation period including the following parameters: price, volume, speed of growth, to interact marketing strategy

Why to choose us

  • Automatic system to provide liquidity
  • Real chart creation
  • Organic supply and demand on the market
  • Daily strategy review and optimization
  • Keeping the spread at a minimum level
  • Real market (not Wash Trading)
  • Focus on Client’s profit
  • Development of additional personal features

Some of exchanges we support

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