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CMC is the world’s #1 most-trusted cryptocurrency data authority.

If someone invest in crypto and blockchain projects, it is the essential to track their health and activity. Using CMC, crypto investors can keep up to date with important crypto metrics, overall crypto market performance and know where the industry stands today.


CoinMarketCap ranks and scores exchanges based on traffic, liquidity, trading volumes, and confidence in the legitimacy of trading volumes reported.


It is commonly cited by CNBC, Bloomberg, and other major news channels. Even the U.S. government uses CoinMarketCap’s data for research and reports. 


We offer you:

Preparation of technical specifications for integration with CoinMarketCap
Streamlined procedure that delivers fast listing without bureaucracy and difficulties
Compliance procedure, preparation of an application according to the requirements
Marketing Plan and recommendations for Lead Generation from CoinMarketCap

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