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Blockchain-based technology is attracting the attention of more and more businesses around the world, including app development companies. Originally used as a way to monitor and track Bitcoin transactions, blockchain is now being used for transactions of all kinds, not just those that involve cryptocurrencies.

ICODA is one of the top blockchain-based development companies. Our dedicated team of experienced blockchain-based app developers are able to give you the best solution for your business’s blockchain-based app needs. We have blockchain-based app development options for every type of business that wants to switch to using blockchain to manage their important business transactions.

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What to Look Out for in Blockchain-Based Development Companies


Here is a detailed list of skills your perfect candidate should definitely have.



Basic Programming Ability

They don’t need to be experts. However, they should understand the syntax and how to write code. Java, C++, Python and JavaScript are some of the most popular languages used for blockchain. 



Encryption and Security Knowledge

They must also be familiar with encryption and security protocols such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS). Additionally, they must know how to implement security features like data encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA).



Data Structures

The advantage of a linked list is that it is easily implemented, which makes it perfect for small data sets. It can also be traversed in any direction, making it ideal for sorting and searching algorithms. Understanding big data concepts will help them process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. They should also be familiar with the various types of data structures, such as graphs, heaps, hash trees, Patricia trees and Merkle trees.


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Effective cryptography is essential to providing a secure blockchain-based environment, and developers should have a strong foundation in cryptographic concepts and practices, including wallets, keys and digital signatures. They should know how to use public-key cryptography to prevent unauthorized access to data and understand the differences between cryptographic hash functions like SHA-256 and Keccak-256.



Consensus Mechanisms

A consensus mechanism is a process that allows all participants in a network to agree on the state of the ledger. There are many different types of consensus mechanisms, but the most popular ones are proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS).




Smart Contracts 

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts that enable two parties to exchange goods and services without an intermediary. They automate agreements and transactions between parties. 


Smart contracts can help you exchange money, shares, property, or anything of value in a transparent way that can’t be changed or edited. Developers should also be familiar with the programming languages commonly used for smart contracts, such as Vyper, Solidity or Chaincode. 


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Web Development

Blockchain and web development go hand in hand, especially with blockchain’s emphasis on decentralized applications. Developers should be experienced in all aspects of web development. 


That not only means knowing how to design and develop web applications but also understanding the technologies that support these applications and what it takes to optimize and secure them.





This helps improve the network performance by allowing it to handle more transactions at a time. And all nodes in a shard are connected. Transactions are processed by a subset of nodes in a shard and then broadcast to all nodes in the shard.


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What Do We Offer?

Smart Contracts Development
We will help you eliminate repetitive operational processes and optimize resource utilization via smart contracts that prevent unjustified changes and automatically execute the set obligations.
Blockchain App Development
We adopt a robust methodology for Blockchain app development services that helps to achieve a higher level of security. With the help of mechanism design, cryptographic algorithms, and distributed computing, we build secure blockchain apps. 
Cryptocurrency Development
We have built a large number of cryptocurrency platforms that are customized as per the business requirements. Our developed platforms are bestowed with bank-grade security features. You get unbeatable solutions with our software development services.
Wallets Development
Our blockchain developers have a solid command of building the top cryptocurrency wallet apps. Storing, sending, trading, and receiving digital currency becomes easy.
Hyperledger App Development
Our blockchain developers specialize in building decentralized digital community apps by utilizing blockchain frameworks. These are hosted on Hyperledger, including Hyperledger Iroha, Hyperledger Burrow, Hyperledger Sawtooth, etc.
Blockchain Consulting
Use our expertise as a blockchain development company to aid you in understanding everything about blockchain and choose the right enterprise blockchain development solutions that enhance your business growth.

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of Blockchain Developers?


Developers have many roles and responsibilities. They might be responsible for the blockchain-based network, the applications that run on that network or a combination of both. They might also participate in designing blockchain-based networks and applications, analyzing existing systems and evaluating new technologies.


The exact roles and responsibilities of a developer will depend on the individual’s circumstances, but they can include the following:


  • researching, analyzing and designing blockchain-based networks, consensus protocols and decentralized applications;

  • planning security and compliance across the entire blockchain-based network and applying cryptographic mechanisms such as hash functions and digital signatures;

  • researching and evaluating new tools and technologies and integrating them into a blockchain-based network or its applications;

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  • developing, testing, monitoring and maintaining a blockchain-based network with a focus on performance, distributed computing, consensus protocols, cryptography and other security measures;

  • developing, testing, monitoring and maintaining decentralized applications, smart contracts, back-end systems, client-side applications and any other components that make up the application stack;

  • documenting development processes, artifacts and best practices as well as blockchain-based applications or systems; and

  • employing a wide range of soft skills, including communication, collaboration, problem-solving, multitasking and working in a team environment.


Developers might also be called upon to fulfill other tasks like participating in open-source community projects, meeting with stakeholders, mentoring younger developers and learning new skills.


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Blockchain App Development Benefits


Why Should You Implement Blockchain Technology for Your Business?


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Blockchain is a shared database that promotes honest transparency. All partners have the responsibility to upload their information and data about the product. A digital collection of accurate data improves accountability and trust between partners.


Blockchain technology can show updates to the product in minutes. All partners know exactly where a product stands at all times. You can see exactly where a product is, how it’s being made, and when it will be delivered – right on one platform.


For example, a retailer can look on the blockchain platform and see that their product is with the distributor being packaged and shipped. They can see that two of the items were damaged already, so they’ve been returned to the producer to be fixed. The retailer can now know how many products there are when they arrive and the condition they will be in at delivery.


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Blockchain builds communication between partners. This builds a streamlined process with shorter lead times, reduced redundancy, fewer delays, and ultimately a leaner supply chain. It also ensures that quality standards are met, giving the seller more control of the production of the product from A to Z.





Blockchain tech is built with secure “blocks.” These are copies of the document that are chronologically stored and linked to the previous blocks. This makes them highly secure and challenging to falsify. 


A hacker would have to change hundreds of copies at the same time, which is nearly impossible without the software picking up on it. This is what makes blockchain the technology used by Bitcoin and major financial services and banks.


If you want to ensure your supply chain data stays guarded against cyber attacks (which are becoming more regular these days), blockchain is an ideal solution.


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Streamlined Operations

All information is uploaded to the cloud. This digitization of logging leads to less administrative work and more consistent data tracking. You don’t have to try to connect with your partners to get the information you need; you sign on to the blockchain to instantly download that information. Everything about the product is in one spot, making communication and operations highly streamlined.


Moreover, blockchain is global and scalable. This means that the technology can support worldwide partnerships and communications in just minutes. This makes it the ideal solution for an economy of globalization.


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Blockchain is more than just a storage technology. It offers complex solutions to analyze the data being uploaded. It can help create forecasts and predictions based on previous data, and it can allow users to pinpoint lags in the supply chain.


These data analytics are proving invaluable to companies who want to minimize supply chain expenditures and grow their businesses.




Customer Engagement


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Those analytics can also be used to boost customer satisfaction. Retailers can use the blockchain-based database to see where items are in production and shipment to better build a delivery timeline for their shop.


Moreover, customers can also have access to certain data on the blockchain. For example, a clothing brand with a dedication to fighting sweatshops may give its customers access to the blockchain, showing them a social consciousness approval form, a labor union sheet, and even a how-to launder guide.


This kind of data sharing creates a new level of transparency with the consumer in a way that builds deeper client relationships and loyalty.

When You Might Use Blockchain-Based Technology

Blockchain-based technology has the potential to solve some of the key issues facing the banking industry today. Banks now store money for their customers and process the transfer of this money. Blockchain solutions have an inherently secure system, providing a lasting record of millions of daily transactions. In addition, the decentralization provided by this technology allows for the transfer of money to become more simple and less expensive.
The medical industry suffers errors, fraud, and potential loss of records, creating distrust between consumers and healthcare providers. This trust can be renewed by securely storing medical records that can be accurately transmitted and accessed by authorized individuals. Blockchain-based technology helps to approve and identify people for this exact use. In fact, a startup, Ontology, is already working to achieve reliable multi-source identification in all industries using blockchain development.
Real Estate
Anyone who has ever bought or sold a home knows how much paperwork it entails. Blockchain development works to alleviate the headaches caused by these paper jobs. By using blockchain-based, you can keep your records safe with relatively little effort and cost. This system can generate smart contracts that only fund when the conditions are met. In addition, many people who spend time with realtors know how confusing the commission rate can be. Cryptocurrency-based attitudes look forward to changing this situation. The popular blockchain design restores the power of real estate owners and buyers by removing brokers, intermediaries, or negotiators that block direct communication between agents and clients.
Legal Industry
Blockchain-based technology is poised to disrupt some areas of the legal industry by permitting documents and data to be stored and validated. Records (including wills) stored in the blockchain software will be verified quickly and safely. It can also eliminate legal issues related to inheritance, including crypto assets. For example, Safe Haven provides users with the ability to protect their digital assets so the investor’s legacy can be safely and reliably passed on to appointees.
Government and Politics
Apart from the voting system, blockchain technology can help reduce and eliminate bureaucracy and corruption in government agencies. For example, welfare, disability, veterans, and unemployment benefits can be verified and distributed to eliminate fraud. Smart contracts, whether contractors or foreign governments, can guarantee that funds will only be released if certain conditions are met in the form of subsidies. It can also significantly improve the security, efficiency, and transparency of state tasks.
Cryptocurrency Exchange Industry
Digital money is the financial industry of the future, and fortunately, the blockchain system allows this digital currency to be safely distributed and documented. However, the “mining” required to confirm and validate each digital currency exchange requires a significant amount of computing power. Recently, this has caused problems on some platforms, and the amount of computation is so high that certain exchanges are down. This problem costs the customer a lot of time and money. New improvements in the blockchain space are changing the way the cryptocurrency trading industry is regulated. The development of alternative platforms has revealed a wide range of significant issues in the field of cryptocurrencies. These platforms use smart contracts that pre-analyze the number of calculations each contract requires. This means that tracking records will be easier and faster.
As the power of online learning and distance learning grows, so does the need for an independent method of verifying student transcripts and educational qualifications. The blockchain-based system acts as a notary public for educational records, providing employers and other educational institutions with access to secure records. In fact, it can also help universities and other large institutions to work together. When offered online by Oxford, students no longer have to wait for the courses they want to offer at Harvard. Your grades and notes will be easily and instantly transferable.

Why You Should Hire a Top Blockchain Development Company

Demand for blockchain-based companies is increasing with the fast adoption by various industries, such as retail, healthcare, banking, mobility and more. And if your company is in search of the best blockchain developer to move ahead in the innovation curve, here are some tips for finding the right talent.


Experienced blockchain-based solutions developers allow you to opt-in for a blockchain developer who can help you out in the blockchain-based development services and let your blockchain business complete its desired project in the given time and resources.


Tips for Picking the Right Blockchain Developer


With the rise of Bitcoin’s popularity, many blockchain companies have emerged to fulfill the market’s request. Finding the best blockchain consultant may not always be easy, especially if you haven’t dealt with this new technology before.


Below, there are some tips that can help you select one of the top blockchain development companies to resolve your tasks.

Supported Blockchains
Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchains for dApp’s creation, which makes it easier to find a skilled developer. However, mind that this platform has scalability problems as it allows the processing of quite a small number of transactions per second. Currently, it is still in the process of changing its underlying consensus from PoW (Proof-of-Work) to PoS (Proof-of-Stake), aiming to resolve this issue. As the final stage of this transfer is being constantly put off, many other platforms have been created with better performance, such as Cardano, Cardano, Hyperledger, and EOS. See which of these platforms the company has experience with.
Custom Development
Out-of-the-box blockchain-based solutions may not always be sufficient for resolving specific business tasks. Complicated types of infrastructure may require an individual approach. You also need to check if the software development company offers custom blockchain development in case none of the existing platforms fits your requirements. It would be a good bonus if the team could help you write white and yellow papers to support their custom design with the needed specifications.
Smart Contracts Audit
While focusing on blockchain-based development, blockchain companies may often pay too much attention to logic and token issuance while failing to provide the needed level of security. See if the software developer has the capability to conduct the audit of smart contracts with the help of third-party services to ensure that the software they create is secure. It would be a big bonus if the team could also optimize contract processes to help end-users pay less for gas and, therefore, reduce operational costs.
Check the Team’s Experience
It is considered a good practice among blockchain consultants and developers to showcase their teams’ experience in the industry on dedicated pages on their websites. Find all these people’s profiles on Linkedin, and see if they have worked on similar projects and if they have relevant experience in blockchain-based solutions.
Check the Company’s Field of Expertise
Blockchain-based business development may require a lot of new skills related to this highly technological area. Find out which programming languages and frameworks the team has worked with, the size of its past projects, and the verticals where it has operated. If you run a huge enterprise and the software developers only focus on small startups, most likely, they just won’t be able to provide you with sufficient quality due to the lack of experience.
Check Third-Party Reviews
In the era of open-source technologies, there’s no difficulty in finding reviews on any project on the web. GitHub, Bitcoitalk, Clutch, Linkedin, Gartner, and other similar platforms can give you lots of food for thought and help you find out what unprejudiced parties think about the blockchain-based development services of your choice.

ICODA Is Your Smart Choice Among Blockchain Development Companies


Blockchain development enables companies to optimize their performance by changing their approach to data management and operations. Although most industries have already adopted this technology, for those that still have not, it is the way forward.

Blockchain-based technology not only increases efficiency, leading to faster executions but also removes the scope of human-based errors, reduces the opportunity for fraud, and increases accountability.

Blockchain technology is also highly cost-effective. So as a company, what you only need to do is hire ICODA, a reliable team of software developers, and the rest will be taken care of by them.


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