Several Useful Hacks on How To Promote Cryptocurrency Casinos and Betting in the Most Effective Way

Cryptocurrency-based gambling has surged in popularity in recent years, attracting potential customers from across the globe. Unlocking the vast potential of cryptocurrency casinos and betting platforms demands a strategic and effective marketing approach. In this article, we explore several invaluable hacks to promote these innovative ventures in the most efficient manner possible.

How To Attract Potential Customers in the Most Effective Way?

Identify the Regions Where Your Potential Customers Live

The target audience for crypto betting and casinos exists in almost all countries worldwide, so it is crucial to identify specific regions where you want to promote your product. All countries can be split into three tiers. 

In the first tier, you should keep the leading countries from Western Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In the second tier, you should add Eastern European countries, the remaining Western European countries, South American representatives, Mexico, as well as the wealthiest countries from Asia and Africa (China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, etc.). In the third tier, you should highlight other countries, including India, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

By categorizing countries into three tiers based on factors like economic status and regulatory landscape, you can tailor your promotional strategies accordingly. When choosing regions, it is essential to understand that higher tiers come with increased competition and user acquisition costs, stricter regulation for advertisers, but also higher deposits and LTV.

Launch Broad Media Advertising Campaigns in the Selected Countries

Before starting CPA (Cost Per Action) advertising, you need to work on the media aspect and increase brand recognition through CPM (Cost Per 1K Impressions) campaigns. The more frequently your brand can be noticed by potential users, the more likely they will use your service as soon as they notice targeted advertising. Additionally, it is crucial that the ads should be localized. This is particularly relevant when working with TIER-2 and TIER-3 countries, where English isn’t widespread.

Localize the Website

If you focus on specific regions and plan to attract users from there, your product’s interface should be translated into their native language. This will increase the conversion from website visits to users and also improve the retention rate.

Offer Great Bonuses to New Users

Before launching ads, it is recommended to conduct a competitive analysis to identify the most attractive welcome bonuses for new users among your competitors who target the same regions. Compare them with your own bonuses and make adjustments if necessary, as gamblers looking to switch to a new casino or betting platform with the most attractive solutions on the market. Bonuses can include free spins, bets, and deposit bonuses. Strive for a balanced offer that appeals to your potential users without attracting “bonus hunters” who are only interested in exploiting your project only and withdrawing bonuses as soon as possible.

Create an Affiliate System With Appealing Offers for Webmasters

You can create your own affiliate program or utilize existing affiliate systems. An affiliate program is necessary to attract webmasters who will provide traffic to your business.

There are different payment models that you can integrate:


Cost per action, such as depositing, registering, or engaging with a project. This model is quite popular in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and Russia.


Cost per lead is common in Europe, Australia, and the USA. Some affiliate programs may offer CPL after a webmaster has demonstrated great traffic results during a test period. So, it starts with CPA and then receives attractive conditions of collaboration.


Due to this model, part of the revenue is generated from the referred customer. Rates can vary from 20% up to 70%.

It is essential to understand that there are many gambling, betting, and crypto-related affiliate offers available to webmasters. Providing the most attractive conditions can attract skilled specialists to promote your project.

Run a Comprehensive Advertising Campaign

It is also recommended to launch advertising campaigns independently. By carefully choosing regions for promotion, building a proper funnel, and using high-quality content, the cost of acquiring users will be lower than affiliates have, and you won’t need to share your profits with them.

A Checklist That You Need To Cover

  • Find countries for promotion;
  • Choose an affiliate or a partner program for a project;
  • Select the type of collaboration with webmasters;
  • The place offers arbitrage media and chats;
  • Promote media in selected regions (generate articles, links, ads);
  • Implement SEO optimization;
  • Purchase comments on review aggregators in the relevant regions;
  • Collaborate with influencers/bloggers/streamers to promote services for an agreed amount or for a share of profits;
  • Create cloaks or additional white landing pages (necessary for bypassing ad restrictions);
  • Launch ad campaign.

That’s all! If you want to know what else ICODA can offer you, just contact us right now and let’s take your venture to new heights in this competitive gambling industry.