Pioneering AI Frontiers: Explore, Connect, Transform at the 2024 Global AI Show in Dubai

This coming April, the vibrant city of Dubai is poised to host a significant gathering in the world of artificial intelligence created by VAP Group. Set to take place from April 16th to 17th at the esteemed Grand Hyatt Dubai; Global AI Show is designed to foster dynamic exchanges, forge connections, and offer deep dives into both the present and future states of AI technology.

Anticipated to draw in more than 7,000 participants, this show is geared towards fostering business insights and thought leadership within the AI community. Attendees can look forward to hearing from an impressive roster of opinion leaders, such as Chandra Khatri, the AI visionary at Ola Krutrim who has been instrumental in the AI revolution in India, and Dr. Oualid Ali, the QAD Director at the University of Buraimi, celebrated for his extensive involvement in over 150 AI and technology conferences worldwide.

The speaker lineup is as varied as it is distinguished, featuring Ali Abdulla Al Sadadi from Bahrain’s IT sector; Rodger Werkhoven, a pioneer in creative direction at Open AI; Valerie Hawley of the Sorbonne Centre for Artificial Intelligence; Dr. Duaa Abaoud, a strategic advisor at MOMRAH; and transformation leader Petrica Vlad, among other speakers.

More than just a networking hub, the conference aims to spark substantive conversations around validated AI strategies. It offers a unique opportunity for attendees to interact directly with leading minds in the field through panel debates, collaborative sessions, and the sharing of insights. The primary mission is to uncover and expand upon AI’s real-world applications, aiming to make a lasting impact on generations to come through scalable solutions.

Dubai has been selected as the venue for the forthcoming Global AI Show, which is attributed to its advantageous location, progressive regulatory environment, and top-notch infrastructure. This decision underscores the city’s significant contribution to the advancement of artificial intelligence within the tech sphere, effectively merging digital innovation with tangible world applications.

The event is designed as a premier gathering for experts and aficionados of AI and blockchain, providing a rich agenda of technical presentations, interactive learning opportunities, and engaging panel debates.

It aims to serve as a driving force for transformation, propelling forward-thinking ideas and setting new directions for the development of AI globally.

The dedication of VAP Group to influencing the AI landscape is clearly reflected in the meticulous organization of this conference. Highlighting cutting-edge technologies, innovative ideas, and practical knowledge, the event promises to offer invaluable experiences for all participants. Individuals are urged to reserve their participation promptly to ensure they are part of this landmark occasion and at the vanguard of AI innovation.

For ticket purchases and additional details, here’s the Global AI Show‘s official website. See you there!