February 9, 2022

NFT Consultation Is Now Accessible on ICODA



Dear customers, we have great news: as NFTs are taking the world by storm, we have integrated a new solution accessible on ICODA – NFT consultation.

Our experts will help you scale your business quickly and efficiently while bridging operational gaps in your PR and marketing strategy as well as blockchain development. Thanks to our cutting-edge solutions, rest assured that our specialists will guide you and find the right path.

Whether you need to boost your existing DeFi project or launch a new one, we are always here to help you!

With our NFT consultation service and valuable insights, you will learn more efficient ways of promoting your project while still enjoying the process of boosting your token. 

Find out our solutions below.


Crypto PR

Leveraging years of experience in promoting fintech projects, we will help refine your current PR strategy or build you an entirely new one that adapts to your company needs and goals.

The Head of the PR department carries out a one-hour consultation.


Blockchain Development

We can help you select and find the way to integrate blockchain in your business to grow, protect and optimize it by harnessing top-notch technologies.

It is also important to say that one-hour consultation is carried out by the CTO.


Marketing Strategy

Our CEO is always ready to help you and improve your performance, making it easier to attract a large community of investors and increase your brand awareness. Each consultation lasts one hour.


Are you ready to boost your project? You just need to buy an NFT on OpenSea and contact us via Telegram. Let’s make your performance soar!

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