Make ‘Em Jealous, Get Zealous! Rocket-Launch Your Blockchain Project With Zealy

Unleashing the power of blockchain promotion, Zealy is your passport to a realm where Web3 and Web3 projects coalesce. It’s an interactive promotion powerhouse that engages users through myriad quests and unique tasks, providing a fun-filled journey into the heart of each project. 

Emerging from the shadows of the French startup scene as Crew3, Zealy underwent a transformative rebirth after a successful pre-seed funding round that saw an influx of $3.5 million in investments in a funding round led by Redalpine. The name change hints at a larger-than-life mission that may surpass the audacious ambitions of SpaceX’s Crew-3 project. Competing in the same marketing sphere as behemoths like NASA and SpaceX is no small feat, but Zealy is up for the challenge.

Zealy is a buzzing hub of activity with 700,000 unique users engaging monthly, collectively completing over 100 million quests, as per TechCrunch.

So, What’s the Big Zeal?

Zealy is more than just a promotion platform; it’s a step-by-step odyssey into the unique core of every project. It employs gamification elements to allow users to dive deep, understand, and eventually become an integral part of the project. With each task they conquer, users accumulate points (XP), which can be exchanged for rewards set by the project. If you’re looking to cultivate an active, loyal audience that will stick with your project for the long haul, Zealy is your ultimate ally!

Exploring the Blockchain Cosmos

Zealy is an intergalactic marketing tool. From the stratosphere of startups to the nebulae of NFTs, Zealy hosts a stellar array of project categories. Here’s a constellation of options for you:

Startups, Gaming, Infrastructure, DeFi, Music, Metaverse, Collectibles, Education, Art, NFT, and DAO.

See your project shining in one of these categories? We thought so!

Wondering about what’s available on this cosmic platform for you? 

Buckle up for:

  • Stellar Synopsis of your Project:

To ensure a successful liftoff, furnish your project details – the name, logo, a crisp overview, and hyperlinks to your primary resources (official site/Discord/etc.).

  • Project Category:

Identifying the right category is like finding your project’s orbit. The more you engage with Zealy and the more traffic your page attracts, the higher your project ascends in the chosen category.

  • Custom Quests:

Craft your own galaxy of quests with our versatile functionality. You can tailor-make: The number of task sections; The number of tasks in each section; How many times a specific task can be completed; The amount of XP a user will gain for task completion; And an entire universe of other options.

Let’s look at an example of which sections and quests we recommend adding to a project on the Zealy platform and what this will bring to the project.

Kick things off with the “Onboarding” section. This is where new users will get their bearings about your project. You can set up missions like:

  • Enlisting in the Discord ranks
  • Becoming a Twitter comrade
  • Diving into the WP knowledge pool
  • Exploring the project’s HQ (the official website)
  • Recruiting a sidekick (if you have a referral system in place)

Each mission comes with a brief (title + description) outlining the steps a user needs to complete the task. You can insert links directly into the brief or add them as “launch buttons.” To confirm mission completion, you can request a screenshot of the mission accomplished. Alternatively, for assignments like “Enlisting in Twitter/Discord/TG,” our platform automatically verifies mission accomplishment.

These missions are a breeze to complete so they won’t earn users a big XP reward. But do be careful not to set the reward too low. The result? Users get a taste of victory with their first XP, and your project scores a loyal follower on all social platforms. Win-win!

Next, consider setting up the “Daily Adventure” section. Here you can set up tasks like:

  • Engage on the Twitter battlefield (Like + RT/reply)
  • Start a conversation on Discord
  • Contribute a meme
  • Navigate to a specific coordinate

The possibilities are endless. It all depends on your project’s mission and what you want from your users daily. Most likely, you’re looking for Twitter engagement, active Discord discussions, and visits to specific pages, among other things, and that’s exactly what you can make happen with Zealy.

The “Epic Quests” section is optional, but it can be a boon if you stack it with challenging tasks that offer substantial rewards. Here you can add tasks like:

  • Rallying a Discord server
  • Crafting a question for the upcoming AMA session
  • Proposing a collaboration with another project

And so on. The tasks should align with your project’s mission. If something is of value to you and you’d like your audience to deliver, package it into an “epic quest.”

Remember, these are examples. You could have as many as 5, 6, or even 8 sections – the sky’s the limit! Just ensure the tasks in each section are distinct and don’t overlap.

It’s also worth noting that you can make some quests exclusive to users with specific roles in Discord. This is another perk of integrating Discord & Zealy servers.

Get Your Own Army of Zealots

Once you’ve crafted your page and quests, get the ball rolling either solo (by creating multiple user accounts) or with the support of your Zealous fan base.

Make sure to drop new quests daily – this is vital for boosting your page’s standing in the ranks, as per Zealy’s algorithms).

Incentivize your quests with truly enticing and valuable rewards that captivate your target audience.

Final Thoughts

If you’re venturing out into the blockchain orbit, Zealy is an ace up your sleeve. It can help you grow your project’s social media audience and skyrocket engagement. After all, isn’t it captivating to be part of a buzzing community where discussions flow, experiences are shared, opinions are voiced, memes are tossed around, and attractive prizes and competitions are the norm? It sure beats sifting through a dull summary of facts on a news channel daily. 

So, to save you some pondering & wondering, here’s the cheat sheet for your stellar success:

A thriving community = extended user engagement. Extended user engagement = increased LTV, and increased LTV = amplified profits.

There’s no way you’re still reading this instead of rocket-launching your project with Zealy right now!