How to Unleash the Potential of a Successful Salesman

There is a belief that a person who knows how to sell is a confident person full of energy. He/she looks like a predator. You are mesmerized by their look and speech and eventually follow them. But the impression they leave behind fully justifies such a person in their eyes. They believe that they let themselves sell something because this manager is full of confidence. It’s always a pleasure to deal with such determined individuals. There is an analogy here with a character from “The Wolf Of Wall Street” movie.

Many young managers who start their careers in sales take it as a basis. They prepare well, structure materials, establish their workflows to be genuinely effective, and resign. They are always ready to communicate with a potential client from the position of a strong manager. After the first sale, you can even fall into a little euphoria.

We’ve all watched many movies about successful stock brokers who exude testosterone through the screen, the absence of weaknesses, and complete control over all situations they may be in. In Hollywood, these qualities are typical for the main characters of adventure or action films. But firstly, such guys are unique. And secondly, imagine yourself in the position of a person who created a company, spending his, perhaps, last money referring to this robot. Don’t you think that the image of DiCaprio in the film already seems to be hyperbolized? After all, this is an image probably from the ’80s.

The world is constantly changing, and now the person’s identity with all the pluses and minuses has become more valuable. This applies to all areas of life, including business. The example of the company’s owner from the last paragraph is just about this. Maybe there’s no need for a person with an impeccable speech. A manager who knows all the answers, but there’s a need for an energetic person who would show real interest in the business.

In sales, especially for large amounts, the importance of continuing to be a lively and sincere person increases. If, for example, you want to buy a stake in a business or become a partner, be sure that in addition to official negotiations, you will be invited to the informal meeting. Your potential partners will want to get to know you better. But this is you offering money. Now imagine that you need to get them.

There is a saying in the artistic sphere: “We’ve already seen everything except you.” If a person begins their journey in sales, they should play to their strengths. This may be the ability to listen to the client, hold a conversation on general topics, give attention to detail, think quickly, and offer solutions. Anyone who detects these unobvious reserves in himself or herself will succeed.

Recently, my colleagues and I discussed the low number of women in sales, and now it seems that the time is coming when they have a great chance to compete with men. Indeed, in terms of communication, women can succeed. I’m interested to see more ladies in the industry.

Maybe you expected more precise directions and instructions, but our profession has no universal rules. However, I shared with you the shortest way to succeed.