Crypto and Blockchain Conferences in 2023: How to Prepare Your Team in Advance?

It’s crucial for all cryptocurrency and blockchain participants to get involved in the sphere on a higher level. But how to dig into the community and make useful connections? Is it even possible that you’ve been thinking about attending conferences but aren’t exactly sure how to prepare yourself and your team for it?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this quick guide, we are going to explain all the steps that you should take. As a sweet bonus, we’ll share the list of upcoming events within the space. Let’s jump right in!

Useful Steps on How to Prepare for a Conference

Choose the Event and Make Connections

Make sure in advance that you do your research on the best events. There are numerous websites that offer information on these conferences, along with complete sites for each individual event.

Find out all details about the upcoming conference, participants, and speakers. Connect with other companies and individuals before the event. Find their accounts on Telegram, Discord, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

You’ll be able to connect with a more refined audience if you can get a VIP ticket.

Select Potential Clients

It is crucial to find your target audience among all other participants and find all details about them. Keep in mind all the important details to start a conversation and make a potential customer loyal.

In addition, pay close attention to groups and chats of the conference, and DM participants are accessible there a few days before the event to book a meeting. You should create several versions of the message and send them to your target audience. Please, keep in mind that there’s no place for spam.

Check your accounts and ask your sales managers to watch what’s on CRM and LinkedIn. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to see customers from the city or country where the event will be held.

Let Your Clients Know About the Event

Spreading the word about events that you take part in is quite important, especially if you share details on your official website: make an official announcement, or create a blog post. Moreover, make a post on social media channels, and add a picture of those teammates who will take part in this event.

Final Words: What Should Be Covered After Any Conference?

After any event, when you’ve met so many people, it’s crucial to take advantage of these contacts that you’ve collected. Keep them in the right place (CRM), mark them correctly, and track the efficiency of collaboration with them.

You should also share your collected info with colleagues to keep them aware of the current situation with potential clients.

That’s all about helpful tips, but we cannot let you go without a list of the biggest crypto and blockchain events. So, check them out and select the most suitable for you.

Crypto and Blockchain Events in 2023

AIBC EurasiaMarch  13 – 16Dubai, UAE
Paris Blockchain Week 2023March  20 – 24Paris, France
World Blockchain Summit DubaiMarch  20 – 21Dubai, UAE
Fintech India and Blockchain SummitMarch  27 – 29New Delhi, India
Next Block Expo Warsaw Summit 2023May  24 – 25Warsaw, Poland
London Blockchain ConferenceMay 31 – June 2London, UK
Crypto Valley Conference 2023June 1 – 2Rotkreuz, Switzerland
Money20/20 EuropeJune 6 – 8Amsterdam, Netherlands
BLOCK 3000 BLOCKCHAIN BATTLEJuly 6 – 7Lisbon, Portugal
Blockchain Futurist ConferenceAugust 15 -16.Toronto, Canada
Korea Blockchain Week 2023September 4 – 9Seoul, South Korea
AIBC EuropeNovemberMALTA, EU