The Top-10 Play-To-Earn Games


A great deal of innovation has come into the real world as a result of blockchain technology. Today, we’ll speak about a relatively new, but already rather popular, topic: games that allow you to earn money as you play. Through this notion, you may transform yourself into an investor and start earning “real” money, in a fun way, suited to your interests. 

Indeed, ‘Play-to-Earn’ was introduced as an alternative to the more traditional Play-to-Win methods, and quickly gained popularity. In virtual worlds, the most important aspect is that the user becomes the legal owner of whatever they make or acquire within them. This is made possible by the integration of blockchain technology. 

The notion of virtual currency in video games is not a new one. We could spend simoleons on whatever we wanted in the Sims – from some ordinary pizza to a house. However, outside of the game, such accumulations had no monetary worth whatsoever. You couldn’t even sell them to other players for real money. Now, we earn tokens in return for our time and effort in Play-to-Earn games. The fruits of our in-game efforts are converted into either tokens or NFTs, and it’s our property – ours alone. The most exciting part is that such assets may subsequently be traded on exchanges and transformed into actual money, which is proving to be quite lucrative.

The Crème de la Crème of Play-to-Earn

Let’s see how Play-to-Earn works in practice now that we’ve worked out what it is. Here’s an overview of ten projects that have been created with a focus on this very concept. 

Please bear in mind that we’ve attempted to include games with a variety of plots and mechanics on our list. There are old proven projects, unreleased games, and games that are currently being discussed on gaming forums. As an added bonus, we’ve sought the advice of specialists when generating this list. 

Star Atlas

If you like MMORPGs, you should check out Star Atlas. Developed on the Solana blockchain, it’s “a big strategy game devoted to space exploration, territory acquisition and political dominance”. As the game developers themselves describe it, “the metaverse idea will merge conventional gaming elements with blockchain technology.” 

The makers claim that the set will keep you entertained with NFTs, various spacecraft, station building, resource hunting, and most importantly, combat operations. 

The story takes place in the year 2620, when there are three races, factions if you like: aliens, androids, and humans. 

The biggest innovation is the usage of Unreal Engine 5 Nanoe visuals for the first time. Not happy with basic Minecraft-style games? Then you should wait for this project’s debut. They claim to be the “Eve Online murderer”.

The Sandbox

Sandbox is a blockchain-based gaming platform that enables gamers to monetise their assets through a state of the art gaming experience. It’s a bit like the decentralized analogue of Minecraft and Roblox built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Players generate digital assets in the form of NFT and build gaming worlds around them utilizing components such as water, soil, people, and equipment. These materials may be sold on the internal market, swapped with other players, or used to attract new people to your territory. 

Indeed, Sandbox allows gamers and content creators alike to construct interesting worlds and gaming experiences, as well as securely store, trade, and monetize their work.

Axie Infinity

Some have likened the premise of this game to Pokemon: you must purchase, develop, and breed Aksi creatures before using them to fight other players in an arena. Each Axi is an NFT. 

The game also includes an SLP token, which is required for animal breeding and has grown highly popular. Uncommon Axi (holding rare genetic characteristics) may cost thousands of dollars. In certain places, such as the Philippines, the game has grown quite popular.


Decentraland is a completely decentralized virtual environment where players may purchase, trade, and construct digital real estate, as well as purchase artwork in the form of NFTs.

Decentraland, according to its founders, is primarily a social endeavour that encourages active community engagement.

Alien Worlds

The Dappradar ranking gave this DeFi-metaverse first place. There are several explanations for this. To begin with, unlike its competitor Axi, admission is free here. Secondly, this is the first game to support three different blockchains: WAX, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Ethereum. Finally, the game’s mechanics are truly intriguing, albeit slightly complex. 

The story takes place across seven worlds, each of which is run by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). There are several activities and choices available, like mining TLM, trading tokens or NFT, pumping up a character, and controlling a planet. This game now has over 3 million players, and the provider is constantly generating new planets and has no plans to stop. 

Finance, Animoca Brands, and LD Capital can be found among the game’s partners.


This game has created a brand-new Move-to-Earn concept: once loaded onto a smartphone, the game records the user’s physical activity throughout the day and pays them with virtual tokens that can be used for progression. 

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice allows users to customize their virtual farm, cultivate crops, sell them, and rent out their plots if they fancy it. In addition, there are creatures in the metaverse who can craft. If a player possesses cotton, for example, they may utilize animals to assist them in making thread, then cloth, and so on. Then, you may take your goods to market with a profit. The game also offers a number of tasks that can be carried out for rewards.

Mines of Dalarnia

The Binance Smart Chain is ready to transport you to a new realm of undiscovered territory. However, you must first select between two factions: miners or landowners. If you are a landowner, you must purchase land (in the categories of Ice, Lava, Darkness, or Earth) in the form of an NFT. If you’re a miner, start with the basics (picks and oxygen packs). 

Miners will scavenge the mines for valuables and unique relics. Landowners rent out their properties, provide resources, establish taxes, and keep the peace. The better these two groups’ monthly indicators are, the more successful they are in developing their territory. There are incentives for excellent indicators, as well as penalties for negative ones.


For successful PvP and other in-game actions, users may earn SKILL tokens. A built-in market is also available for exchanging in-game commodities, as well as generating characters and equipment. 

You must buy a character before beginning the game. In addition, for participating in conflicts, a set amount of BNB is rewarded. The prize money is returned to the victors in SKILL tokens.


Cropbytes is a popular game that has been around since 2018. This is one of the few blockchain games that can be downloaded as an iOS or Android app. This has helped to increase the appeal of cryptocurrencies among regular players. It is a farm simulator, thus the game appeals to those who reminisce in the nostalgia of games such as FarmVille. Animals, plants, and buildings are among the things that players may sell and acquire. As you advance through the game, the value of your assets increases.