The Best NFT Game to Earn Money

NFT games based on the “play-to-earn” principle represent a relatively new phenomenon in gaming. Thanks to the emergence of non-fungible tokens (NFT), users have the opportunity to play games and earn income. As in-game rewards, the gamers get cryptocurrency that is wholly owned by them and can be sold on the exchange. In addition, the NFTs of popular Play-to-Earn games can be highly valued, and they are also sold on special platforms.

There are enough types of NFT games to Play To Earn, and everyone can find something to his/her liking. Users can choose NFT card games, farming and pet breeding, strategies, or conquests.

We have prepared an overview of the best NFT games to allow you to earn money right now.

The Best Free NFT Games to Play to Earn

Our overview includes NFT games based on the “play-to-earn” principle, which are free to enter. However, if you play games without investments, you will not get much income.

Mines Of Dalarnia

This free-to-play NFT game was presented quite recently and is still in the testing stage. The client edition was released in April 2022. So far, the gaming functions have not been developed, but you can start to play to earn and get the best preferences at the very beginning.

How to Start Playing Games?

Mines of Dallaria promises to become one of the best TOP NFT games

In addition to the regular version, a demo version is available, and registration is not required. In this version, novice players can get comfortable and get their first gaming experience. For a full-fledged game, you will have to spend internal DAR tokens to purchase a site.

The Goal of the Game

According to a legend, superintelligence invented terraforming capsules, accelerating the evolution of Earth millions of times. Three planets were tested, settlers poured onto them, and the users played on their behalf.

The main goal is to extract minerals that can be sold. They are used to upgrade ammunition and gear. Various dangers await the characters inside the mines. Also, the land is periodically depleted and needs to be recovered. All the gear is presented in the form of NFTs.

How to Earn Tokens in the Game?

You can earn income from renting out sites to other gamers. In addition, you can sell ammunition and minerals. Also, adventures are going to be introduced to enhance the dynamics of the NFT game.


Only one token is available in the game – in-game currency (DAR). It can be purchased on popular exchanges.

The Game’s Perspectives

In the first week after the launch, over 8,000 users started playing games. Not bad for the start. The developers’ blog regularly publishes news on updates, and the NFT game is actively evolving. Over time, it has every chance to become one of the best NFT games based on the “play-to-earn” principle.

For those who want to make money, an early entry into NFT games could be a great option. So far, to attract and retain users, the developers put up good rewards, and the price of sites and gear is low.

Mines Of Dalarnia represents the category of NFT games to Play to Earn, it looks very promising, and the developers are focused on its evolution.

Nine Chronicles

Another free-to-play game in the style of Idle MMORPG, from the Planetarium studio, is also on our list of the best NFT games. It became quite popular at the start, but so far, there has been a lull due to the fall in cryptocurrency prices. Users appreciated the interesting gameplay and nice graphics in anime style made by the creators of the Play-to-Earn game.

A Non-standard Development Approach

This is one of the few free-to-play NFT games with the back-end built on the blockchain. The first downloading takes time because you need to install the game by reading all the blocks. However, all gamers can be sure of the transparency and honesty of the game. There are no centralized servers, and that fact guarantees you protection against rule violations and fraud.

To enter, you need an invitation and a code. No other registration option is possible. In the first days of the release, the invitations scattered in a few seconds, and then it became easier to get a link.


Nine Chronicles is one of the first blockchain games

The main goal of this play-to-earn game is character crafting. This raises the character’s level and enhances the fighting qualities. Once every few hours (depending on the blockchain’s speed of block generation), gamers get tickets, i.e. invitations, to fight at the arena. It is necessary to choose an opponent with a close position in the rating. The difference in points is credited to the winner.

How to Earn Money in the Game?

There is one main NCG token (NineChroniclesGold) in the game. It is used for buying/selling on the marketplace, as well as in the game. The users also pay with it for item creation and energy recovery. Moreover, they can buy tickets for the arena.

You can use staking to get potions and other resources. The users participating in battles get medals, which can be exchanged for a token. You can withdraw this token through the exchanges.

Thetan Arena

It is considered one of the most popular and best NFT games, with over 24 million gamers. The graphics are quite utilitarian, so you can play on the devices with the lowest performance, but this Play-to-Earn game belongs to the “free-to-play” category. A mobile version has also been made. This NFT game is hosted on Binance Smart Chain.

Thetan Arena is included in the top NFT games with elements of esports

The combination of esports elements and the “Play-to-Earn” opportunities attracts a lot of newcomers, especially since you get three sports characters when you start. At the same time, your reward for matches is not accrued, but the first income is made up of higher ratings and seasonal rewards.


Each character is an NFT. When buying, you should take into account the limit of character matches for which you will get a reward.

Each character can belong to one of the following types: Tank, Assassin, or Shooter.

Thetan Arena Characters

Tanks clear the damages made by the enemy and provide protection. Assassins are mobile and do a lot of damage to the enemy, while Shooters bring the most damage and keep power at the same level throughout the battle.

The players are cheap, usually under $10, even the legendary ones. This is because of the low cost of the game token (THC). You can buy them in the internal marketplace.

Players have different statuses:

  • Common Hero with a limit of up to 200 games in total and up to 8 games per day. The winner’s bonus is a little over 3 THC.
  • In Epic Hero, there are up to 400 games available in total and up to 10 games per day. The bonus is higher – approximately 6.5 THC.
  • Legendary Hero is the strongest one, with up to 800 games in total and up to 12 games per day. The reward is about 23.6 THC.


In December 2021, this NFT game based on the “play-to-earn” principle entered the TOP-3 in terms of profitability among the best NFT games. The internal token Thetan Coin (THC) is traded on exchanges, but its value is still steadily falling.

This is most likely due to the cryptocurrency crisis since the game was released only in 2021, and it faced the peak of a price drop.

All rewards are paid in THC while staking. Character upgrades and dividends are only available to holders of the Thetan Gem (THG) governance token. This token costs more and can be purchased on OKX, MEXC, BingX, CoinTiger,, etc.

The gamers are the ones who burn the characters. When the battle limit is worked out, you can exchange three characters for a new one with an additional payment. The economics is also supported by benefits when exchanging an internal game token for a governance token while THCs are burnt.

How to Earn Tokens in the Game?

You can use a calculator to check your potential earnings. To do this, you need to specify the number of matches, WinRate, and the token rate. For example, a third-level character with a WinRate of 50% and gTHC Battles of 336 games can bring you approximately $10 at the current token rate.

In addition to renting out, you can get income from staking directly in the marketplace. This number is currently 240%.

Your interest is calculated every 10 seconds, and you can make a withdrawal once a day.

Gamers get their main income in battles. The amount depends on the mode: Battle Royale, Superstar, Deathmatch, Tower Siege. Each mode has its goals – from killing the enemy to capturing the tower.

As the game runs, many users make money by reselling characters. At the time of writing, the most expensive character cost approximately $424.


This NFT game based on the “play-to-earn” principle is actively evolving and gaining its fans. The genre of multiplayer battles has always been popular, and in Thetan Arena, users not only enjoy the game but also earn money.

According to the roadmap, gamers still have a lot of exciting things to do. Developers are confidently moving towards getting into the top 10 of the best NFT games.

Axie Infinity

It is a famous card game. But now, this old-timer of the best NFT games is actively fighting its crisis. The economics of the NFT game failed, being not the most successful one, but the developers are trying to change it by attracting new investments and reaching the next level of evolution.

Game Features

The card NFT games became popular during the pandemic when many people lost their jobs. After the hack attack and the crisis of internal economics, a new version of Axie Infinity Origin was released, which is now in testing mode. This version, unlike the Classic version, has become “free-to-play” due to the distribution of free characters at the start.

The goal of the game is to take part in battles and breed Axies. For all these actions, users get a reward. Top gamers take part in the Axie Esports tournament, which is monitored by the newly formed Esports Integrity Commission.

Users unite in guilds based on their interests, share resources, and breed new Axies.


The main characters of this “Play-to-Earn” card game are cute monsters – the Axies.

Axie Infinity is a recognized leader among the top NFT games

You can crossbreed them, selecting genes in such a way as to get the strongest players. Characters take part in adventures and battles. As a result, the owner gets rewards as tokens of the game.

The price for combat Axies starts at $5. In the Classic version, you cannot enter the game without purchasing Axies, but in the Origin version, it is free to play, and each newcomer receives three monsters for free. These are not the strongest characters, but the goal of the developers is to constantly attract new users to this Play-to-Earn game.

How Can You Earn Tokens in the Game?

In the metaverse, you can get income in battles by completing daily tasks and going through adventures. Gamers have PvE and PvP modes. Referral bonuses are also available. You can breed and sell Axies and earn money by selling or renting them.

Axie Infinity offers many ways to earn money as it has gained popularity through this specific feature.


There are two tokens in the game: a governance token called Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) and an in-game currency – Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Season winners get rewards in AXS, while regular rewards are paid out in SLPs.

The price of AXS at the time of writing was $13.24, and you can earn SLP through staking.

The stock of SLPs is unlimited, and it was poorly controlled initially. This was the reason for the high inflation. Now the problem is being actively solved by developers. The tokens are used to pay for breeding new Axies, to pay the rewards, and you can also trade them on the exchange, speculating on the price. Their price peaked in the summer of 2021.

The Way to Metaverse

Currently, the creators of one of the best NFT games have launched the Axie Builders program, inviting everyone to develop their best NFT games on the virtual NFT gaming platform. In the first round, 12 teams were selected to develop mini-games featuring Axies. You can test some of them right now.

The users actively help to solve different issues, and it makes the platform so interesting. The developers initially had high hopes for building the communities, and they were right. This game is so popular in part because of the constant in-flow of user-generated content that makes it easy to join it.

NFT Games That Require Investments


This NFT game has a chance to enter the TOP list of the best NFT games in case of proper development. It is an imitation of a horse race, but on Pegasuses and not on ordinary horses. This game is currently at its development stage, and the races have run in automatic mode so far with randomized obstacles in the form of wind, rain, race track, etc.

How to Start Playing?

To start, you need to get your Pegasus. You can buy or rent it. The cost of a strong in-game character starts at $800. The rental service is the most developed one.

The races are extremely simple and require no effort – everything is automated. This is why the NFT game still attracts users seeking to make money without much effort and investment.

In-Game Characters

Pegasuses are legendary winged horses. In the game, they are well-drawn and have a high-tech style appearance.

Pegasus is the embodiment of a blockchain games character

Each one has several features that impact endurance and the ability to win.

  1. Bloodlines: Hoz, Campona, Klin, and Zan.
  2. Rarity: The Rarest, Rare, Uncommon, Common.
Each bloodline has its wing design

In addition, there are two rarest titles: Founding Pega and Crowned Pega.

Founding Pega – Pegasuses that were created at the time of the release of the game. There are 5,000 of them in total, and these are the only characters not bred by selection. It is assumed that they will become collectible NFTs.

Crowned Pega belongs to the owners of the legendary tokens, which were distributed at the start of the game through a referral system. In total, 722 tokens were distributed, which are used by the owners to upgrade their Pega to the crowned one.

To participate in the races, you need energy, which every Pegasus has. It is gradually recovered, and the mechanism allows you to limit the number of runs per day for one gamer.

An important parameter of the character is the winning percentage – WinRate. The higher it is, the more chances you have to win.


The developers chose a model of two tokens – the governance PGX token and the utility VIS token. VIS is used as in-game currency. All rewards are paid in it. PGX is still needed for renting Pegasuses. In the future, it is planned to develop an additional income system in the form of staking, as well as add a full-fledged marketplace.

When developing this NFT game, the problems of Axie Infinity were taken into account, and the principle of balance was introduced into the economics – more internal tokens are burnt than created. This helps to avoid inflation.

PGX was already traded on exchanges at $0.01619 at the time of writing. It runs on the Polygon blockchain, which ensures low commissions.

How to Earn Tokens in the Game?

So far, the game does not impress with its gameplay and does not attract those who prefer to play and consider income just as a nice bonus. It mainly attracts users who want to earn money. There are three ways to do that.


It is very cheap to enter the game – you can choose to rent a Pegasus and not to buy it. That is what managers do. After they have purchased or bred in-game characters, they rent them out. There are two rent models.

  1. Rent for a percentage of the profit, which varies greatly depending on the features of the Pegasus and goes up to 99%.
  2. Daily rent for a fixed price, which also depends on the features.

Before choosing, you can see the full list of features and winning history, which greatly impacts the price.

The speed of buying strong characters shows that Pegaxy is rightfully among the top NFT games

Finding a Pegasus with wins is quite difficult. The strong ones are purchased right away. Therefore, if you want to start to play and immediately earn money, you need to monitor the website or negotiate the deals in the Discord community.


Your win largely depends on the WinRate indicator. Only the top three users get a reward from a total of 14 gamers. When all the gamers are there, they have one minute to evaluate the race track and select the gear. Nothing further depends on them. At this stage, gamers do not have the opportunity to significantly influence the outcome of the race because everything is randomized. But in the future, the developers plan to change this situation.

The size of the prize fund depends on the class of the race.


Technically, the breeding of Pegasuses is the release of a new NFT. Characters are divided by gender: female and male.

When crossbreeding, a gamer pays a certain price, and the tokens are burnt.

Cost of breeding

Each Pegasus can give birth 7 times. The Breed Count parameter shows the number of births. The price in the marketplace also depends on its value. It is quite easy to play for the sake of crossbreeding – you need to take into account the bloodlines and breed types. Recently it became possible to make a new breed.

Continuous development is an indicative feature of blockchain games

In the future, it is planned to complicate the process and introduce new factors.

It is noteworthy that there are no limitations for the relationship of Pegasuses. Since they are “metal”, you can ignore family ties – this is how the developers explain this nuance.


It is very easy to start playing the game Pegaxy. It is very cheap to enter, and commissions are low. Simple gameplay makes the game accessible for novices. The graphics are not amazing, but quite decent. According to the project roadmap, staking, farming, and many other features await us.

Roadmap to reach the top list of NFT games

Star Atlas

This is an NFT game about space and planetary exploration, built on the Solana blockchain. It features colorful graphics – the developers have tried to make impressive trailers and 3D models to attract users to play.


Spaceships, resources, buildings and structures, licenses, gear and equipment, people, and even their emotions are used as non-fungible tokens. All this is available in the marketplace.

So far, it is just a mini-game, but its development is in full swing. In the future, it is expected that usernames will be issued as NFTs.

Game Features

At the beginning of the game, each user chooses a fraction to belong to:

  • Mud – a union of people;
  • Ustur – a sector controlled by androids;
  • Oni – a consortium of intelligent alien races.

The fraction is selected once and cannot be changed. Each of the fractions has its features, such as resource extraction or a profession.

Further, a spaceship and resources for it are purchased in the marketplace, and the game begins. So far, earning in-game currency is possible only by staking, designed as a game. The spaceship goes on an expedition, and interest is credited to the owner’s account.

By sending the fleet on an expedition, we achieve the goal to be the best among Play-To-Earn games

Online gamers have access to PvP and PvE battles, missions, and professions. Absolutely everyone can take part in battles, even captured settlements. In case of victory, you can capture the resources of the enemy. In passive assault mode, you can capture the base.

Space exploration makes it possible to find resources and sell them on the market. There are many stars available, and modern gear that is bought in the marketplace expands the gamer’s features.

The team is built of representatives of different professions: pilot, engineer, shooter, etc. The more qualified the crew, the more your loot. In the future, it is planned to introduce a system of guilds – associations of gamers by interests or professions.

Such features as a collection station, a space station, a star map, configuration management, and spaceship missions are still being developed.

Infographics of a blockchain games


There are two tokens in this game: $ATLAS and $POLIS.  $ATLAS is a standard in-game asset that pays you rewards. You can use it to buy characters and resources.

$POLIS is an internal governance token. Since we are talking about the conquest and development of lands, they need to be managed. Gamers who own $POLIS have a say in how their territories are governed. The in-game policy of the region depends solely on the users who are primarily interested in it. Both tokens can be purchased on exchanges.


Star Atlas is a promising game with excellent graphics. If the developers implement all the planned features, this play-to-earn game will become one of the market leaders. The good news is the protection from early land dealers in the form of a property tax, which was originally introduced into the script. All the buyers are interested in the development of their lands.


One of the most interesting projects of 2021 combines classic farming tools and gameplay. Entertaining MOMO animals go into the mines, where minerals are extracted automatically – this is how the staking process is implemented in MOBOX.

How to Earn In-Game Currency?

In total, there are 4 ways to get income on the P2E platform.

  1. Farming.
  2. NFTs mining.
  3. Mystery Box Lottery.
  4. Games.

The main asset of the game is MOMO, i.e. NFTs. You can buy them in the marketplace or receive them in the Mystery Box Lottery.

Mystery Box is an intrigue worthy of the best NFT Play-to-Earn games

The main feature of the character is the hash, which represents its strength. The hash is used to calculate reward percentages. The higher it is, the more your income. Some gamers build a team of weak or average MOMOs, and some gamers spend all their energy on upgrading one character.

NFT Mini-Games

There are 5 games available so far. In these games, you need to fight in battles, rob other users, spin the wheel of fortune, predict the rate of bitcoin, and much more. All wins are rewarded in $MBox tokens.

Mini-game Block Brawler – one of the NFT Play-to-Earn games by MOMO

The most unusual feature is the TradeAction trading simulator, where users can practice trading cryptocurrency. This game simulates all trading options.


The main token of the game is $MBox. It is a governance and in-game token. It can be blocked in the pool, bought, and sold on the exchange. The owners take part in voting on the future development of the platform.


This is an NFT fighting game in fantasy style that immerses the gamer in the fascinating world of Greek and Roman mythology. The game has a well-thought-out legend. Mortals must help Vulcan to restore its former glory. To get their help, God granted the opportunity to acquire plots on the new Olympus. This is where the economics of the game begins.

Log in to the Game

To start to play, you need to purchase or rent your plot where you can construct buildings, engage in production, and trade. The geography is simple – around the central city of Vulcan, there are four areas with their landmarks.

Each area has its features


Gamebooks for users are written by famous British fantasy writers Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson. These books are a kind of scenario – interactive game stories, according to which users can play.


To make gaming comfortable, vulcanites were created to help users. These vulcanities are animals that live in the Vulcan. They fight, spy, and protect the plot – in general, and they help the gamers. Everyone has a certain level and power that can grow.

Character Cards

Each gamer can secure the support of the gods – Titans or Olympians. To grow and maintain the power of the chosen God, you need to be an active gamer and make a sacrifice once a month – one LAVA (in-game token). The gods are implemented as a dynamic NFT that can change appearance. So, God goes a path from a child to an adult being.


On the lands of the game, there are places of interest with additional benefits, such as mining. The game’s website offers you the opportunity to explore the quadrants and find out whom they belong to and the history of ownership.

Description of the plots on the website

Where to buy NFTs?

There is a store to buy and sell in-game assets. In the auction mode, you can purchase vulcanites, in-game assets for construction, avatars, gods, plots, etc.

Marketplace of VulcanVerse


The game has two tokens – the control PYR and the game LAVA. Its PYR is based on the ERC-20 algorithm and the Polygon blockchain. To earn money, users can not only play but also place bets by investing the token in in-game assets.

You can purchase the token on the Binance, Huobi Global, KuCoin, and exchanges. At the time of writing, its price was 2.9 USDT.

It is planned to allocate 10 million PYRs to the reward pool over the next four years, while the rewards are paid monthly.

The LAVA token is used inside the game. It is not tracked on Coinmarketcap and is not traded on exchanges. It was introduced into the game not so long ago, and there has not yet been time to take its place in DeFi.


VulcanVerse is just a part of the metaverse owned by the Vulcan Forged game studio. About 10 games are hosted on the platform. The games of VulcanVerses allow you to earn rewards:

  • The card game Berserk;
  • Group battles of Forge Arena;
  • The card game Block Babies with baby teams of the gamer;
  • The chess game Vulcan’s Battle Chess, where characters are used instead of chess pieces;
  • Breeding your Fables of Fyra pets.
There is a notable marketplace of the game Agora, where you can create and sell NFTs

In general, the game makes a good impression with thoughtful design and scenarios. The graphics are not impressive compared to modern games, but it is quite pleasant and adequate. Going deep into the world of VulcanVerse, users definitely play to earn.


Another notable phenomenon among Play-to-Earn games. Everyone can play here. This is a card game with a large set of rules and options, but the battles run automatically. It is powered by the Hive blockchain and received its major development in July 2020 after a $3.6 million investment.


Each card has several features.

  1. Type. They are divided into Summoners and Monsters. The first ones belong to the element of magic and call for monsters that fight.
  2. SPLINTERS. They show what element magic belongs to – fire, water, land, life, death, dragon. The monsters are called depending on this option.
  3. Mana. The size of mana impacts the creation of the deck in the game. It is determined randomly.
  4. Statistics. It shows the physical strength, speed, endurance, and health of the card.
  5. Splinter/Rarity. It shows the magic element and the rarity of the card (common, rare, epic, legendary).
  6. Level. It can be increased in the game and shows the power of the card.
  7. Experience. It appears when moving through the levels.
  8. Abilities. All skills that can be used in a battle.
Infographics of Card Power

Each card can be used in one type of attack – ranged, melee, or magic. The latter can be done from any row. Characters also have speed, armor, and health.

The highlight of the game is the abilities. There are 65 of them in total, and you can read the description on the game’s website.

The game scheme is also described in detail there. To start to play, we recommend that you read the manual since, in the beginning, it all seems very complicated. The cards can be purchased in the game marketplace and cost from $0.01 to $133,000.


Battles are divided into rating and training ones. Each battle is unique, and it will never be repeated.

Gamers receive the rules before they play games

Online gamers have their rating and rank. In the statistics, you can see the ongoing battles and even watch them.

The website has a notification of upcoming events with data on geography, awards, etc.

You can play independently or join a guild.

A guild membership allows you to join forces with other gamers.

Also, gamers are divided into leagues, moving to the next level with the growing number of ongoing battles and accumulated cards that make the overall rating.

All ranked matches are held in seasons, which can last several days. At the end of the season, rewards are distributed – chests, the size of which depends on the league.


There are three in-game tokens:

  1. A governance SPS token
  2. An internal DEC token
  3. An internal Credits token

DEC means “dark energy crystals”, earned in battles. They can be sold or spent on buying cards. The prize fund is stored in the pool, and the rewards depend on its size. The reward system is flexible and defined by many factors.

You can buy and sell DEC on UNISWAP, Hive Engine, Steem Engine, TribalDEX, Cub DeFi, and Tron Trade exchanges. On UNISWAP, TribalDEX, and Cub DeFi, you can earn cryptocurrency by staking.

Credits tokens provide a balance of spending inside the game. They can be bought but cannot be transferred between gamers. These are stablecoins – 1,000 Credits are always worth one dollar. They have no monetary value; they are always used for purchases in the game’s marketplace. You can also use them for referral payments.

The SPS governance token is planned to be used to participate in the management of the ecosystem, as is usually the case in Play-to-Earn games. They can also be staked and obtained for holding cards with high collection power.

An Income Opportunity

Splinterlands has been developing since 2018 and it is a classic play-to-earn game. It has enough ways to get income.

  1. Victories in battles.
  2. Seasonal rewards.
  3. Cards trading.
  4. Cards leasing.
  5. Airdrop.
  6. Staking on partner sites.

Now the income for beginners has fallen, and it has become more difficult to play to earn. Nevertheless, over time, any gamer can develop his/her skills and get a stable income. It just takes more effort and time than at the beginning, when the game first appeared.

Town Star

This is a play-to-earn game for fans of “Farm Frenzy”. It pleases users with its bright design and the opportunity to make money. It is built on the decentralized Gala network of the Ethereum blockchain. The gameplay repeats the opportunities of the “Farm”, but all in-game items are NFTs with gamers’ ownership.

The Goal of the Game

Town Star is a strategy game in which you have to build your city, extract resources and engage in production. Each player chooses a plot and begins to develop it. Workers, resources, buildings, etc., are represented as NFTs.

An exciting strategy game features complete economics. It is necessary to construct buildings, generate workers, and pay them a salary. The owner of the city receives money from the sale of goods. To obtain the necessary resources, you must comply with the conditions and get additional materials.


The in-game asset is called TownCoin. It is a cryptocurrency that can be bought and sold on external markets. At the time of writing, it cost $0.01553, and you can buy it on OKX, TOKENCAN, Bitrue, Uniswap (V3), Jubi, and other platforms.

Everything that can be purchased in the game is paid for with this token. It also rewards operators of Gala network nodes.

The second GALA token is the internal token of the GALA network, in which it is planned to host other games.


Tokens are purchased on the NFT gaming market. By rarity, they are divided into common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and ancient.

At the time of writing, the most expensive artifact cost around $2,500 and included five skins for the city: a bakery, an express warehouse, a feed mill, a feeder, and a water tower.

How Can You Earn Tokens in the Game?

The play-to-earn games are designed to make money, which means that a variety of features are included in their gameplay. Town Star is no exception. From the very start of the game, users must complete daily tasks to receive rewards. For example, you need to earn a certain number of stars per day or produce a desired product.

At the beginning of the game, each gamer is set to Gala Power – a level that depends on the amount of assets in the wallet. According to the level number, gamers can access the number of NFTs on which they can earn rewards.

NFTs are used as in-game items, and they also earn rewards, the amount of which depends on the rarity. But you must purchase the Season Pass to play in the season.

You can calculate the income using the calculator. It will also show you the available Gala Power. Moreover, you can buy a license for a network node. Each owner gets a reward.


Gala Games plans to turn its network into a full-fledged metaverse like Sandbox and invite other developers to actively participate in this work. There are currently several NFT games deployed there in beta testing mode, and many are in development. This is a great leap forward for all Play-to-Earn games.

The Metaverses and Play-To-Earn Games

Often the concepts of the metaverse and NFT games are confused, but there is one important difference. The metaverse imitates the processes of the real world, albeit in a fictional environment. And NFT games are exactly the gameplay that users are immersed in. It is built on developer scripts and has certain targets.

In the metaverse, the user buys a site and can “live” a normal life – go shopping, buy things, visit exhibitions and concerts, and be an active society member.

Often NFT games become a part of the metaverse – they are simply created within its technological framework and placed inside. After you have become a resident of such an ecosystem, you can open your business, create your game, and buy real estate – almost all the operations that you are used to doing, in reality, are available here.

The creators of NFT games often see them just as a starting point and strive to develop their space to the metaverse level. For this, developers are invited, who are given grants to create NFT games or locations in the gaming ecosystem.

Leading Metaverses in the Crypto Space


To date, it can rightly be called the most popular metaverse. Convenient tools allow users to create their worlds. Travelling in Decentraland, you will move between medieval castles, wild west ranches, and space stations.

The Simple Builder developer tool is designed to create tasks, locations, and even artworks

Leading companies are expanding their businesses in the virtual world by acquiring some land. You can see Coca-Cola, Sotheby’s, NASA, and Playboy here.

Decentraland is a DAO where ownership of the governance MANA token grants the right to vote on the administrative policies of the metaverse. You can choose the types of available in-game items, how the treasury funds are distributed, etc.

All in-game assets are represented as non-fungible tokens. The main one is in-game NFTs – LAND, which is a piece of land. By purchasing it, the users can deploy their own world with NFT games, entertainment, or businesses that will bring real money.

There are lots of events going on in the metaverse, which are mostly arranged by other users. You can attend a concert, a meeting with a celebrity, take part in a flash mob or attend a party of a famous company.

You can buy a plot in the marketplace, but as the metaverse evolves, the plots are getting more and more expensive. For example, for the construction of a shopping center in Decentraland, Republic Realm bought a plot for $913,000 in 2021. Now the available plots are sold in the auction mode.

After buying your piece of land, you can implement any idea, for example, create your play-to-earn games, shops, etc. Or you can just build your collection and sell it on the NFT gaming market.

The Decentraland metaverse has been developing for 7 years, and for the last two years, it has turned into a fashionable place where each user can find something to do to generate income or play just for fun.

The Sandbox

Another metaverse that has become popular in 2021. In 2022, it entered the top 100 of the most influential companies in the world. The project was conceived as a “sandbox” for developers – a virtual NFT gaming platform where everyone can try to create NFT games or virtual worlds.

On the project map, you can see plots owned by ordinary users and large companies

The metaverse offers you two tools for the implementation of your ideas. VoxEdit will allow you to create and animate an object from cubic 3d pixels. Each of them can be turned into an NFT and sold in the marketplace.

For those who want to create NFT games, there is Game Maker – a scenario-generating tool. You do not need to have programming skills, as game mechanics are done using a visual interface. It is possible to add your items to them.

Leading companies are now participating in The Sandbox. For example, Gucci owns its plot, and Snoop Dog sells his NFTs on this platform. HSBC Bank is going to acquire some land to create a space for esports players. Adidas is also a partner of the project.

Plots are sold in the OpenSea marketplace. The price range at the time of writing was from 2 ETH to 1,314,520 ETH. On your NFT gaming market, you can sell and buy unique NFTs from ordinary users and celebrities.

There are three tokens used in the metaverse: ASSETS, LAND, and SAND. The first one represents the in-game NFTs that are generated on the platform. LAND is also an NFT, but linked to plots. And the main SAND token is required for all financial transactions.

The pixel graphics of the metaverse is reminiscent of Minecraft, which is a tribute to the trends of recent years. The Sandbox was originally a two-dimensional world, but now it has become three-dimensional. It hosts marketing campaigns and advertisements. This is a full-fledged virtual world with its laws and rules.

Perspectives for the Best NFT Games

NFT games emerged recently, but they managed to win the love and recognition of users. This is a unique phenomenon that allows you to combine the emotional and financial components. Earning by playing games – what could be better? The best NFT games featured on our list are already attracting millions of users.

NFT games have many nuances, and so far, they cannot replace your main income source in most cases, especially during the crisis in the world of cryptocurrencies. But they can become a nice bonus and your additional income.

The main advantage of such NFT games is the use of non-fungible tokens. Each gamer is the full owner of in-game assets and earned money. It means that his/her interest goes beyond mere pleasure. NFT games help you to develop your financial skills, use common sense and immerse yourself in the interesting world of cryptocurrencies.

The era of NFT and NFT games is just developing, and there are scammers or ill-conceived ideas on the market, but a start has been made. Over time, the strongest gamers will remain, new viable ideas will be generated, and NFT games, together with Play-to-Earn games, will take their stable position in the crypto space.