NFT Trading on Discord: On Which Servers You Can Sell Tokens and Find Like-Minded People

NFT Discord servers combine the communication environment of NFT artists, project administrators, as well as all interested users. This is a great marketing tool – the NFT Discord communities gather here, and all interested parties share relevant information.

What Is an NFT Project?

NFT project is a relatively new phenomenon that brings together technologies and ideas. Each NFT project is useful for the members. It could be an association of NFT artists or a method to make money. Sometimes like-minded people simply gather around a project in a single space.

What Is an NFT Discord Server?

NFT Discord is a regular messenger server made for non-fungible tokens or projects. The popularity of Discord as a platform for communication and business development is based on its capabilities. Administrators create an extensive system of channels with easy navigation and manage user access. Voice or video communication is available. Compared to messengers of competitors, Discord communities benefit from the comfortable space for communication.

Streams are especially popular. Server providers allow their users to demonstrate their product in action, as in Axie Infinity or invite experts to hold meetings and conferences.

The Best NFT Discord Servers

We have prepared a list of the popular best Discord servers. In this article, you will find NFT Discord servers where you can try to sell your artwork or offer a secondary sale of famous items. You will also find useful and interesting NFT Discord servers, divided by subject.

NFT Trading Discord for Those Who Buy and Sell Non-fungible Tokens

The most famous marketplaces always have their Discord servers as the best place to quickly tell users the news and inform them about specifics of their work.


It goes without saying that the largest NFT marketplace has its Discord server. It is easy to join the community – after reading the rules, it is necessary to accept them, and after 10 minutes, you can chat.

The server has 18 Discord channels, not counting international ones that were created for communication between like-minded people. 238 thousand members of this NFT Discord community take part in conversations, get acquainted with new products, search for NFTs they are interested in, and share interesting ideas, for example, how to promote their collections.

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Unlike the OpenSea Discord server, the Rarible marketplace requires identity verification – you need to provide a phone number to become a member of the Discord channel.

130 000 users of the Discord community chat, watch the announcements and look for interesting projects.

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An interesting NFT project that combines the NFT marketplace with DeFi. It attracts your attention right away: users are paid with MINT tokens for each action, which means that here you can not only mint and sell NFTs but also get passive income. In Discord, 27 thousand members can enjoy not only communication but also the support of the administrators’ team. They also host live events.

You can access the server very easily – no need to go through the verification process. After clicking on the link, the button for subscribing to the server becomes active. You can view information without subscribing.

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NFT Projects on Discord Servers Where You Can Make Money

The world of decentralized finance offers you soaring opportunities in the field of crypto and NFT space. Farming, staking, and cryptocurrency trading can make you richer. To get complete information and even learn, it is useful to know in which NFT communities experienced traders are present.

Mutant Cat

This generative NFT project is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where mutant cat NFTs are distributed among the members, for each of which $FISH tokens are awarded. Then, token holders can earn on the platform by staking.

The Discord server of one of the most interesting and profitable NFT projects includes over 11 thousand subscribers – NFT holders. To get access, you need to purchase a cat on OpenSea. The NFT Discord community discusses DAO-related issues.

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Like any self-respecting cryptocurrency exchange, Uniswap is presented in Discord. Users have access to chats for communication, news, educational information, as well as entertainment, such as funny memes. Several support channels from the providers will help you to deal with problems, and experienced traders will tell you how to make money. There is a separate section for developers.

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Among many NFT projects associated with NFT Art, Foxxies stands out. Its goal is to create a DAO-curated art platform for artists and musicians who plan to present their creative work in the form of NFTs. Each NFT owner gets access to the elite club, which is positioned as “a place for communication and bringing NFT space to a new level.”

The discord community includes around 10 000 users. The future marketplace attracts users with the opportunity not only to sell their collections but also to take part in DAO management.

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The Best NFT Discord Servers for NFT Art

Artwork is featured on NFT Discord servers from a variety of perspectives. Some projects use them to raise funds for development, someone wants to create a community, and sometimes the interest lies in creating collections to implement an idea or for self-expression. The NFT art surprise you, sometimes, it shocks and even bewilders you, but you will definitely remember it.


DAO for the avatar community also shows up among NFT projects. This ecosystem is supposed to be a platform for NFT collectors and NFT art lovers.

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Crypto Baristas

Crypto Baristas is one of the most interesting NFT projects related to real commodities. NFT holders receive coffee discounts through the website, as well as lifetime free coffee in the first NFT-funded café that will open in New York in the future. In fact, this NFT project is focused on fundraising for the opening of a real first NFT-funded café.

There are just under 3,000 members and 53 channels, including audio channels, in Discord. Everything related to Crypto Baristas can be found here.

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Larva Labs has created not only one of the most famous NFT projects but also the first official Discord server about NFT. 68,000 members of the NFT Discord community chat and discuss new items and prices for NFTs with the images of punks. If punks surprise you, visit this server and chat with NFT collectors to find out why they are so popular.

Invitation link NFT Community is an ecosystem for artists and NFT creators, including a Discord community. Over 38 thousand members gathered on the Discord server to discuss the specifics of the development of the NFT Art universe. If you are planning to develop in the field of NFT art, this server is simply indispensable.

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Gremplin created another collection that immediately became popular. Users instantly formed a Discord community to discuss their favorite artwork on the Discord server. Here, novices learn the intricacies of creating and selling artworks, and long-term residents read the latest news.

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Brain Vomit’s Garden

In this NFT project, the artist Stephen Rea pushes the boundaries and showcases emotions expressed in colors. Having switched from skateboarding to art after an injury, he created a collection that may not be considered high art, but it allows you to convey your emotions. An amazing community has emerged on the Discord server, with over 700 members. The Discord group is at the early stage of its development and will be useful for novice artists and those who are looking for self-expression.

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Metaverse Discord Servers

Metaverses are a separate phenomenon in the crypto space. You can find developers, gamers who want to make money, and virtual space users here. Of course, we cannot ignore NFT Discord servers of the leading metaverses because here, you can also start promoting yourself and trading NFT.

NFTs World

Discord server brings together all the residents of the metaverse built on NFT. The Discord community has the latest news about cryptocurrency, information for the metaverse projects developers and more.

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The graphics of the metaverse are made by artists inspired by Japanese technological anime. On the Discord server, over 13 thousand members of the Discord community actively discuss the unique features of avatars and share opinions on the development of one of the latest projects in the space of the metaverses.

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Decentraland is one of the first metaverses, and of course, it’s featured on Discord. 175 thousand members of the Discord community get access to more than 20 thematic channels on the Discord server. You can get information for developers about trading and news and simply chat on international channels.

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Discord Servers for Gamers

When it comes to NFT gaming, income is also implied. Play-to-Earn is an ideology that allows you to combine pleasure and income. On NFT Discord servers, users not only chat but also create gaming teams, rent characters and ammunition, and receive a lot of useful advice.

Axie Infinity

The legendary Play-to-Earn game brings together over 700 thousand members on the Discord server. In a huge number of Discord channels, you can find news, help, communication, and much more. The Discord community is very developed. New information appears here every day.

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Mines Of Dalarnia

The Discord server of the adventure game unites active gamers who not only have fun but also make money. Members of the Discord community share life hacks and discuss the nuances of the game.

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For fans of the game in the P2E style, a Discord server has been created with the opportunity to discuss all the touchy issues. 10,000 members have access to the most frequently asked questions, a Discord channel for discussing problems, and a regular chat.

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Discord Servers About NFT

Active NFT Discord communities of enthusiasts include news channels and chat rooms for communication. Here you can always find useful information and interesting opinions. These Discord servers are often visited by experts and NFT influencers.

r/NFT community

The highest quality Discord community has over 100 thousand members. There is a large amount of information about NFT and upcoming NFT projects here, and users can discuss a wide variety of issues.

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NFT Hideout

Discord servers that bring together crypto enthusiasts are getting popular, and this one is no exception. Here you can get some advice, sell your artwork, and chat with like-minded people.

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Museum NFT

On this Discord server, users are looking for communication and expert opinions. From time to time, speakers make their presentations here, and on a special Discord channel, artists can present themselves and their artwork.

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You can find a lot of people on Discord servers who are interested in NFT, but there is a lot of information here. You can search for like-minded people, present yourself and your ideas, express your opinion, and stream. 

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Discord Servers That Bring Like-Minded People Together

This category of NFT holders unites based on elitism. People tend to be seeking access to a closed Discord group and if you are seeking the same, learn about the most prestigious ones.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Among all Discord servers, this server is one of the most privileged. Only token holders can join it. The Discord community also includes celebrities who communicate with community members on an equal footing. This NFT project has long become a brand in the crypto market.

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It is another attempt to create an elite Discord group by Gary Vaynerchuk, but he did not achieve the same success as Bored Ape Yacht Club, but it also stands out among new NFT projects. Veefriends Discord server unites all fans of the idea of non-fungible tokens. Over 300 thousand members of the NFT Discord community actively share their knowledge, and Vaynerchuk himself shares his thoughts through Discord channels.

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Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits is a DAO for celebrities in the NFT industry. If you are a token holder, you get privileged access to the premium community. The Discord server is the headquarters of this social club, and holders of at least 5 tokens get access to it.

You can get an invitation link only after the leaders of the NFT community have discussed a new candidate.


Discord servers are the most reliable way to keep up to date with the current events in the NFT world and cryptocurrency field. They store structured information that is quickly updated by the members. The administrators of successful NFT projects post news faster than on the website, and it’s very easy to find them on the Discord server.

By subscribing to the Discord server, you get invaluable communication experience, up-to-date information about NFT projects, and practical advice from experienced members. When going deeper into the NFT space, be sure to choose the right Discord server and become a regular member.It is another attempt to create an elite Discord group by Gary Vaynerchuk, but he did not achieve the same success as Bored Ape Yacht Club, but it also stands out among new NFT projects. Veefriends Discord server unites all fans of the idea of non-fungible tokens. Over 300 thousand members of the NFT Discord community actively share their knowledge, and Vaynerchuk himself shares his thoughts through Discord channels.