List of Top Cryptocurrency Media Resources 

We’ve gathered for you the top 10 best crypto news outlets providing everything you need to know in the crypto and blockchain industry: the latest stories, recent events prepared by crypto experts, and market cap details

While there are already numerous cryptocurrency and blockchain news sites out there, not all of them are active on a daily basis, nor are they media in the traditional sense. In fact, fewer than half of these resources actually have a significant impact on the market.  

We focused on English-language sources for this analysis, as they are most popular in over 100 countries, although some top crypto news sites do offer content in multiple languages.  

Using data from Similarweb, ICODA rated cryptocurrency media based on the number of visits they received. It’s worth noting that Similarweb is not always accurate, and the margin of error compared to Google Analytics can reach tens of percent.  

However, it is still a valuable source of information and the quickest way to gauge the popularity and traffic of websites. For this analysis, we used data on the number of visits over the three-month period of April, May, and June 2021. 

Without further ado, let’s begin: 

Media 3 Months Visits Most visits are from these countries 
Cointelegraph 27,400,000 United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Argentina 
Coindesk 18,150,000 United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia 7,900,000 United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia 
2,190,000 United States, Portugal, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada 
1,720,000 United States, Mozambique, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada 
CryptoDaily 3,250,000 Italy, France, India, Romania, Mexico
CryptoPotato 1,390,000 United States, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Canada 
BeInCrypto 3,090,000 Venezuela, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Mexico 
AMBCrypto 1,820,000 United States, India, United Kingdom, Australia, France 
iHodl 1,050,000 Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Mexico, Colombia

The Cointelegraph: top cryptocurrency media resource

The Cointelegraph's crypto news was read by a whopping 27,400,000 visitors over the three months analyzed. Its comic book style turns the global media organization into a pleasant, laid back place for enthusiasts to enjoy market analysis, crypto briefing and expert interviews.

The Cointelegraph kicks off the list at number one. The platform has gained quite a following since its launch in 2013 as one of the best crypto news websites. A fun, light-hearted website featuring comic book art, Cointelegraph provides cryptocurrency news on absolutely everything relevant in the crypto industry.

In addition to its cryptocurrency news coverage, Cointelegraph also offers Markets Pro, a service specifically designed to supply the emerging community of professional traders with real-time, actionable cryptocurrency news and analysis.

Cointelegraph’s cryptocurrency news is available in a variety of languages, including English, Japanese, Spanish, German, and Brazilian Portuguese, just to name a few. On the blockchain news website, you’ll find sections dedicated to global crypto policies, top cryptocurrency news, expert opinions, and price indexes.  

CoinDesk: Crypto News Podcasts & TV

Coindesk media platform is an excellent educational resource for those looking to become more familiar with the crypto and blockchain market.

CoinDesk s second among the best crypto news websites hitting 1,81,50,000 visits. It presents crypto-related news from a business and technological perspective. You can also access crypto podcasts and CoinDesk TV from crypto industry experts all around the world. On top of that, you can track price charts and even participate in CoinDesk-organized webinars as well as live events in the crypto world. Everything Bitcoin

With a focus on the world's most popular cryptocurrency, online Bitcoin magazine offers some of the best crypto news surrounding the Bitcoin.

The next best outlet in line for the latest crypto news is boasting 79,00,000 trimonthly visits, undoubtedly if Bitcoin is your cryptocurrency of choice.

In addition to being a learning global media organization dedicated to offering extensive trading options for Bitcoin, has a dedicated news section providing the most topical Bitcoin news. These range from exchange rates to political developments and all pertinent regulations under discussion. also provides a guide to help get the hang of cryptocurrency and some tools to optimize Bitcoin acquisition and trading.

Bitcoinist: Bitcoin Magazine & Guides

Online Bitcoin magazine Bitcoinist ranked number 4 on our list of best crypto news websites at 21,90,000 users in the three-month period.

Bitcoinist is among the best crypto news websites on Bitcoin and blockchain technology, publishing a large volume of crypto news articles on a daily basis on a range of topics, including regulatory updates, market trends, and price movements. In addition to providing news coverage, they also offer helpful guides and tutorials on how to use and invest in cryptocurrency. 

NewsBTC: Bitcoin & Crypto Industry Expertise

Our third Bitcoin magazine, News BTC ranks number 5 on our list of top crypto news has something for everybody about crypto and blockchain, despite being more geared toward experts | Crypto and blockchain news on News BTC

NewsBTC is a great resource not only as a Bitcoin magazine for hot Bitcoin news but also other crypto news on such other popular currencies as Ethereum and Altcoin. In addition to providing up-to-date crypto news, the site also features a variety of cutting-edge tech pieces and forecasts written specifically for experienced traders. 

 If you’re just getting started in the crypto world, you might find the language in some of these articles a bit dense, but you’ll definitely want to check them out.

CryptoDaily: Journalistic Integrity on the Crypto Market

In addition to being among the best crypto news sources for breaking news and topical information, the crypto news site covers NFTs and the metaverse.

CryptoDaily is crypto news with robust core journalistic values, covering the latest happenings in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies. In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the latest news stories in the world of crypto, the site also covers NFT-related content and news about the metaverse. One of the standout features of Crypto Daily is its breaking news section, which keeps you informed about the most recent crypto projects, price analysis, and crypto markets.

CryptoPotato: Most Multilingual of Crypto News Websites

CrytoPotato is one of the best crypto information websites for novices and experts alike.

CryptoPotato is a complete news and information website covering every aspect of the world of cryptocurrency. Published in 7 languages, it provides up-to-date coverage of events and the latest happenings in the crypto market, as well as analysis and commentary from industry experts. CryptoPotato also offers educational resources and tools to help readers learn more about such topics as margin trading, the best exchanges, and Defi & NFTs. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto trader or new to the world of digital assets, CryptoPotato has something to offer. 

BeInCrypto: Underlying Blockchain Technology & Expert Reviews

In addition to breaking news and daily news, BeInCrypto is one of the most helpful crypto news outlets job postings as well as technical reviews.

BeInCrypto will help keep you up to date on the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrency with BeInCrypto. This site offers breaking news, reviews, helpful articles, and technical analysis of crypto universe projects which develop cutting-edge tech, in-depth research, as well as a job board featuring open positions in the crypto industry. Whether you’re looking for the latest headlines or in-depth analysis, BeInCrypto has you covered. 

AMBCrypto: User-Friendly Online Magazine

AMBCrypto is the number nine news platform in the crypto and blockchain industry, reaching as high as 18,20,000 over our 3-month period studied. Though it's suitable for everyone, it's one of the top crypto information websites rendering the blockchain technology world instantly clearer to novices.

AMBCrypto is a popular website that offers news and analysis on a range of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and digital assets.  

Despite being relatively new, and having been established in 2018, the blockchain industry news source has quickly become one of the most preferred sources for crypto enthusiasts in the blockchain world. AMBCrypto is one of the best crypto news websites for even readers who are just getting familiarized with the rapidly-evolving crypto space. Its own blog provides trending news and straightforward, reliable information on a variety of topics, making it a valuable resource.

iHodl: Cryptocurrency Industry Market Analysis

iHodl is a crypto news website centering around finance and technology for cryptocurrency holders. The news aggregator offers crypto enthusiasts all the latest news on ICOs and brokers.

iHodl is among the top crypto news websites providing top stories and analytics in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Founded in 2014, it provides up-to-date coverage of technology, finance, ICO, and broker ratings, expert reviews, and developments in the crypto market, as well as analysis and commentary from industry experts.  

iHodl also offers educational resources, relevant content, and tools to help readers learn more about cryptocurrencies and make informed investment decisions. iHodl is a mainstay for seasoned crypto traders and novices in the world of digital assets alike.