The Best Crypto Derivatives Exchanges to Choose From

Derivatives trading is pretty new to the crypto market, and many exchanges are still taking baby steps towards it. It is important to say that they are quickly becoming the way to gain income for professional traders.



In case you want to try it, you would need a website that provides such services. 

Some of the best platforms you already use support derivatives trading. Check them out.

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It is the most famous company built only for trading crypto futures and options. It is based out of the Netherlands and started in 2016, and has built the most extensive community and a user-friendly platform for derivative traders. Deribit is open to traders in over 100 countries. There is no commission for a deposit, and withdrawal is also free up to a certain limit. It can process thousands of orders per second and hundreds of orders per second from a single account.

It is a platform that was based in Singapore and started in March 2018. It provides its customers with crypto-based perpetual swaps as well as futures contracts. But it primarily specializes in crypto-to-fiat currency pairs of perpetual contracts with 100:1 leverage of all the key digital assets to help you trade derivatives with high liquidity. In a short period, the ByBit website has soared in its popularity and managed to build up enough liquidity.

Many derivative exchanges have come and gone, but the BitMEX platform has alone carried the load of the derivatives market since 2015. Of course, now new players have entered the crypto market, but in terms of brand name and liquidity- BitMEX still stands in the top ten platforms in the derivatives market. BitMEX exchange offers the best crypto products with negligible slippage and high liquidity. Moreover, the sign-up process is easy and requires just your email ID. Bitcoin is the main base currency on this exchange, where you will get an exclusive 10% discount on trading fees for the first six months if you register NOW and open your account. Moreover, it is the perfect place to deal with cryptocurrency because it offers derivatives for seven more cryptocurrencies apart from BTC.

It is a leading Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange that operates as a broker for customers to trade hundreds of virtual coins and futures trading pairs. Launched in 2017 and based in Malta and the Republic of Seychelles, the exchange has accumulated a large list of customers with millions in daily traded volumes – competing with other major players such as Binance. The OKEx CEO JayHao had a background in game development before entering the financial industry. In 2018, the exchange expanded operations to Malta, which adopted a crypto-friendly solution.

At $9.7 billion in 24-hour average trade volume and 61 derivative markets listed, the Singapore-based exchange CoinTiger takes fifth place. Investors can trade 62 different cryptocurrency perpetual contracts on CoinTiger, which has been steadily growing in popularity since its launch in 2017. CoinTiger has low trading and withdrawal fees. There is a broad spot market available. There’s even derivatives trading, fiat currency funding, and withdrawals to a US bank account. While most traders experience very few problems at all, those who have contacted the support desk frequently complain about unresponsive customer service. Trustpilot cites several poor reviews, although closer investigation shows that all queries end up resolved eventually. Other than this minor hiccup in service, CoinTiger currently serves over 1.1 million investors from all around the world and may just be the right exchange to pick up a new listing or start growing a portfolio.

That is not all. In addition, we can also mention these platforms that you should consider: