YouTube Influencers: Tell the World about Your Blockchain with ICODA Agency.

Collaboration with YouTube influencers is becoming more and more popular among today’s blockchain-oriented startups. The thing is that people prefer watching video instead of reading articles and posts. It’s easier for them to get acquainted with viral content while doing something else – drinking tea, heading to work or whatever else.

This is why we offer you to pay special attention to YouTube influencers marketing strategy. Along with website creation, promotion on local markets, and blockchain development, this approach produces excellent results with a minimum of conscious effort.

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Apply to the World’s Greatest YouTube Influencers with ICODA Agency

Our team collaborates with a number of affluential blockchain vloggers and other video creators, who are ready to tell the world about your startup. What are your benefits from YouTube influencers? See for yourself:

  • If your project is discussed at the world’s largest video sharing website, it’s worth investing into. This is the way most people think, and they are absolutely correct.
  • The more potential investors know about your blockchain, the more likely it is that they will invest. People tend to trust those who describe their startup in every detail.
  • The YouTube influencers we collaborate with will make a point of showing your idea to the best advantage. They’ll easily convince the audience that the solution under consideration is worthy of attention and support.

Reach up to 850 000 potential clients! You can see our current packages with prices here.

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