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Contact the ICODA PR agency to get crypto PR services for your brand. We can develop and implement a full-scale public relations campaign to cultivate a positive image of crypto companies, improve corporate affairs, and create a crisis management plan.



What Is the Purpose of Crypto Public Relations?

It helps to enhance the brand’s reputation. Simply by requesting services from a crypto PR agency, a company demonstrates that it is interested in improving its image and proves its reliability in the public perception.



Why Should Your Brand Contact a Crypto PR Agency?



To communicate with people, each brand should have its own voice. Using a wrong tone and acting chaotically or inconsistently can destroy a company’s reputation and its hopes of building a successful business.

A blockchain PR agency helps avoid such mistakes, using the experience of professional experts, its own relations with influencers and experts, and media relations.

Crypto public relations have their own unique features. An experienced crypto PR agency focuses on brand promotion methods and the psychology of people dealing with blockchain technology.



Specifics of PR Campaigns in the Crypto Industry

People often mistrust commercials when they are not aware of the brand. Advertisement becomes efficient only after customers’ perception of your brand has been developed. In the crypto market, the situation is aggravated by the general reluctance to embrace new technology.

It is crucial for a PR agency to demonstrate the idea’s value and show that the brand strives to engage in social communication and contribute to society. A PR project is developed gradually and consistently. It aims to show that a company’s business is not only about making a profit. ICODA aims to identify a brand’s public values and build a strategy, taking into account the specifics of blockchain PR.



What Services Are Provided by Crypto PR Agencies?

The main features of PR campaigns cover the five aspects of the work of crypto firms.



Analysis and Forecast



The competitors, target audience, blockchain market in general, and public opinion – a crypto PR agency should analyze all these factors as early as possible when building a promotion strategy. This will be the basis for developing solutions in the future.



Collecting Information


Content marketing is an essential component of crypto PR


Before content creators receive their tasks, the general information strategy should be developed. Which topics are to be prioritized? Which socially important aspects will have the best effect on the audience? To answer these questions, along with many others, is the task of ICODA’s best content marketers.



Organizing Communication


A crypto PR agency can make your brand a household name

Crypto PR services include organizing online and offline events with invited guests. ICODA actively uses influencer marketing, engaging the most popular bloggers and experts in order to establish social connections. We use email marketing tools to inform the brand’s existing audience about its news and events. To promote organic traffic growth, we cooperate with SEO specialists. We engage in social media marketing to develop and maintain communities. Of course, we use video marketing to promote brand awareness.



Choosing Marketing Channels


Experienced crypto PR agencies always use a variety of channels for blockchain PR


The crypto industry depends largely on public opinion, and a successful stream or special offer can sometimes bring more benefits than the entire media marketing. Blockchain projects are promoted using the content generated by the blockchain industry leaders.



Building a Social Environment


The tone of voice is a critical element of crypto marketing


It is important to choose the right tone for communicating with your target audience. Which social issues are particularly important for its representatives? How can your brand help with them? Which social values can you offer? This is one of the most important building blocks of public relations, especially in the crypto industry.



Building a Community


Over time, the community becomes the best friend of blockchain PR agencies


The practice has shown that the community itself is an important driver of brand development. The company’s ambassadors help to promote the brand and its confidence, providing insight into its operations.



Crisis Management


A well-planned crypto PR strategy helps blockchain PR agencies and their clients steer themselves out of crises with minimal losses


Almost any business could face a crisis. This is particularly true of the crypto market, and crypto PR firms should be ready for tricky situations. Blockchain PR agencies conduct a continuous assessment of crises, analyze the statistics, and study the response measures of the most successful competitors. Based on such data, crypto PR agencies develop an emergency action plan and pull together a team to implement it.



Four Steps to Success When Working With a Blockchain PR Agency

Public relations in crypto is a niche area with its own specifics. Societal attitudes towards blockchain technology vary from hostile to appreciative. The goal is to overcome the negative attitude of the most distrustful ones and attract the most interested ones, improving the public mood.

ICODA does this in four stages.


Niche Analysis and Research

Our analysts collect all the essential information about crypto companies and the market they intend to enter. We study the target audience, environment, competitors, and communication channels. This preparation helps us choose appropriate crypto PR services and put together a plan.


A plan of a crypto PR agency






In many respects, this stage deals with finance. We plan the budget of a public relations campaign and determine the criteria to be used for assessing its results later. ICODA customers get a clear plan for the next several months, which indicates the required measures. Most importantly, they gain an understanding of the costs and effects.


An example of a public relations campaign budget for crypto PR agencies






A public relations campaign with lots of memorable events is always great for a brand


We conduct all planned events and cooperate with media outlets, experts, and bloggers. All events are aimed at promoting brand awareness. To achieve success, we aim to think creatively and come up with unique ideas.



Measure Effectiveness


It takes some time for the results of public relations activities to become apparent, which is why they should be assessed over a longer period


It can be difficult to assess the performance of public relations measures, as the effects are sometimes delayed. Our experts use a variety of methods, including polls, analysis of attendance by various audience groups, qualitative assessment of publications, and others.



Our PR Agency Team

ICODA employs experienced business analysts, talented marketers, writers, and artists. Each member of our team is familiar with blockchain technology, NFT, and crypto. The fundamental understanding of technology helps us connect it with the social aspects of any crypto business and convey the most important messages with our public relations activities.


Crypto PR always involves social issues



Any business should solve the problems of its customers. We analyze a company’s products and services not as a source of income but as a source of value for an individual representative of its audience and society in general. Nowadays, it is important for people to be involved in global initiatives aimed at improving the lives of each and every one of us. We identify such an idea and develop it as the brand’s main feature.



Which Channels Does ICODA Use?

We use a wide range of communication tools. We choose the most appropriate ones for each individual crypto project.



Mass Communication


Public relations always involve press-releases and coverage by top media outlets


We have established contacts with all leading crypto platforms. However, public communication should involve a wider audience. Therefore, we also cooperate with leading business media that are not dedicated exclusively to crypto. We manage the publication of press releases, news, reviews, and other materials.



Crypto Influencers


Leading influencers ensure the success of crypto PR


Traditional PR agencies focus on media outlets and events, while in crypto marketing, the most valuable tool is word-of-mouth advertising. Crypto is such a young industry that people always look for genuine reviews of any crypto project. We cooperate with the leading influencers whose judgment carries a lot of weight with the community. These include experts, bloggers, and celebrities. Upon a customer’s request, we can contact any media personalities.



Social Media


Media relations is a lot of work, with crypto marketing services including a broad range of activities


Social media is one of the main digital marketing platforms which helps a crypto PR agency to shape public opinion. Popular communities, personal accounts of experts, vlogs, and company profiles help to convey information to a wide audience in the most expedient manner. They offer the best way to get feedback and refine the public relations strategy along the line.



Crypto Journalists


Crypto journalists are PR professionals ready to tell the story of your brand


Sometimes engaging just one popular crypto journalist can significantly expand a brand’s audience. A writer can publish articles via various platforms, including a personal blog. A journalist can deliver information in an authentic manner and express their own opinion about your brand.



Offline Events 


Attracting investors is an extra benefit of crypto PR


By participating in grant projects, conferences, and other crypto events, you can establish public relations not only with potential clients but also with new partners and investors. We help our customers present their brand at various events, compile documents for competitions, and share the joy of winning with you.



ICODA Benefits


Marketing agency ICODA



The ICODA blockchain PR agency promotes crypto projects on a professional level, including both crypto startups and existing businesses with an experience in the blockchain market. Our goal is to produce a comprehensive PR strategy that would naturally complement the company’s general crypto marketing plan.



Analytical Approach


A crypto marketing agency should always have a dedicated team of professionals



Before establishing connections, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the current situation, the customer’s business, the brand’s image, the competitors, and previous blockchain market crises. Based on these data, we offer our customers numerous ways of promoting their blockchain projects. They are always based on multi-channel marketing solutions.



Systematic Strategy


The key to success is a systematic approach


It should be noted that crypto PR services are not about winning a contract with a single influencer or publishing a couple of articles in top media. It is about a wide variety of solutions that handle numerous aspects, including the company’s corporate spirit and social environment.



Professional Team and Efficient Management


Only collaborative effort can help a crypto PR agency solve the most difficult tasks of blockchain PR


Each ICODA team member is an ardent fan of their work. The best marketers, PR experts, and content creators join forces for a common cause. In crypto marketing management, we implement a hardline approach that eliminates any idle talk. Each team member is responsible for their own area, acting promptly and protecting the client’s interests. This is why our meetings produce results and do not drag endlessly.





Budgeting helps to optimize blockchain PR campaigns


Our crypto PR firm knows how to budget and does not waste the client’s money. Each budget item is justified and transparent. You will always be sure of where your money goes.



Performance Assessment


Only SMART goals and calculated KPIs in our marketing agency


With our regular reports, you will be able to assess our performance. The metrics and graphics will demonstrate the increase in media mentions, website and social media visitors, response number, and quality. To assess our performance, we conduct depth polling and analyze the changes in public opinion.



Connections and Partners


Among our connections there is always the one you need


Our contacts include popular crypto media, bloggers, and experts. We always choose the platform which matches the brand’s image and voice.



Publications Without Sponsored Tags


Our marketing agency ensure that you get non-sponsored publications


Paid articles are marked as sponsored, which often leads to some prejudice. We make arrangements with writers so that your company’s description is published as a journalist’s opinion without sponsored tags.



Consultations at Every Step of the Way


Our data analysts and marketers will consult you on the best business development prospects


Thanks to our experience with blockchain projects, we can suggest the most profitable solutions and development options. With our extensive statistics, we can provide insight into the interests of your audience and help you make useful projections.

ICODA goes beyond the clichéd solutions of traditional marketing agencies. We are ready to manage any crypto projects, including startups and existing businesses.

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