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As the NFT ecosystem continues to grow, your project needs to stand out to succeed. We offer NFT consulting services from industry experts — whether you need advice on refining your PR strategy, integrating blockchain into your business, or creating a phenomenal marketing plan, ICODA is here to guide you.

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You Need More Than Just a Great Idea to Launch a Successful NFT Project


Scalability, operational efficiency, a great marketing strategy, and a strong development plan are all vital factors. Hundreds of decisions are made — many of which can make or break your success. 


But what if you didn’t have to make choices blindly? 


Choose NFT consulting services to get the best advice from NFT consultants | ICODA as an NFT consultant agency


This is where ICODA comes in. We offer NFT consultation that gives you access to the best industry advisors. Whether you are in the planning phase of a project or need to enhance an existing one, we are here to help you!


What is the role of an NFT project manager?An NFT project manager plays an important role in handling the marketing needs of your project. Project owners may lack time to manage their projects effectively for maximum financial returns. So, partnering with experts offers you an upper hand in your NFT business.


First, the manager can help you build, engage, and create trust among your community members. Communities are essential in NFT marketing. So, having a solid group marks the beginning of success in your NFT business.


Our experts will provide you with the best NFT consulting services


Secondly, the manager can help you create a PR strategy for your project. Good PR creates goodwill from the general public. Also, the strategy helps you generate leads for your project.




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PR Consulting



What we’ll do:



  • Help you choose the most effective media for project promotion

  • Tell you how to get published on the world’s top media sources

  • Create a media plan for a time period of your choice

  • Brainstorm article topics and write them

  • Propose and implement a media and communication strategy



Blockchain Development




What we’ll do:


  • Help you choose the ideal blockchain for your project

  • Explain the features of each blockchain

  • Show you the features of off-chain and on-chain mechanics

  • Review your smart contract mechanics

  • Share best practices for development on the blockchain




 Marketing Strategy




What we’ll do:


  • Help you map out a comprehensive product promotion strategy

  • Determine the best place to buy traffic from

  • Identify the marketing and social media channels that will give you the most reach

  • Launch an Airdrop campaign

  • Create and launch Twitter, Google, and FB ads

  • Explain how to start working with influencers

  • Help you attract partners, investors, and referrals







Why NFT Projects Benefit From Consultancy

Non-fungible tokens have taken the cryptocurrency world by storm. Their ability to create, sell, and exchange digital items has made NFTs attractive to traders, collectors, artists, athletes, big brands, and more. 


The surge in NFT creation has led to extreme YoY growth. The sales volume of NFTs in 2021 was $24.9 billion — the year before, it was only $94.9 million. That’s an increase of 26,138.1%. 


So, what does this mean for you? Two things: first, the non-fungible token market is thriving, and it is possible to launch a highly successful project. And the second — there is an incredible amount of competition. 


The market is only going to continue to grow in the future; this is your chance to hop into the NFT world. And we’re here to help your brand make the biggest splash possible. 


Any NFT project can benefit from consultancy. We’ll give you advice that will help you make the most informed business decisions, get your project in front of the most eyes, and maximize your brand’s reputation. ICODA is your #1 tool to success!




How Can an NFT Consultant Help Your Startup to Expand?

An NFT consultant can offer any business a number of benefits that make it easier to grow and improve its business practices. They will provide you with resources, services, and even clients that help you to expand rapidly.


They use their knowledge of both technology and business to give clients a competitive edge. This makes them an indispensable resource for companies that want to take their operations to the next level.



And because they understand how processes work, they are able to offer solutions to help your company save money and increase efficiency. A good non-fungible token consultant will be able to identify and implement the processes that will help your company get more things done faster.


As you can see, there’s no end to how an NFT consultant can help your company learn how to operate more effectively. This is why they are a valuable resource for any business or organization that needs assistance in this area.


They offer a competitive advantage, and they can help you reach more customers. So if you want to grow your business, consider hiring an NFT consultant who can help.




Why Choose ICODA for NFT Projects? 

Why should you trust your NFT project to our team of consultants? We are focused on making data-driven decisions — so here are some facts that demonstrate ICODA’s ability to help you build your brand. 





We Are Powered by the Brightest Minds

To provide you with the best NFT consulting experience, we’ve created a team of the best experts. Knowledge of NFT and blockchain technology isn’t enough to become a consultant at ICODA; they must also be experienced in marketing, generating business, and launching startups. We are led by experts who have decades of combined business experience and unparalleled talent.  




We Have a Stellar Media Presence

As part of our NFT consulting services, we can help you develop a PR strategy. And what better evidence of our ability than our own media presence? ICODA has been featured by sources like EIN Presswire, Hackernoon, and Benzinga. Our company will get you on the right path towards good publicity.




We Have Public Use Cases

To prove that our NFT consulting services can be immensely helpful in the fintech and NFT world, we’ve published many of ICODA’s use cases. Check out the success that our past clients have experienced here! And we’ve done it all: creating crypto wallets, generating leads, and generating funds during private rounds. Our experience working with many different fintech businesses helps us to provide you with the best NFT consulting services.   




We Offer Convenient Scheduling

Don’t worry about time zone issues — we have staff located across the world: in Venezuela, Germany, Japan, Spain, and more!




We Collaborate With Reliable Resources

ICODA works with over 300 of the most reputable resources and platforms, including Forbes, Bloomberg, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and




We Strive to Broaden Our Expertise

While our consultancy team is comprised of the fintech industry’s best minds, they aren’t satisfied with staying still. Our experts always strive to expand their knowledge about the crypto industry — which is why ICODA representatives attend so many conferences. We keep our finger on the pulse of the crypto community and pass these insights on to you. 








Why NFT consulting is important for the NFT marketing agency?





How long does a consultation session last?

You can purchase consultation sessions in time increments of 1 hour. 




What is NFT in crypto?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token.” They are cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain. Each NFT has unique properties and cannot be replicated. Because these digital assets aren’t fungible, it is impossible for an NFT to be equal to another. Sometimes, non-fungible tokens are used to represent real-world items — for instance, real estate, music, video games, collectibles, and crypto art. Interestingly, crypto art non-fungible tokens have gotten the most publicity, but they only comprise 10% of the NFT sphere. 




How do non-fungible tokens work?




You can only purchase and sell your non-fungible tokens using cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency secured by cryptography, making it impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Famous examples include Bitcoin and Ethereum.


When an NFT is created, this is called “minting” the NFT. Then you mint an NFT, and your original ownership and the unique identities of your NFT can be verified through blockchain ledgers.


How to choose the best NFT trading platform



A Blockchain is a secure digital transaction system that records information that makes it difficult to hack or scam (although this happens occasionally).


So, for example, you can own a unique version of an image. While there may be dozens of other identical images, the version you own is uniquely yours. This is similar to original paintings and reproductions. There may be 100 identical paintings, but only one is original.



Can I make money on NFT?

Yes, you can make money through non-fungible tokens. Some NFT brands can make millions of dollars, but they are backed by good business planning and a great marketing strategy. This is why NFT consulting agency is so important: it helps you present the market with a more polished project. 




NFT in Metaverse


The digital assets of the future in Metaverse


The term Metaverse has become the buzzword these days. The peak of this platform is authorized by NFT technology. Creating a business on this platform is excellent for people who want to experience the enchantment of the Metaverse. Therefore, a business on the Metaverse platform is highly unique and novel. Hence, an enormous amount of earnings are yielded for the business platform.




How do I book a consultation from ICODA?

You can browse our consulting services on OpenSea. Choose which service(s) you’d like: Marketing Strategy, Crypto PR, or Blockchain Development. After you purchase the service as an NFT, contact us via Telegram.

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