Marketing Strategy for Layer-1 and Layer-2 Blockchains

Welcome to an innovative marketing journey that promises to elevate your blockchain projects to new heights.

At ICODA, we specialize in crafting tailored strategies that make a lasting impact on potential users, developers, and partners. Our turnkey solution is designed to deliver impressive results, enabling your blockchain to thrive in a competitive landscape.

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​​Preparing for a Successful Active Marketing Campaign

  • One of the critical factors to consider is effectively positioning your blockchain. This involves communicating the unique benefits and advantages of your technology to potential users and developers while demonstrating its superiority over existing blockchain solutions.
  • Showcasing blockchain growth to make a lasting impression, it’s essential to showcase the remarkable growth of your blockchain network. Our team specializes in devising strategies that highlight both minor and major achievements. Moreover, we provide weekly progress updates to keep your community engaged and informed about the latest developments. By spotlighting successful projects hosted on your blockchain and other noteworthy accomplishments, we create a compelling narrative that resonates with your target audience.

Attracting Developers to Your Blockchain: Several Effective Strategies

Empowering Developers through Incentives
At ICODA, we understand the pivotal role developers play in shaping the success of blockchain projects. Our tailored approach includes offering attractive bounties, grants, and exclusive benefits to developers who contribute their skills and creativity to your ecosystem. By nurturing this developer-friendly environment, we create a win-win situation for all stakeholders.
All Useful Documents
A well-documented blockchain is a powerful magnet for developers seeking accessibility and ease of integration. Our expert team ensures that your blockchain platform comes with comprehensive documentation, user-friendly APIs, and abundant developer resources. Through extensive examples, guides, and troubleshooting materials, it’s possible to explore the full potential of your blockchain effortlessly.
Hackathons and Competitions
In order to ignite the spirit of innovation and forge a strong developer community, ICODA takes the lead in hosting dynamic hackathons and developer competitions. These events not only spark interest but also showcase the boundless possibilities your blockchain offers. Our strategic approach to organizing these events ensures that developers from diverse backgrounds come together to create groundbreaking solutions for your business.
Implementing Cutting-edge Tools
Creating the right solutions can elevate the development experience for your blockchain. Our team specializes in crafting developer-friendly SDKs, libraries, APIs, and other essential tools. These resources simplify the development process, attracting more developers to join your ecosystem and contribute to its growth.
Strong Support
It’s crucial to provide users with unparalleled developer support. Our dedicated team swiftly addresses any challenges developers may encounter, enhancing their trust and confidence in your platform. Additionally, we offer comprehensive financial, technical, and marketing support to empower IT experts and nurture their long-term engagement.
User-Friendly Design
Understanding that ease of use is key in the way you can attract people. This intuitive approach attracts developers and users alike, fostering a thriving and dynamic ecosystem.
Strategic Partnerships
Last but not least, don’t forget about fruitful collaboration with leading foundations, universities, hardware wallet providers, and influential figures within the blockchain space. These collaborations expand the horizons of your technology, amplifying its value and potential impact.

Several Key Steps To Promote Your Blockchain


Creating a Solid Foundation


At ICODA, we know that success begins with robust groundwork. In this initial stage, our aim is to build a thriving community around the project. Check out everything we have to offer.


  • SMM Strategy. We tailor a plan that resonates with your target audience, amplifying your project’s message across various media platforms to reach potential users, developers, and partners effectively.
  • Web3 funnel. Our experts leverage external platforms like Crew3, Galxe, Guild, Mirror, and Link3 to create a seamless web3 funnel, driving meaningful traffic to your product.
  • PR Campaign. We position your project in the spotlight, attracting attention from crypto enthusiasts, developers, and industry stakeholders alike.
  • Incentivized Programs. To foster developer interest, it’s crucial to entice talented minds to boost your blockchain.
  • Partnership Pitching. Our dedicated team engages in proactive outreach, forging valuable partnerships with esteemed crypto and blockchain companies, influencers, and developers.
  • SEO Strategy. Maximizing your online presence, we employ the latest effective techniques to ensure your project gains the visibility it deserves.


Timing: 2-4 weeks


Elevating Your Presence


  • Strategic Partnerships. We facilitate meaningful partnerships with industry giants and well-known brands, positioning your project as a prominent player within the crypto community.
  • Dynamic PR Campaign. With a multi-faceted strategy, we ensure your project gains exposure through Tier-1 media, YouTube interviews, Twitter accounts, and podcasts.
  • Participate in Upcoming Events. As a distinguished speaker or panelist at prestigious events, we boost your project’s presence within the crypto and blockchain landscapes.
  • Media buying and paid traffic campaigns to make coverage soar and generate buzz, attracting focused traffic to your brand.
  • Influencer Engagement on Twitter and YouTube. Through influential figures on popular media platforms, we can expand the reach of your project, creating a buzz in the crypto community and making your business heard.


Timing: 2-4 months


Measure Your Results via KPI

Throughout this transformative 5-month campaign, ICODA’s expert strategies and unwavering dedication will be measured by the Key Performance Indicator. Find out the way it looks like:



Results (for 5 month campaign)

Total audience reach

  • Twitter impressions: 5 million+ • PR: 30 million+
  • PR: 30 million+

Website unique visitors

  • More than 50,000

Social networks pure growth

  • Twitter: +20,000 • Discord: +15,000

External AMA sessions & Twitter spaces

  • More than 30 events

Crew3 & Galxe campaigns participants

  • More than 50,000 participants

Twitter/Youtube influencers (total accounts)

  • More than 30

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