Market Making Service

We know how to create a successful trading history and increase the overall demand for your token! We develop unique strategies for token’s market development to increase volume, liquidity and fill gaps in Order Books.

Grow your token with us!

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Why do you need Market Making?

  • Advancing the position of token in listings of chosen exchange
  • Attracting new investors and professional traders
  • Decreasing the expenses of investors and traders
  • Benefitting common authority of the token
  • Better conditions for listing on new exchanges
  • Liquidation of Token – selling of unsold tokens

Why choose us:

– Automatic system to provide liquidity

– Real chart creation

– Organic supply and demand on the market

– Daily strategy review and optimization

– Keeping the spread at a minimum level

– Real market (not Wash Trading)

– Focus on Client’s profit

– Development of additional personal features


What do we offer?

Software customization
Daily setting of liquidity management and trading volume
Artificial liquidity with price movement parameter
24/7 spread control
Detailed strategy with real-time market data analytics (price, volume, speed of growth etc) for the entire cooperation period

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