Market Making for Exchanges

We develop unique strategies for token’s market development to increase volume and liquidity.

Market Making services for exchanges include:

  • Software customization
  • Live trading
  • Real liquidity from top exchanges
  • Up to 15% profit from using funds
  • AI analytics


Methods of placing orders

Intra-spread support
Low liquidity at a distance of 0.2% of the price
  • Provides an opportunity for traders to buy at market prices
  • The intra-spread range is divided into 20 intervals, each implements the positive price differential algorithm
  • Recommended allocation amount to this system is 15% 


The main liquidity
Filling the Order Book at 5% of the price (you can change it for your market)
  • Monitors the price and liquidity of the Supplier
  • Fills the book of orders on the Exchange Client, hangs virtual orders on the Liquidity Base Exchange 
  • Cross-platform analytics (Blockchain + Exchange Data) for the most optimal solutions about orders management
  • ML model is trained on the processed data, which subsequently acts as an indicator for the trading system of your exchange

Liquidity Base Exchanges


The highest liquidity, optimal API operation and minimal delay


Sometimes API problems, more trading pairs, lower transfer fees.


Very good APIs and fast connections

Why to choose us

  • Automatic system to provide liquidity
  • Every second price & orders update
  • Real market (not Wash Trading)
  • Focus on Client’s profit
  • Development of additional personal features
  • Up to 15% profit from using funds

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