Cryptocurrency Escrow Service

Safeguard your funds and mitigate counterparty risk using the ICODA solution.
We provide customers with a complete set of status updates throughout the escrow process. Both participants have full insight into the steps that are their responsibility, including where they are in the transaction process.
Use ICODA for secure and safe online trades based on cryptocurrency payments.

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How Does It Work?

  • Buyer and seller agree to terms and make a contract;
  • Buyer submits payment to the system;
  • The seller delivers services and goods to the buyer;
  • Buyer approves the delivery;
  • Payment will be sent to the seller.

Be Sure About Safety and Security

  • BTC, ETH, USDT as well as ERC20, BEP20, TRC20-based tokens are accepted;
  • Low commission: 3%;
  • Your deal will be under total control;
  • Quick and easy to use service;
  • Your personal data, as well as the deal, will be secure.


How Do We Guarantee the Security of Your Deal?


ICODA provides an unparalleled level of security with the top-notch technologies integrated into the service, which requires the private keys from all the parties involved in a deal. Moreover, the private key of our agent is needed in order to get access. Thus, no one can withdraw funds from it without the consent of all the parties involved and with the permission of the escrow agent. Thus, the security of the deal is fully taken into account in the ICODA escrow solution.


What Do We Offer?

A wide range of cryptocurrencies is accepted.
We provide a user-friendly dashboard to manage contracts and contact the other participant directly.
Mitigate risks and keep all personal and payment data secure.
You will be notified of any change and progress in the contract or message from the other party by email and notifications.
A qualified team will help you and guide you through the process from start to finish.
Streamline business operations without any delays and long approval times. ICODA ensures that parties are protected against chargebacks, fraud, or low-quality goods or services.

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