How to build your own NFT marketplace?

The trading platform for buying and selling NFT is complex software. The NFT marketplace development is best entrusted to a development company with relevant experiences, such as ICODA. 

ICODA is a team of professionals in the field of custom NFT marketplace development of any blockchain platforms, protocols, and applications. 

Now we will look at what steps you and the team must go through to create an NFT marketplace.

Project Opening

When you create an NFT marketplace, you and the NFT marketplace development team should study the details of your project to assess the technical feasibility of the NFT marketplace platform and its viability. 

After the initial concept and specifications are ready, the development team can draw up an NFT marketplace development plan to indicate the approximate timing and budget of the NFT marketplace platform. After that, you can start designing.

Design and NFT Marketplace Development

The development team can start working when all the technical requirements and the development plan are agreed upon. 

First of all, a business analyst or designer develops the NFT marketplace user interface (framework, layouts, and prototypes) with a description of user flows and site functions. 

An effective architecture of the NFT marketplace is also being created. 

UX / UI design 

Navigation and the appearance of the user interface are essential when developing an NFT marketplace since it is on them that the first impression, usability, and user experience in general depend. 

Therefore, make sure that the design of your site will appeal to your audience and be simple enough to be understood by anyone who is at least a little familiar with Amazon and eBay.

The back-end and Smart Contracts

At this level, the work of the entire internal (server) part of your NFT marketplace is carried out. 

When developing it, in addition to the usual business logic and functionality of the marketplace, you must implement work with blockchain, smart contracts, and wallets and provide an auction mechanism (most NFTs sell with it). 


The entire external part of the NFT marketplace is the front-end, which is responsible for interacting with the end user. The main task of front-end development is to ensure ease of management, reliability, and performance.


At this stage, several code testing cycles are performed to make sure that your NFT marketplace is working correctly. The QA team runs several checks to ensure that your project’s code does not contain critical errors and bugs. 

In addition, the content, usability, security, reliability, and performance are checked under all possible scenarios of using the NFT marketplace platform.


When the platform is tested, it’s time to deploy your own NFT marketplace on a server (cloud). Please note that this is not the last stage, as you will also need to organize the work of the support service. 

In addition, it is also necessary to plan further NFT marketplace development to follow market trends and user expectations.

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