Crypto Market Making Moguls to Pay Close Attention to in 2024

Welcome to the electric pulse of crypto market-making in 2024—where cutting-edge innovation collides with seasoned savvy. In the fast-paced dance of digital assets, market makers aren’t just in the mix; they mastermind the flow, steer through storms of volatility, and spark efficiency in every transaction.

This year, the scene is electric with a heady mix of grizzled gurus and fresh mavericks in the cryptocurrency market-making ring. With an arsenal ranging from AI-powered algorithms to tried-and-true trading tactics, the playing field is rich with variety—each contender throwing their unique spin on fueling liquidity, steadying price swings, and ensuring trades glide without a hitch.

Our exploration dives into the profiles of the market-making elite, those who’ve not just weathered the digital finance frontier but have carved it out. From towering titans wielding global webs to niche powerhouses crafting custom-fit strategies.

Investors, traders, and crypto buffs alike—grasp the inner workings and firepower of these market makers to cast your own path through the crypto markets with finesse. Fasten your seatbelts; we’re about to tour through the frontier of 2024’s top crypto market makers.


Vortex emerges as a standout in the realm of algorithmic trading, market making, and digital asset consulting, boasting a top-notch client retention rate in 2023. Their innovative strategy encompasses a wide array of services, going beyond traditional market facilitation to include market listings, strategic business growth initiatives, marketing endeavors, and venture capital fundraising. Known for its advanced liquidity management algorithms, Vortex ensures consistent market performance, even amid fluctuating conditions.

At the heart of Vortex’s operations is a client-centric approach. They craft tailored solutions and set precise price goals, all tuned to the specific needs of each client. With a diverse team of 30 professionals, Vortex has established a significant global footprint, spanning London, Dublin, Turkey, and the USA, and is poised for expansion into Hong Kong by 2024.

Despite these strengths, Vortex operates within a framework that requires collaboration with legal entities and does not support self-managed solutions for clients. Nevertheless, they offer customized strategic planning, an excellent balance of price and quality, regular updates, and a client-friendly dashboard, making them a formidable player in the algorithmic trading and digital asset consulting landscape.

Kairon Labs

Kairon Labs has etched its mark as a trailblazer in market-making for the crypto cosmos, channeling a fresh wave of traditional finance savvy into the volatile digital currents. From riding the wild tides of 2017’s bull run to navigating 2018’s choppy waters, they’ve built strategic partnerships, including a notable one with Flanders Investment & Trade. At the heart of Kairon’s prowess are custom algorithms, forensic analytics, and in-house platforms—weapons of choice for amping liquidity, acing arbitrage, and steadying price swells. Yet, they’re more than just a crypto conduit; they dispense a treasure trove of services from exchange listing aid to smart market insights. While renowned for ace risk control, a sprawling exchange web, direct dialogue, and continual tactical advancements, they tread their own path by steering clear of managing client assets directly.


Alphatheta bursts onto the digital scene, custom-crafting market-making magic that not only polishes token allure but also balances the scales of token economics. Merging financial prowess, analytical acumen, and blockchain brilliance, their crew deploys cutting-edge tech and home-brewed algorithms tailored for the crypto realm. Their tactical playbook features bot-driven execution over assorted platforms, sharpening the timing of trades through optimized bid-ask strategies.

But Alphatheta’s game goes beyond market making; its arsenal spans portfolio management, strategic trade brainstorms, and digital asset defense. Adhering to ironclad AML and KYC protocols, they offer a glass box of data integrity. Their 24/7 trade desk and rapid-fire integration with client exchanges are the cherries on top of their operational mastery.

Bluesky Capital

Bluesky Capital, renowned in the quantitative investment management sphere, excels with its unique quantitative research process. This approach delves deep into historical data, unearthing alpha signals that are key to their success. As market-making virtuosos, they ensure a seamless flow of liquidity for digital assets, orchestrating their movements with precision.

Their tailored programs are a valuable asset for both token projects and cryptocurrency platforms, enhancing trading volumes and providing a safeguard against price manipulation. Bluesky Capital’s methods might seem straightforward, but their impact on the crypto market is substantial. Employing innovative trading technology, they maintain the market’s rhythm around the clock, positioning themselves as a pivotal player in the market-making landscape.


Gotbit, established in 2017, has carved a niche in the crypto market-making arena with a dual-strategy approach. This approach blends sophisticated algorithms, an expansive trading desk of over 50 professionals, and a distinct client platform. On one front, they harness a computational core, deploying trading algorithms and market-making bots. On the other, they meld global macro strategies with in-depth theoretical market analysis.

This dynamic strategy has propelled Gotbit to support 64 centralized and decentralized exchange platforms, catering to 248 clients with their platform-centric solutions. They offer continuous performance monitoring and monthly insights for client advancement. However, it’s worth noting that token listings with Gotbit may incur higher fees, and projects are required to have initial listings on two smaller exchanges.

Amber Group

Amber Group shines bright in the crypto universe, notching an eye-popping $500 million in investor returns and a thunderous $1 trillion in trades. More than just a liquidity lifeline, they also flex their muscles as miners and validators across 70+ digital currency markets. With a client roster spanning 150 countries, their global footprints are deep.

Their crown jewel, the WhaleFin platform, comes loaded with sharp proprietary algorithms focused on fattening wallets, famed for its keen spreads and slender fees. But tapping into Amber’s financial treasure chest demands regulatory rites of passage, a nod to their commitment to playing by the rules.

From individual investors to heavyweight institutions, Amber Group straddles the crypto sphere, serving as both the investor’s champion and the crypto world’s go-to market maker. Innovating while keeping a close eye on compliance, they weave a delicate balance that cements their status at the pinnacle of the crypto market’s global stage.

DV Chain

DV Chain stands at the forefront of the digital asset market, offering specialized market-making and liquidity services in the world of cryptocurrencies. Their approach merges a profound insight into the digital asset market with cutting-edge technological solutions, enabling them to provide extensive liquidity and globally accessible trading services. Their platform is designed for streamlined trading and same-day settlement in various currencies, prioritizing efficient transactions and dedicated customer support.

Established in 2016, DV Chain is an integral part of DV Trading, a renowned proprietary trading firm known for its significant global footprint. This association underscores DV Chain’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the dynamic cryptocurrency market, reinforcing its position as an industry leader.

Acheron Trading

In the competitive space of cryptocurrency market making, Acheron Trading is known for its expert service to a robust roster of over 125 entities with a corporate or institutional focus. They have a presence on an extensive range of both decentralized and centralized trading venues, with a repertoire that includes crafting probabilistic models and trading algorithms aimed at significant marketplaces.

Acheron’s range of services goes beyond the traditional scope of market making. They are well-versed in the construction of trading strategies, the intricacies of risk control, counsel on trading venue mechanics, and operations of network points on distributed ledger technologies. With a commitment to providing continuous assistance and maintaining liquidity across diverse blockchain platforms, Acheron stands out for its dedicated support. It’s important to note, however, that their geographic operational boundaries exclude Singapore and the United States, delineating their strategic presence in the international digital trade landscape.

Jane Street 

Jane Street operates as a trailblazing trading entity deeply rooted in research, carving out a niche as a pivotal crypto market maker. They are instrumental in supplying liquidity for a broad spectrum of digital assets, encompassing everything from exchange-traded funds and digital currencies to various options. Leveraging quantitative scrutiny and the latest in technology, including machine learning, they navigate global markets, providing steadfast and dependable price points.

Their acumen spreads over 200 trading locations in 45 nations, dealing with an assorted portfolio of asset categories. Despite their prowess, Jane Street has strategically moderated its crypto operations on a global scale, mindful of the heightened regulatory oversight within the United States.


Empirica has been shaping its expertise in the market maker landscape since 2010, first making waves in conventional markets before steering into the cryptocurrency tide in 2017. Their mastery in algorithms radiates across more than 200 trading arenas, backed by an arsenal of over 100 servers that guarantee ceaseless liquidity. Celebrated for its capacity to manage considerable trading volumes and fortify digital asset prices, Empirica fuses the art of liquidity orchestration with the science of market depth enhancement. They’ve made their mark in the crypto sphere, contributing notably to exchange platforms and Web3 ventures, melding the meticulousness of traditional financial systems with the ingenuity of modern cryptocurrency trends.


Orcabay has established itself as a powerhouse in the international arena of crypto market-making. Their forte lies in developing transparent, reliable trading environments for digital token providers and trading venues. Renowned for their ability to cultivate substantial market depth and competitive spreads, they offer an extensive array of services that include amplifying trade volumes and implementing protective hedging strategies. 

With a philosophy deeply rooted in client-first innovation and collaborative effort, Orcabay customizes strategies to optimize the flow of digital assets. Collaborations with a variety of trading venues bolster their capacity to devise bespoke market-making strategies, further reinforcing their esteemed standing in the digital currency domain.

Virtu Financial Inc.

Virtu Financial Inc., with its worldwide reach as a market maker, is adept at generating substantial liquidity and optimizing the effectiveness of markets around the globe. They are at the forefront of market innovation, utilizing their own advanced technology to automate the processes of market-making and post-transaction activities. Their expertise is vast, covering client market-making on a global scale with a focus on equities, exchange-traded funds, and fixed-income currencies and commodities (FICC) products. Virtu is recognized for its commitment to transparency and accountability, playing a crucial role in tempering market fluctuations, sharpening pricing accuracy, enhancing trade executions, and reducing the expenses associated with risk transfer. Their contributions are pivotal to the vitality and functionality of the international financial markets.

Jump Crypto

Jump Crypto, the powerhouse branch of Jump Trading, is a titan in the crypto market-making arena, harnessing deep research to electrify global finance. They’re the liquidity lifelines for a vast spectrum of digital assets, operating at the frenetic pace of high-frequency trading across both spot and derivatives markets. With precision-engineered strategies, Jump ensures that cryptocurrency exchanges hum with unbroken efficiency. They offer a rich menu of liquidity services, including bespoke API solutions and smart order routing. Despite their expansive reach, they opt for a stripped-back digital presence, eschewing a flashy online dashboard as they finely tune their US crypto trading operations.


Since 2013, GSR has been etching its legacy as a cornerstone market maker in the crypto space. It’s synonymous with deep liquidity and tailor-made offerings for digital currency ventures and institutional juggernauts. GSR’s commitment to building lasting alliances shines in its adaptive trading finesse, geared specifically to client needs. Their service portfolio—ranging from Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading to Derivatives and Market Making—makes them a linchpin in connecting token innovators, institutional traders, miners, and top-tier exchanges.