December 22, 2020

Top Crypto Advertising Networks You Should Know


Crypto advertising networks allow you to advertise different crypto services without restrictions unlike search engines of social networks, where there is a chance of a ban or a license from a governmental authority is required.

Ad networks can differ in several ways, such as the websites they allow on their network, payout model, support rating, and more.

These networks offer many benefits, such as:

  • Advertisers and publishers are only from crypto industry.
  • Various advertising options (native advertising, banner advertising, press releases)
  • Target audience already interested in crypto
  • A small number of requirements for advertising materials
  • Quick campaign approval process for ads
  • Ability to pay with cryptocurrencies

Crypto Advertising Networks

We have compiled a list of crypto-advertising networks with a description of their trading platforms for cryptocurrency advertisers and publishers.


is a fairly well-known crypto advertising network, which was launched in 2016. It offers both CPM and CPC advertising in the form of standard banners, floating banners and pop-ups. Coinzilla’s publisher requirements are strictly enforced, which means that Coinzilla only accepts sites with a good level of interaction, trust, optimal site speed and high website rankings. The network currently promotes over 200 brands with 500 publishers in their ranks.


is one of the oldest and most convenient advertising platforms that has been on the market since 2011. The platform offers anonymity of the account: it requires no personal data submission. This function has given quite a high popularity among the crypto audience. A-Ads offers easily embedded ads without JavaScript, cookies or flash, as well as detailed analytics.

Ad Shares

advertising campaigns directly connect advertisers and publishers by offering a transparent, cost-effective, and censorship-resistant advertising platform. Combined with some unique features, Adshares offers a number of advantages over traditional digital advertising systems: Significantly lower fees (there is no intermediaries, which means lower fees) Decentralization of advertising servers minimize the possibility of ad blocking. Almost instant payments.


is a crypto advertising network founded in 2014 with over 4,000 of crypto related sites. This platform approves all publishers manually in order to maintain the quality of their network, and provide high ROI for advertisers. Platform provides several targeting options, including geo, device and time. The advertising options are limited to banner ads and texts (you can add dynamic images and pictures). Bitmedia offers both CPC and CPM campaigns, with payments initially being made for each click (CPC) or 1000 impressions (CPM). The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC.


differs from most crypto ad networks in that new publishers are accepted by invitation only. Moreover, they are subject to stringent requirements, such as having an Alexa rating of less than 100,000 and at least 100,000 daily page impressions. If your project has a reliable website with high traffic, you can have a better effect compared to most other crypto ad networks.


is a trusted company and drives a highly targeted cryptocurrency audience through multiple ads formats including banners, pop-under and native ads. The platform provides GEO targeting as well as device targeting – desktop and mobile. CoinTraffic supports only well-known publishers, avoids scam projects and maintains a good reputation, they are selectively among the advertising partners that they have.


is part of the BitRush network, it works with a daily payment system. On AdBit advertisers are betting on the ad slot indicated on the site. There is only one advertising model here – a banner that can be in text, graphic or interactive format. Payments on the platform are made in real time based on viewing and clicking on ads. One area in which AdBit can improve its performance is its support, which can be sometimes slow. Nevertheless, this is a reliable option for placing banners.


was founded in 2017. It is an advertising platform for advertisers and publishers with competitive pricing. The platform offers advertising with the following revenue and expense models: CPC, CPM and CPA. ADconity provides high-quality advertising, including text, graphic, native and pop up advertising (under, up & new tab). They also have interesting partners on their list, such as GoDaddy. The minimum payment for transferring a payment to publishers is $ 50. The payment methods are only Bitcoins and Paypal.

AdEx Network

is one of the first decentralized ad networks using blockchain. The AdEx network has over 300 selected publishers in their cryptocurrency or technology world. The network filters low-quality, fraudulent sites to maintain a good portfolio of publishers. AdEx works only on the CPM model, and payments are calculated in a stable DAI coin. Reports for advertisers and publishers are generated in real time to ensure maximum transparency.


was founded in 2017. It is a cryptocurrency advertising network that offers advertisers and publishers a high-quality advertising solution. The network offers a mechanism to combat fraud, which allows to identify and eliminate bot and spam traffic. Users can track the performance of an ad unit using a real-time performance report. This platform currently offers banner ads, native ads, in-feed and pop-under ads for publishers. Coinverti accepts only high-quality websites related only to cryptocurrency and blockchain, and offers payments in bitcoins. For advertisers, it offers high-quality targeted crypto traffic. This network offers personal account managers for advertising campaigns, advanced ads targeting as well as assistance in the development of banners.


is simple and easy to use CPM network, it offers complete control over where to advertise. The interface is very simple, both for the advertiser and the publisher, and there seems to be not much screening done. Ads can be targeted by country and category, it could be banner, pop-under and network ads. So it’s all about the best cryptocurrency ad networks. If your project needs additional targeted traffic to a website, crypto networks is an excellent option to find potential investors and members of your crypto community.


was founded in 2011. The network currently delivers thousands of campaigns monthly. Crypto topic is actively promoted on PropellerAds. USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, India, Italy, Spain are the main GEOs. PropellerAds is a Real-Time Bidding Platform. It is available for both desktop and mobile traffic. There you will find Retargeting, conversion tracking, campaigns automation, real-time statistics, vast opportunities for Targeting. Available Cost Models are CPM, CPC, SmartCPA. Minimum deposit is $100 24/7 Live Chat and support available.


is a network that has an ideal focus on Cryptocurrency projects’ audience as well as the progress of websites. Network offers both targeted and remarketing mechanisms. It can work more efficiently without bans and will help you to reach the wide traffic. CryptoAdsManager is a very user-friendly network, no high deposit is required for using it.


was launched in November 2017. It currently works with more than 2700 websites. It is very useful in trading, ICO Tokens, DApps, Investing Platforms, Mining Operations etc. Its model of payment is Pay-Per-Click.

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