Updated: July 21, 2023

Published: December 22, 2020

Top Crypto Advertising Networks You Should Know


Without effective promotion, it is impossible to develop any business, let alone an online-based one. However, cryptocurrency businesses face extra challenges nowadays.

 First, there are restrictions on crypto-themed content in various media.

 Second, the audience is fed up with online ads. The audience must be selected very, very carefully.

 Finally, cryptocurrencies have a very controversial reputation.  

 Thus, you can’t really ensure the effective promotion of any blockchain, Web 3.0, or crypto project without relying on specialized crypto ad networks.

Crypto ad networks enable the promotion of various crypto and Web 3.0 projects without risking a ban or having to deal with restrictions imposed on crypto-themed content by mainstream media.

Advantages of Using a Crypto Ad Network:

  • Crypto ad networks only engage advertisers and publishers familiar with blockchain
  • Crypto ad networks’ audience is already interested in the topic of blockchain
  • Relaxed requirements for creatives
  • Streamlined ads approval process
  • Support for cryptocurrency payments

Crypto Advertising Networks

We have compiled a list of crypto-advertising networks with a description of their trading platforms for cryptocurrency advertisers and publishers.


CoinZilla is considered among the best crypto ad networks on the market. It has earned its reputation over the past six years. Thus, it relies on established relations with both publishers and advertisers. 

The crypto ad network uses all popular payment models in the industry.

CoinZilla supports multiple ad formats, including banner ads. 

The network is very picky when it comes to accepting advertisers and publishers: only sites that show great visitor engagement, high performance, search engine ranking, and trustworthy reputation are approved.


A-Ads is a true veteran among crypto ad networks – the launch date is 2011. 

The crypto ad network relies on easily embedded ads without the need for cookies or relying on JavaScript and offers detailed analytics.

A-Ads’ main advantage is total anonymity – it does not require personal data submission at all. Naturally, this feature got traction among blockchain enthusiasts.


Adshares is one of the few networks that connect publishers and advertisers directly.

This crypto ad network has a number of advantages over mainstream alternatives:

Low fees
Absence of intermediaries
Fast payments
Decentralized advertising servers help avoid blocking.


Bitmedia has a huge ad network of over 4,000 thematic websites. And even more impressive – the ad network approves publishers and advertisers manually. This meticulous process ensures the quality of work and high ROI for everybody involved.

The ad network has a wide variety of targeting options. Basically, it is possible to set up a campaign any way you want.

However, format selection is somewhat limited. Nothing besides banner ads and texts. 

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC.


CoinAd is an extremely restrictive crypto ad network. It accepts websites via an “invitation only” model – a very unusual approach for ad networks. 

Moreover, advertisers and publishers are subject to very strict requirements. For example, a hundred thousand page impressions are the daily minimum for this crypto ad network. 

The crypto ad network is tailored towards well-established projects and offers higher performance than other crypto ad networks.


CoinTraffic is a crypto ad network that works really hard on its reputation: it is extremely picky when accepting publishers and advertisers and tries harder than most crypto ad networks to filter out scammers.

The crypto ad network is known for precise audience targeting – only interested people will see ads published by CoinTraffic. 

Multiple ad formats are offered to use, including banner ads.


AdBit belongs to the huge BitRush crypto ad network and specializes in banner ads. It has a reputation for being a great banner advertising option.

Payments are daily. However, one must be ready for a rather unusual ad slot purchasing process. Advertisers and publishers have to outbid each other since all slots are rented via an auction.

The only noticeable drawback is the support service. Users consistently complain about support being slower to respond than with other crypto ad networks.


ADconity is positioned as a cost-effective crypto ad network and earned a good reputation among publishers and advertisers. The ad network boasts of interesting partnerships, for example, with GoDaddy.

Bitcoin and PayPal are supported as well as multiple ad formats: from banner ads to pop-unders.

AdEx Network

AdEx is one of the rare fully decentralized blockchain-powered crypto ad networks. The network works exclusively in the cryptocurrency and technology fields.

AdEx ad network has about 300 carefully selected publishers. Fraudulent sites are not allowed, and all advertisers and publishers are constantly monitored.

Payments in the network are made in DAI. 

Publishers and advertisers can track ad performance in real-time to ensure transparency.


Coinverti is among the least tolerant of fraud crypto ad networks. 

Users get statistics instantly, and the anti-fraud algorithm ensures that no bots or spammers are involved.

Advertisers and publishers don’t have to deal with low-quality traffic.

Multiple ad formats, in addition to banner ads.  

Coinverti primarily uses Bitcoin for payments.

Finally, the ad network offers plenty of extra services, from the development of banner ads to personal managers.


CoinMedia is built around ease of use. In fact, it is positioned as the simplest among all crypto ad networks. An intuitive interface for publishers and advertisers certainly is a factor in it. 

However, the procedure for acceptance of advertisers and publishers is worryingly relaxed. The issue is somewhat alleviated by the option to hand-pick sites.

The ad network enables only GEO targeting.

Pop-unders are present to supplement banner ads.


PropellerAds is a rather seasoned crypto ad network – it has been active since 2011 without breaks. It covers many topics besides cryptocurrencies but recently switched its primary focus to the blockchain.

In addition to GEO, the network allows users to apply device targeting.

Extra features of PropellerAds: retargeting, conversion tracking, real-time statistics gathering, automation tools for advertisers and publishers.

In addition to more traditional payment models, PropellerAds also uses  SmartCPA.

PropellerAds operates on an auction basis. 


CryptoMarketAds is an ad network specialized in smaller blockchain projects promotion. It is inexpensive to start and has a good selection of targeting tools.

However, the main distinctive feature of the ad network is working around blocks. Thus, it enables smaller projects to gain exposure.


Bitraffic offers only the Pay-Per-Click payment model, but it remains popular nonetheless.

The ad network is in high demand from companies in various fields: from DApps and trading to mining and gaming. 

Bitraffic main trump card is a huge number of advertisers and publishers – over 2700 sites are engaged by it.

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