Bosagora: How to Hold a Round of the T-FI Lending Service in 9 Seconds?

It is a public blockchain platform that focuses on building an open, decentralized system. The company announced their blueprint for T-Fi, which stands for true finance, and planned to offer a new experience by combining the traditional financial instruments with BOA. It is a coin produced by BOSAGORA.

After its release, with the public’s enthusiastic support, the company was ready for the second round of the application. Check out the way we prepared for it and the important steps that were taken.

Bosagora: How to Hold a Round of the T-FI Lending Service in 9 Seconds?

Goals and tasks

  • Run its 2nd round of T-Fi lending service;
  • Community building;
  • Increase brand awareness.

Stage 1

Create a strategy

  • Briefing and brainstorming to set tasks and goals.
  • Define a target audience. The better we understand its target market, the more we will be able to reach the audience and convert them into customers.
  • Prepare marketing strategy.

Stage 2

Brand awareness

Make PR strategy

New ideas, as well as concepts, need to be expressed clearly and eloquently. This is where a good press release and strong PR strategy come in. The only way to stand out is to implement a comprehensive PR strategy to take your promotion efforts to the next level. Getting professionally written editorial content for your company is a key factor in a path to success.
Regarding BOSAGORA, it announced that the company is linking BOA with Binance Smart Chain, the blockchain service of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange. So, information about this important collaboration appeared on popular crypto news websites like Markets Insider and Cointelegraph.

PR is an ongoing effort throughout the token sale. Before the pre-sale, a token sale needs a strong, concerted PR and outreach effort to reach all the major crypto news feeds and websites. But also, during the token offering, it needs to keep the community informed and engaged with important news, updates, and partnership announcements.

Collaboration with YouTube Influencers

Before the start of traffic campaigns, the process of creating a landing page
was launched, which performs two functions:

  • Increases the conversion from incoming traffic – as a result, we get more leads for the same budget.
  • Allows to bypass moderation in Google Ads

The page was created taking into account the accumulated experience and the results of previous A/B tests.

Work with opinion leaders on Twitter

Whether you are new to the world of digital assets or a professional, Twitter is one of the best ways to stay tuned. That is why it is highly recommended to establish brand awareness there. Twitter is actually where the most influential people in the crypto and De-Fi spheres can be found. It is an excellent way to make announcements about your coin, promote its token offering, and spread the news and upcoming updates.
This time @TheWonderGirl4 and @GibsoonCorp were picked to make an announcement about the upcoming event.

Stage 3


Within 1-2 weeks, advertising materials for Google Ads, crypto traffic were
prepared and launched. The existing experience has allowed to undergo
moderation at the first attempt.


Stage 4

Community building

There is no better way to organically build a community than to put tokens in the hands of as many users as possible when your project launches. Early token holders usually become your biggest fans because they stand to make the most money from your project succeeding.

They will also stick with you during times of uncertainty, which can be extremely valuable.

Building your loyal community allows you to make full use of your token holders to grow your business.


Received more than 100 leads since the start of paid campaign (3 weeks).

As a result of all activities that were implemented within this strategy, the application to the T-Fi lending service had a great outcome. Like the 1st round of T-Fi Lending Service, it ended early. The first round of recruitment ended within 47 seconds of opening, and this time the company set a new record: only 9 seconds were needed. More than 62 participants succeeded in this recruitment.

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