Multi-Asset Crypto Wallet for Android and Ios


Multi-Asset Crypto Wallet for Android and Ios

Goal and tasks

The goal is to build a secure iOS and Android crypto wallet app.

Stage 1

Defining wallet functions

Identification of all functions that should be on the mobile wallet platform

Stage 2

Creation of the wallet

Thanks to our solution, the end-user receives all the important services of the wallet, including:

  • Support for a wide range of ERC-20 tokens
  • The highest level of security. The client token’s wallet provides the highest cryptographic protection for the storage
  • No translation restrictions
  • Exchange rates for conversion customer’s token into BTC or USD
  • Minimalistic & friendly UI
  • Token balance and transaction history
  • Performing transactions with the help of QR code scanning.

The solution that we developed meets all of the latest crypto protection requirements, it is protected from DDoS attacks or phishing.

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