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Published: March 30, 2022

How to Succeed in Raising $1M on IDO?

Qube is a project that has tools and solutions that are popular in the crypto industry. It is a place for earning, trading, collaborating with like-minded users and improving skills. Qube has DeFi solutions, native token Qube, multifunctional Launchpad, NFT, and social platforms.


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How to Succeed in Raising $1M on IDO?

Goal and tasks

  • Collect $200 000 during presale and more $1 000 000 during the sale;
  • Raise brand awareness and bring new customers.

Stage 1

Design and Content

As we all know, building an ecosystem is essentially the challenge of providing the necessary tools to all customers with an interest in the project.

The Qube team had a clear and amazing idea of its ecosystem, filling the gap between investors and startups.

As Qube brings more products to market, it has never been more important for us to show all the advantages of this ecosystem and get this business heard.

And we believed we had extremely well placed to achieve these goals.

Our strategy was to create a suitable website and content. We highlighted all advantages and bonuses of Qube as well as built a user-friendly multifunctional design and roadmap.

So, the project looks trustworthy and attracts attention thanks to the eye-catchy design and content that grabs attention.

Stage 2

Building Loyal Community

Airdrop: spread the word about the project

Airdrop is becoming an increasingly common word in the world of virtual currencies. 

Traditionally, airdrops are a marketing strategy that is crucial to stimulate the use of crypto projects or services. It is a good way for potential customers to acquire digital currency without buying it.

Startups may airdrop crypto as part of an initial offering, fair distribution of tokens among its community or as a reward for raising awareness about the company.

Regarding Qube, its airdrop was strategically important. So, we created a loyal community and urged them to share information about the upcoming presale, making the project viral.

In addition, we had a sweet deal for airdrop participants. They had a chance to participate in the presale, enjoy bonuses and buy tokens with a discount.

During the airdrop, a community manager controlled all activities on Telegram channel and chat, Medium and was always ready to help followers regarding Qube. The manager answered questions and managed negative comments caused by the technical issues of the platform where the airdrop was carried out as well as prohibitions applicable due to high activity on the social network.

In order to spot and hit the target audience, we also included paid traffic.

As a result of this airdrop campaign, we gained more than 30,000 followers on Telegram. The community was active and ready to support the project.



It is not a secret that a PR strategy needs to do more than build awareness, but it needs to cut through the noise in the industry with bold and brave solutions that make Qube stand out from the crowd while shining a light on the issues the project can solve for customers.

So, our team is not only experts in terms of cryptocurrencies and IT but is also extremely well-connected across marketing.

Our campaigns aimed to inspire and drive action through a wide set of tested approaches. Among utilized practices to promote presale and airdrop were influencer marketing, paid traffic and social media promotion on YouTube, Telegram and Twitter.

We focused on engaging opinion leaders as diverse as enterprises and content creators to highlight Qube as a top-notch solution in the crypto industry.

We selected 3 channels on YouTube with 40 700, 43 000, and 49 500 subscribers.

Each channel has its own formats of video integrations and ways of storytelling.

As a result, we received 7 000, 13 000, and 6000 views.

In addition, we selected promotional articles like ratings and lists to advertise the project effectively.

Stage 3


Private sale

At first, it was decided to conduct a private token sale. Thanks to the good preparation for the sale, the private sale was closed thanks to private investors. They are a key source to raise startup capital for crypto businesses. Private investors often vote on the upcoming updates and provide expertise and contacts that startups may need in order to evolve.

More than $100 000 were collected. These funds were invested in the development of the project.



The project officially declared that it provided the crypto community with an equal opportunity to participate in this event. There were no large investors.

Before presale, participants needed to be whitelisted. So, they had a chance to take part in this event and take advantage of bonuses and discounts.

The goal of this presale was to raise $200 000. Before this event, participants needed to be whitelisted. So, they had a chance to take part in this event and take advantage of bonuses and discounts.

The speed of investing funds was so high that at the moment, the fundraising was stopped, and an additional sum ($50 000) was waiting in the queue. As a result, Qube raised more funds than it expected: $250 000 in 3 minutes.

In order to be transparent, the company offered its contributors to decide: to return $50 000 or to invest in the marketing strategy. Its community decided to invest in the promotion of the project.

It was a hot presale, and many participants from the whitelist were unlucky as they had missed the opportunity. Worry not! They were included in the priority list. So, they are the first to know about new products and services from Qube.



The key to a successful IDO is its presale. As a result, Qube also conducted IDO in collaboration with other projects, which helped to reach the goal, raising more $1 000 000 and fueling PR and marketing strategies.

It is also important to note that the QUBE token was listed on PancakeSwap.


  • Presale was closed in 3 minutes, and $200 000 was collected;
  • Raising more $ 1 000 000 on IDO;
  • Raised brand awareness and built strong community;
  • Increased user confidence in the project.


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