How to Build a Campaign on Twitter and Reach a $0.003 Price per Impression?

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How to Build a Campaign on Twitter and Reach a $0.003 Price per Impression?

Goal and tasks

  • Raise brand awareness.
  • Attract Twitter users.
  • Launch effective ads.
  • Develop an account.


Currently, cryptocurrency advertising is totally regulated, as well as in social networks like Twitter and Facebook, which makes it almost impossible to provide full coverage of the target audience and have a strong marketing campaign. 

It is interesting to note that the Twitter logo is a symbol of freedom, but now it has a lot of new rules and prohibitions. Among them are prohibited crypto ads. But what should you do if you can’t run ads by yourself?

A solution has been found, our ICODA project launches high-quality, and the most important thing, an effective advertising solution. We had to develop a strategy, verify an account and advertise cryptocurrencies. Many people who understand cryptography and blockchain know that Twitter has changed its policy and banned crypto advertising in order to protect its subscribers and users from fraudulent activities. This harsh decision hit the crypto industry and brought big losses to many companies.

But ICODA was able to find a solution to this problem, and now there is an opportunity to continue advertising cryptography on social media, Twitter.

According to experts, first, you need to prepare an account, publish regular posts and ads, and only then start your crypto advertising campaign. This is the only way to succeed and get the desired target audience. 

Since advertising on social networks is best displayed when searching on Google. So, you should prepare detailed content about the project to stand out from the crowd in the Google search. This way, people from Google will go to media platforms like Twitter and see your project.

It is worth noting that even the bitcoin network and this coin itself are actively promoted on Twitter. Analysts found out that the more often bitcoin was mentioned in Twitter publications, the higher the whole coin became. Many traders, noticing the increased activity of bitcoin in the media, begin to replenish their wallets and buy coins. Bitcoin and its coin are very popular, but they are actively promoted on Twitter.

Currently, regarding advertising posts on Twitter, they should be structured, have all the details about the DeFi or a crypto project and reflect all the advantages of the business. They help to reveal the idea and attract potential users. 

Check out our post that was used in the marketing campaign.

The cost per click depends very much on the form in which the link is placed. If it is displayed separately, then there will be several clicks. If you just tweeted this link and it turned into a picture, then there will be a lot of clicks. It is worth noting that video posts have lower indicators than usual.

Currently, the crypto industry is very diverse and is rapidly developing together with blockchain and DeFi solutions, and in order to be competitive, it is necessary to develop the right advertising strategy. It is very difficult to develop an advertising strategy on your own and just advertise cryptography on a social media platform like Twitter. That is why many participants of the crypto industry turn to advertising agencies, like ICODA, to delegate tasks to collaborate with crypto experts.


Your Opportunities With Icoda

Our project is ready to provide you with a full range of services to promote your personal advertising and get the maximum from Twitter. After all, the whole crypto community prefers using social media channels like Twitter. By setting up the right advertising, you will be able to attract the attention of a large number of people who can become your target audience and support your crypto project. 

ICODA is not just a marketing agency but an agency that focuses on the crypto market and crypto advertising. Our specialists provide high-quality advertising on media platforms, for example, on Twitter.

You can choose a development strategy that suits you personally, and we will help you with developing your crypto platform or account in this industry. 

It is quite difficult to build a marketing strategy on your own, but our experts in the field of crypto advertising are always ready to help you.


  • Built a strong campaign on Twitter.
  • Reached 3,775,000 impressions.
  • Provided coverage of more than 5 mln users with a price of $ 0.003 per impression and $0.87 per click.

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