Blockchain Marketing: How to Promote Your Business Successfully?


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Blockchain Marketing: How to Promote Your Business Successfully?

Goal and tasks

  • Successfully conduct a private round;
  • Boost its target audience;
  • Provide strong digital advertising and strategy on social media channels.

Accessible Marketing Strategies for Crypto Projects

Cryptocurrency digital marketing is just as important as in any other industry. Online digital marketing is a reason for the growth in the online business world. Many ICO digital marketing companies have already entered the market.

As you may have noticed, the cryptocurrency market is already too crowded. In order to survive in this world, your coin, as well as project, need a unique and effective digital marketing strategy for cryptocurrencies. If you are not sure what it is or how to sell your cryptocurrency, here are a few strategies you’ll start with.

Cryptocurrencies are different from ICOs (initial coin offerings). Cryptocurrency is a digital currency or an online payment system. At the same time, ICO is a form of fundraising aimed at attracting enough money for the successful development of a cryptocurrency project or a startup.

Even though cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity, they are still something that most people find difficult to understand. This shows a serious problem for blockchain startups, and they are struggling to make their product more visible in the market that is becoming more overcrowded and competitive every day. It is really important for the crypto audience to know enough about the project. So, they can trust and invest in your project.

That’s why it’s so important to educate consumers, especially in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. You need to go a step further than just informing people about what you’re offering. You also need to help them understand how it works and why they should prefer your project and your coin over rivals.

That is why we have prepared a list of the main digital marketing strategies and techniques that will allow you to develop your crypto platform and your assets.



It is a very popular digital marketing method for the blockchain project team. So, they can “send” free tokens to people who have already invested in your cryptocurrency. Giving away free money may seem like a strange digital marketing strategy, but it works similarly to giving away free samples or a promotional gift with your company’s name, giving recipients an idea of what you can offer. They can keep a piece of information about your project in mind.

There are many popular websites based on tracking upcoming events. So, announcing one of them for your cryptocurrency is a good way to create hype and make customers make an investment. The more people you attract, the more your community will grow. This growth, in turn, will attract people who are willing to buy a coin only that has a well-known company behind it.

It is important to note that crypto and digital marketing has taken a bonus system like in the field of beauty. The bonus digital marketing strategy has already been tested for years. So, it works like free perfume samples in magazines, which urged many customers to buy the main product. The crypto community took this example as a basis and gave users free tokens, involving people in the trading process, after which users can buy your cryptocurrency. Thus, you also have your audience, such a complimentary gift that shows your love for your users.

It also helps to build your positioning correctly with the audience and earn their trust. It is also very important to establish a supply chain so that all bonuses are distributed to new users without interruption. It is worth noting that there is a lot of fraudulent ads now. Even in the same bonus system, you can face ad fraud. So, we can all admit that it is very difficult to avoid this ad fraud.

Using blockchain can help protect customer data. Using blockchain can help in many ways. But how to protect the customer data in advertising? This question may arise.

It is very difficult to protect data on your own. Therefore, many people who want to conduct an advertising campaign collaborate with agencies because they guarantee data protection from illicit activities.


Create a Unique Branding

One of the ways altcoins can stand out from their competitors is to position themselves in relation to a particular subculture or demographic group. This is a method known as selective digital marketing. This strategy of digital marketing and advertising is used by many crypto platforms. They focus on a certain audience and build their image.

Even if you decide not to give your cryptocurrency a fancy name or a hyper-specialized purpose, you can still create a strong brand by keeping your logo, website, promotional products and stationery in line with each other. Find some way to highlight your project, even if it’s just a distinctive logo or visual theme. Consistent branding informs the audience that you are committed to a certain set of values, rather than just telling people what you think they want to hear.

This digital marketing strategy is as old as our world. In order for people to pay attention to your product, it must be different from others and be better than other people’s products. It is difficult to identify any category, except for profitability, which can evaluate a token because it is a currency. However, you need to show your advantages and show that your project is special. It will be useful to build a certain mission of your token, which will be able to attract accomplices, and even those people who are not participants in the crypto world will support you for the idea. You just need to keep the audience engaged in your token, in its history, appearance, idea, mission.


Contact Your Audience Directly

This is just a very effective way to popularize your future cryptocurrency. Many people ignore a digital marketing email without even reading it. Thus, there is no need to worry about creating an interesting email digital marketing campaign.

The best solution is to collect target mobile phone numbers of potential customers and send them digital marketing and advertising SMS directly. Mobile messages are more likely to be read and, as a rule, well received by interested consumers. To complete this task, you can contact a company or SMS digital marketing software.


Create a Podcast

Podcasts allow you to communicate with a large number of people without requiring them to physically move to your location. They provide a unique opportunity to educate, which makes them very powerful for cryptocurrency digital marketing.

Here are examples of similar podcasts:

Aantonop is the channel of the famous crypto expert and author of several books about bitcoin, Andreas Antonopoulos. He records videos with answers to subscribers’ questions, explains complex topics related to blockchain and trading in simple language, and also publishes his guidelines, podcasts and speeches at conferences.

Mint is a new channel about the cryptocurrency world and how to make money in the digital industry. The authors of the channel are looking for interesting heroes who know a lot about the cryptocurrency business, experts, and they are even ready to travel outside the country. Proven facts, hot topics and a lot of practical ideas.

Roman Tomera is one of the most popular Russian cryptocurrency bloggers. On his channel, he talks about different ways to make money on digital coins using mining, trading and other alternative options. So, it is easy to learn from the mistakes of other people.

Chris Dunn. There you will not find technical analysis and reviews, but there are many interviews with experienced traders who share the secrets of their work and sometimes make fairly accurate predictions about the future of cryptocurrencies. The channel is not about cryptocurrency assets. So, you can find out more details about assets there.

Regarding your project, you can make a basic introduction to the concept of cryptocurrency, intended for beginners who are not familiar with this topic at all. Or you can focus on a specific topic relevant to more experienced investors, for example, new developments in blockchain technology.

The advantages of a podcast as a digital marketing strategy are very extensive, here are a few of them: 


  • You can talk to an active audience. The daily commute to work wastes a lot of time. Your audience cannot read your blog posts while driving or jogging. At least it is not safe. Podcasts are portable and convenient.
  • Almost everyone has access to podcasts. If you have a smartphone, you can quickly download and listen to podcasts anywhere.
  • Talking is faster than writing. Making content like articles and blog posts take a lot of time. On the other hand, talking is a much faster and easier way to produce content. A 30-minute podcast takes about 30 minutes of your time to record (in addition, we should consider edits and downloads). At the same time, you will need hours, if not days, to write the same amount of content.


We do not recommend you give up creating blog posts in favour of podcasts. Create both audio and text content. This way, along with videos and social media, you will reach and attract different audiences.


  • Some people prefer to listen rather than read. Just as writing is easier than talking, some people find it easier to listen than to read. While 65% of people are easier to learn visually and prefer text and images in blogs, about 30% prefer audio content. It’s just easier for this group to learn by listening. So podcasts are more suitable for this group of audience, and they undoubtedly will listen.
  • Podcast hosting is a good tool for both genders. There is no difference between these groups.
  • It’s almost free. Well, we can say that you really need to invest in a microphone and spend time recording and editing, but it is definitely cheaper than other digital marketing tools.


Take Part in Conferences

Conferences allow developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to meet and share ideas and find like-minded participants for collaboration. Taking part in one of them is a great way to share knowledge and information about your project.

There are many ways to get a prominent place at the conference and make your business heard. Members of your company’s management (including founders, experts, or designers) can moderate or lead a discussion group, allowing them to demonstrate their authority and experience in front of a large audience that will associate with your brand.

ou can also have a presentation specially designed to inform the audience about your project. Your presentation should be branded in the same way as the rest of your company. Bring a presentation folder printed with the name or logo of your cryptocurrency. Also, prepare additional goods like merchandise for distribution. Add details about your team and goals and infographics, and details about your social media channels. So, customers will be able to contact you. Include promotional materials such as stickers, cards, and branded pens so that recipients can take notes during your speech.

Participation in the conference will allow you to tell about your project to the general public and show many other opportunities. It is possible to find collaborators at the conference who will share your idea and participate in promoting your project. Also, there is an opportunity to find investors who will believe in your project and start sponsoring it at the conference. Another advantage is the possibility of collaboration with other projects, experts, and bloggers at the conference. This digital marketing solution can bring you many advantages for further development.

Alternatively, you can be a sponsor of the conference. It’s a form of digital marketing and advertising that helps people associate your brand with the event and show that you are ready for a partnership.


Hold a Giveaway to Create Your Community

The most productive discussions related to cryptocurrency take place on social media channels such as Reddit, Facebook and Twitter, and messaging apps such as Discord, Telegram and Slack. It’s a good digital marketing opportunity to maintain a presence on these platforms, but don’t forget to think and act strategically.

Since cryptocurrency companies have to face serious digital marketing restrictions, you will have to be creative. Facebook recently banned all digital advertising (an online ad) related to cryptocurrencies. Try to distribute free tokens to newbies who join your community. An excellent example of this was demonstrated by Ontology, which distributed 1000 free tokens to everyone who subscribed to their newsletter. An additional bonus occurred when the coins hit the exchanges and started trading at a price of more than two dollars each, which led to the fact that they distributed two thousand dollars to everyone who subscribed to their newsletters.


Promotion on Twitter

It is this technique in the digital marketing strategy that should be considered. Twitter is one of the most prominent social media channels for crypto communities. Many crypto companies and coins managed their accounts and became legends on this platform. Many bloggers and opinion leaders on Twitter are also ready to support and develop your project.

In the digital marketing strategy, bloggers set trends and have a great impact on their followers. If a blogger has a high trust rating among his public, there is no doubt that this will benefit you.

In many areas, a digital advertising company is used in collaboration with opinion leaders, but none of them is as effective as crypto digital advertising (digital marketing) on Twitter. Such digital advertising (online ad) can make the project as well as an asset.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies on the Twitter platform is also evident because out of a hundred Twitter publications, and twelve are dedicated to cryptocurrencies. At the same time, 70% of all mentions about cryptocurrency belong to 30 users. This is stated in a new study published by the BDCenter Digital agency.

Regarding 1.1 million tweets published from January 2018 to June 2020, analysts found out which coins the authors pay more attention to and whether they can influence their exchange rate. Among the opinion leaders, more than 120 opinion leaders were selected. They do not represent any blockchain project and do not advertise scams. Their accounts have at least 10 thousand subscribers. The list of analyzed coins includes 168 coins from the top 200 list, accessible on CoinMarketCap.

If we pay close attention to stats, the average number of subscribers of active influencers is 56,000. This is below the average number in the entire sample of influencers who actively mention crypto in their tweets, which is equal to 92,000.

The average subscriber engagement rate is approximately 750%. This is twice higher than the other opinion leaders who are not so active – their average is 310%.

So, if a crypto project wants to promote itself on Twitter, they need to select influencers that:


  • Write on the subject regularly;
  • Have a number of subscribers starting from 10 000 up to 100k. The rule “the more, the better” does not work here;
  • Have a subscriber engagement rate of more than 500%.


Also, for the correct digital marketing and digital advertising (online ad), many experts use such a tool as DataLight Twitter Hype Index. This tool helps to see and evaluate the popularity of the project or the cryptocurrency. Social media activity shows cryptocurrencies that market participants are ready to try. One can also proceed from the assumption that market capitalization is closely related to the activity of certain cryptocurrency communities in social networks.

The DataLight data shows what we expect, although we can also highlight:


  • The entire Twitter hype is headed by bitcoin (BTC), with Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP);
  • One of the most popular coins on Twitter is TRON (TRX), with more than 970,000 mentions;
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM) has 927,000 mentions in April;
  • Litecoin (LTC) ranks sixth with 567,000 mentions;
  • After litecoin, the coin activity rating decreases in the following order: Finance Com (BNB), Bitcoin Cash (BACK), Monero (XMR), IOTA and Cardano (ADA).


This is a very useful tool for businesses if they promote on Twitter. It is helpful to stay in the trend, as well as to see the trends of market development.


Marketing Strategy for Locklet

Regarding Locklet, we selected the promotion of the crypto platform on Twitter. Recently, ICODA cooperated with the Locklet platform and promoted it on Twitter by having a partnership[ with bloggers. And we managed to achieve incredible results.

ICODA prepared a Twitter page for the platform, built a content plan and a digital marketing strategy suitable for the account. The digital marketing (digital advertising) strategy was based on working with crypto bloggers. Thus, opinion leaders with a sufficient number of subscribers were able to bring a target audience as well as make the project popular.

We managed to balance the strategy and achieve maximum success in the segment that was planned. We increased the platform traffic up to 10% from Twitter. Thus, more people learned about the project and started using it, which also helped to increase the price of the platform token.

As a great plus, the private sale of the platform was successful. So these coins were sold out in 30 minutes.


  • Only 30 minutes were needed to hold private sale successfully;
  • Provided strong direct and paid traffic;
  • Brought clients thanks to Twitter and Telegram.


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