ABCC: How to Generate 100 Leads In 3 Weeks?


ABCC is a world-class Digital Аssеts exchange. We aim to provide a frictionless, user-centric trading experience.

ABCC: How to Generate 100 Leads In 3 Weeks?

Goal and tasks

The main goal is to attract new traders. There was also the task of improving
brand awareness, building a trusting foundation, because without it,
the conversion in registration would be much lower.

Stage 1

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness increased in two directions:

  • Placement in new / existing ratings, with the exchange taking 1st place in 30% of ratings
  • Improving position, rating on previously placed sites
  • Native articles with the theme, for example, “The best exchange of your choice of users”, where our exchange arguably occupies a leading position

Stage 2

Defining site impracticalities

The project itself was not well designed, there were impracticalities on the site
(incorrect translation, layout problems, errors, etc.). An analysis was carried out
and all shortcomings were eliminated so that this did not interfere with
the marketing campaign.

Stage 3

Conversion landing page

Before the start of traffic campaigns, the process of creating a landing page
was launched, which performs two functions:

  • Increases the conversion from incoming traffic – as a result, we get more leads for the same budget.
  • Allows to bypass moderation in Google Ads

The page was created taking into account the accumulated experience and the results of previous A/B tests.

Stage 4


Within 1-2 weeks, advertising materials for Google Ads, crypto traffic were
prepared and launched. The existing experience has allowed to undergo
moderation at the first attempt.

Stage 5


We divide users who were already on the site into three audiences:

  • Who have been on the site for a long time
  • Who filled out the registration form
  • Who came and left the site

With each audience we work separately.

Stage 6

Analytics, optimization

Analysis of advertising campaigns takes place on a daily basis. Since the start of
advertising campaigns, an AB landing page test has been launched. After a while,
when statistics is received, optimization is carried out according to the number
and cost of registrations, as well as the number of deposits.


Received more than 100 leads since the start of paid campaign (3 weeks).


Valerii Brizhatiuk

LinkedIn Profile

Our experience with ICODA was wonderful. Professionalism, high efficiency, and autonomy in production gave us only good impressions.

Sergei Beliaev

LinkedIn Profile

Very much enjoyed working with ICODA. Great ongoing communication with the team. Genuine interest in our business and ability to adjust the approach along the way to maximize traction. Highly recommended!

Laura Geng

LinkedIn Profile

ICODA has been a great resource for helping us grow our social media apparatus. I highly recommend ICODA. They provided prompt responses and helped us a lot in promotion in Korean market.

Bahram Ahmedzade

LinkedIn Profile

We were happy to meet ICODA so early on our journey. Their understanding of what we need was actually much clearer than our own. The team offered a few tools and they were well explained. We picked the airdrops and the youtube influencers. Overall satisfaction is 100/100 and we will definitely come back again.

Aaron Tsai

LinkedIn Profile

ICODA is very knowledgeable about the blockchain industry and has a professional team to help our investor and strategic partner originations. The services they provide are of high quality. What convinced us to work with ICODA is their multiple outsourcing services offering, including marketing and technology.


ICODA did a great job on our partnership, the staff delivers great support also and I highly recommend their services. We will be working with them again for all our promotional work. Thank you ICODA and Anna, very happy customer here.

Shenshen Hu

LinkedIn Profile

A pleasure to work with, ICODA is very professional and has deep industry knowledge in the local market. Always reply promptly and offer creative solutions.

Hannah Kang

LinkedIn Profile

ICODA was willing to help us in hard circumstances. It was amazing what the team can do in such a short time. Work on PR, Youtube, and Twitter influencers was amazing. Great experience. Willing to work with them long-term.

James O'Connor

LinkedIn Profile

ICODA provided us with the upmost professional quality standard of work and connected our PR articles to many top-tier PR platforms. Always prompt with their replies and provide transparency and clarity when needed.

Dmitriy Dervoed

LinkedIn Profile

ICODA team has performed really great results in the development of marketing strategy, PPC campaigns, SEO, Email marketing, and more for our company. Alex is one of the best project managers. He applies the most efficient ways to achieve the results that make a strong influence on the business's growth.

Vid David Mihelic

LinkedIn Profile

ICODA team has a very professional approach and moreover, they always find solutions for any given problem. They are responsive, loyal, and always trying to help.


We worked with ICODA with the specific goal of entering Russian and Ukrainian markets. To that end, we benefited from ICODA's know-how and professionalism in entering this specific market.

Charlie Bussat

LinkedIn Profile

We've tried using different agencies for the Russian market. ICODA went out of its way and delivered high-quality content and advice to enter this complicated market. We'll definitely work again with Vlad and his team.


Working with a team outside Korea often feels a little risky – will they understand the native language, the nuances, details? Well, I can say that the interactions I have had with ICODA have been better than most of my Korea-based partners.

Arabdha Sudhir

LinkedIn Profile

I worked with ICODA on our project. I found them to be very professional and attentive at all times. Dealing with issues & challenges speedily. They have great expertise in and around crypto marketing and promotion.

Henning Rokling

LinkedIn Profile

Friendly staff, accommodating and easy to work with. Generally, ICODA is great to deal with. We also appreciate the quality of the work.

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