ABCC: How to Generate 100 Leads In 3 Weeks?

ABCC is a world-class Digital Аssеts exchange. We aim to provide a frictionless, user-centric trading experience.

ABCC: How to Generate 100 Leads In 3 Weeks?

Goal and tasks

The main goal is to attract new traders. There was also the task of improving
brand awareness, building a trusting foundation, because without it,
the conversion in registration would be much lower.

Stage 1

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness increased in two directions:

  • Placement in new / existing ratings, with the exchange taking 1st place in 30% of ratings
  • Improving position, rating on previously placed sites
  • Native articles with the theme, for example, “The best exchange of your choice of users”, where our exchange arguably occupies a leading position

Stage 2

Defining site impracticalities

The project itself was not well designed, there were impracticalities on the site
(incorrect translation, layout problems, errors, etc.). An analysis was carried out
and all shortcomings were eliminated so that this did not interfere with
the marketing campaign.

Stage 3

Conversion landing page

Before the start of traffic campaigns, the process of creating a landing page
was launched, which performs two functions:

  • Increases the conversion from incoming traffic – as a result, we get more leads for the same budget.
  • Allows to bypass moderation in Google Ads

The page was created taking into account the accumulated experience and the results of previous A/B tests.

Stage 4


Within 1-2 weeks, advertising materials for Google Ads, crypto traffic were
prepared and launched. The existing experience has allowed to undergo
moderation at the first attempt.

Stage 5


We divide users who were already on the site into three audiences:

  • Who have been on the site for a long time
  • Who filled out the registration form
  • Who came and left the site

With each audience we work separately.

Stage 6

Analytics, optimization

Analysis of advertising campaigns takes place on a daily basis. Since the start of
advertising campaigns, an AB landing page test has been launched. After a while,
when statistics is received, optimization is carried out according to the number
and cost of registrations, as well as the number of deposits.


Received more than 100 leads since the start of paid campaign (3 weeks).

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We worked with ICODA with the specific goal of the entering Russian and Ukrainian markets. To that end, we benefited from ICODA's know-how and professionalism in the entering this specific market. Definitely a marketing agency that provides provides value to its clients.

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