Tbilisi’s Biggest iGaming Event: Visit SBC Summit With 50% Promo Code

Mark your calendars for June 25-26, 2024, and prepare to dive headfirst into the vibrant world of iGaming at the luxurious Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace in Georgia. The 2nd annual SBC Summit Tbilisi returns, offering an unparalleled gateway to the lucrative Eastern European and Central Asian markets.

This isn’t just another conference. It’s a strategic gathering of industry titans, cutting-edge technology providers, and regional specialists, all eager to share their expertise and forge powerful partnerships.

Navigate Diverse Markets with Confidence

From the established markets of Georgia and Romania to the burgeoning opportunities in Serbia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, and Slovenia, each nation presents its own unique set of advantages and challenges. SBC Summit Tbilisi equips you with the localized knowledge and insights needed to confidently navigate these diverse landscapes.

Uncover Hidden Gems and Drive Growth

A meticulously curated conference agenda features insightful presentations and panel discussions led by C-level executives and industry veterans. A panel of industry leaders, including Savo Bakmaz (CEO and CFO of Maxbet), Tamta Gorgadze (Deputy Head of Advisory at Galt & Taggart), and Gega Topuridze (CBDO of Betlive), will convene for a fascinating discussion moderated by Anton Kaszubowski (Managing Director at SBC Advisory). Their focus: how strategic partnerships are propelling Eastern Europe’s competitive advantage in the global market. Gain invaluable perspectives on:

Dive into Untapped Potential: Eastern Europe & Central Asia’s iGaming landscape is brimming with untapped possibilities. At SBC Summit Tbilisi, you’ll decode the latest trends, navigate the evolving regulatory landscape, and uncover the key drivers fueling explosive growth in the region.

Witness Innovation in Action: Get a front-row seat to the future of iGaming. From AI-powered platforms to blockchain-based solutions, discover the groundbreaking technologies poised to revolutionize the industry and unlock new levels of player engagement.

Seize Emerging Market Opportunities: Be the first to capitalize on the next wave of high-growth markets. SBC Summit Tbilisi provides the insights and connections you need to confidently navigate these emerging frontiers and establish a strong foothold in the region’s most promising sectors.

Forge Invaluable Connections

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SBC Summit Tbilisi isn’t just about absorbing knowledge – it’s about forging the connections that can transform your iGaming ventures. Picture this: you’re amidst a symphony of industry leaders, investors with an eye for the next big thing, and tech pioneers reshaping the game. This is a breeding ground for collaboration, where handshakes evolve into powerful partnerships and innovative ideas spark groundbreaking projects.

Formal networking sessions provide the perfect stage to connect with potential collaborators, but the magic doesn’t stop there. Informal meetups crackle with energy, and chance encounters on the bustling exhibition floor often ignite spontaneous conversations that lead to unexpected opportunities.

And as the sun sets on Tbilisi, the connections continue to flourish. SBC Summit’s exclusive evening events offer a relaxed yet sophisticated setting for forging meaningful relationships with key decision-makers. Every interaction at SBC Summit Tbilisi, whether it’s over cocktails or a shared passion for iGaming, holds the potential to be truly remarkable.

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Don’t miss out on this pivotal opportunity to unlock the potential of Eastern Europe and Central Asia’s rapidly evolving iGaming landscape. Secure your spot at SBC Summit Tbilisi today!