Shiba Inu Case: From Zero to “Army” Community!

In the crypto industry, Shiba Inu attracts attention with its unique approach to development and marketing. There’s a lot to say about specific events and factors in the history of SHIB that have made the project popular. However, in this article, we will focus on a key action that has made the project so widely recognized.

And let’s start with the most important aspect, something that almost no one talks about when discussing Shiba Inu but is crucial to mention:

Once upon a time…

The creator of the SHIB, known as Royoshi, published an article in August 2022, named “All hail the Shiba! (an experiment in decentralization) and outlining the project’s idea and highlighting three crucial rules (remember them; they’ll come in handy later):

Rule #1 — I Ryoshi spend 0 on the project. Why 0> It is not because I am poorboi, I sell all my chainlink for $8 to pleb and have fun crypto money to play; it is because I want to know if something can start from zero from someone with zero.

Rule #2 — Since I spend 0 on the project, any $SHIB token I own has to be bought from the free market like anybody. So these are my token, not “team token” or “admin token” it is just “ryoshi token” same as if you bought it. 

Rule #3 — Since the “team” has no tokens and I am just some volunteer, we can’t pay anybody in $ETH or $SHIB for influence or exchange listing. Already in the time since $SHIB is known, I have had 28 different “influencers” contact me trying to get free tokens and 9 different “exchange representatives.” to all of them, I say the same thing

In short, these rules entail refraining from investing in the project, independently acquiring the initial coins post-launch, and a reluctance to pay for influence or listings. In this article, many other crucial aspects for the project were highlighted, aiming to establish a decentralized community where everyone could contribute to the promotion of Shiba Inu using their talents and skills. It is the “spirit and idea” embedded in this article and the Woofpaper (name of Shiba Inu’s whitepaper) that have become key factors in the active growth of ShibaArmy – a highly influential community within the Shiba Inu.

The strength of the community

The Shiba Army boasts more than 120,000 followers, with its primary objectives being popularization, development, and influence on the token itself along with its support. The majority of the community is united not merely by extracting benefits from the project but by its underlying idea and unwavering faith in it. Undoubtedly, such a large and active community can exert a significant impact on the market, particularly on smaller tokens like BONE and LEASH. What is particularly noteworthy is that the Shiba Army includes numerous prominent influencers, such as David Gokhshtein, LucieSHIB, BULLRUNNERS, Dunkan Gray, and others. Remember rule number 3, right? Well, here it is in action: zero spending on marketing, relying solely on a strong community and followers. That’s precisely how it operates for SHIB.

All actions of the active part of the community are geared towards expanding the project and engaging new followers. Over the course of 4 years, Shiba Inu has transformed from a meme-coin into an ecosystem with projects like Bone, Leash, ShibSwap, Shibosis, Shibarium, and even its own media outlet, “The Shib.” The entire Shiba Inu team’s actions are entirely dictated by the ideas and rules laid out by Royoshi in 2020. It is the resilient community dedicated to these principles that has allowed SHIB to achieve such significant growth. The well-documented woofpaper sets the development trajectory and provides clarity on the project not just for developers and users but for the entire SHIBArmy community. Without a clear understanding of a well-described and comprehensible idea or concept, efforts to build a community would be futile.

We have a profound understanding of how to make whitepapers comprehensible, ensuring the formation of a strong project and the attraction of steadfast followers. In turn, we’ve excelled in crafting well-thought-out whitepapers, recognizing the paramount importance of this document in shaping a robust project and attracting loyal followers. For a more detailed breakdown of “Shiba Inu Project Promotion,” we’ve previously documented it here.