Key Steps to Make Your Play-To-Earn Project Well-Known

The classic computer games may have already outlived their last decade, as they are being replaced by more feature-rich games that are more attractive in terms of player benefits. Yes, we’re talking about Play-to-Earn games, which enable players to mine and earn meaningful things – rare NFTs, lands, game characters, and many other things. And the most significant advantage of such algorithms is that later these assets can be sold at particular marketplaces while earning a decent amount. 

An excellent example of such a game is The Sandbox, which rocketed well and gained a considerable fan base. By now, for a small piece of land in this game you have to give at least 2 ETH, or even more. Another example is Axie Infinite, also successful in the Play-to-Earn game market. 

So what allows games to gain such popularity? There are a few key points that we’ll talk about here: 


First and foremost, it is worth noting the significance of having innovation in a game. In other words, the game should have features that haven’t been previously applied in other games, and that would hook the players and add a great deal of value to them.

Gaming Guilds

Even if your game has some incredibly cool features and you realize that it has great potential, it doesn’t mean that it will get the desired coverage and popularity. And here we come to the central part of our case – how can a cool Play-to-Earn project attract the attention of a relevant audience given the existence of many other projects? The answer is quite simple – involve play guilds in your project.

How to Find Them and Get in Touch With Them?

Usually, game guilds have their groups on social networks, mainly Twitter and Discord. However, due to the heavy workload and multiple offers from other projects, it’s often nearly impossible to contact the leading people in the guilds. Currently, we have a formed list of the largest and most influential gaming guilds with their contacts. The number of people in each of them counts in thousands. We have already managed to contact some of them and establish direct communication between the project and the guilds to discuss terms of cooperation. Here’s the list of the most influential guilds in the Play-to-Earn field:

Yield Guild Games
Merit Circle
Astra Guild Ventures
Rainmaker Games
Good Games Guild
Avocado Guild
Unix Play-to-Earn 
Loud Snackclub 
Ready Player DAO

What Do You Have to Offer Guild Members?

Usually guilds get involved in projects early and, accordingly, help the project develop and gain hype. If the project is hot and impressive, game guild members will also be interested in cooperating with you. Of course, the terms you are willing to offer guilds are individual and depend on the project, but as an option, it can include gifts in the form of NFT, project tokens or their sale at a reduced price. In this case, you get many players in your project and increase the chances of its wide distribution. The guilds, in turn, get on favorable terms in the prospective game, which can significantly increase in value and generate solid revenue.
Based on the specifics of your Play-to-Earn project, your capabilities, desires and goals, as well as the demands of the game guilds, we will help you develop the ideal conditions for both you and the guilds. Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?


Last but not least – collaborating with Influencers in the realm of Play-to-Earn projects. These could be, for example, bloggers on YouTube or bloggers on Twitter. Generally, online game fans like to watch various reviews, let’s play and are pretty loyal to their favorite influencers in this environment. In other words, they tend to listen to their opinions and discover new Play-to-Earn projects through them. Based on our experience, this vital aspect is also worth adapting into a project’s marketing campaign and should not be underestimated. When it comes to selecting the most suitable bloggers and influencers, we will help you.


To sum up, the marketing campaign of a Play-to-Earn game is no less critical than for other blockchain projects. It is essential to take a holistic approach to help you reach your target audience and draw their attention to the project as much as possible. In this case study, our goal is to highlight the importance of working with gaming guilds and how they can help your already great project become a cult one. So, by attracting 2-3 guilds, you’re already guaranteeing yourself several thousands of active players in your project. Learn more about the features of your project by filling out the form on the website and contacting us. Let your project go viral.