Connecting Companies and Customers: Nextech Week 2024 in Japan

Within Japan’s vibrant capital, Tokyo prepares to host NexTech 2024. This series of exhibitions, taking place in the heart of one of the world’s leading cities for technology and innovation, is designed to showcase the latest advancements and future possibilities in the tech world. Taking place from Wednesday the 22nd through Friday the 24th of May, NexTech will surely be a sight to behold. Organized by RX Japan Ltd. and taking place in Tokyo Big Sight, Japan, the event promises a wide range of exhibitions, from anything about AI to DX Human Resource Development.

What to Expect From the Spring Edition of Nextech

NexTech will be much more exhibition-centered than any other event we will see this year. Exhibit topics range anything from blockchain to quantum computing and will be the centerpiece of the whole event.

In addition to the exhibits, the NexTech Spring Tokyo Expos will feature a series of panels and discussions led by some of the most influential figures in the tech industry. These sessions will cover a range of topics, including the ethical implications of AI, the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and the role of technology in combating climate change. These discussions provide a platform for meaningful dialogue about the direction technology is taking and its impact on society.

The NexTech Spring Tokyo Expos transcend mere observation of tech’s future; they catalyze new opportunities. Attracting a diverse crowd from the tech spectrum – from burgeoning startups to industry giants, investors, and aficionados – these expos are a nexus for unmatched networking. They cultivate an atmosphere ripe for joint ventures, financial growth, and breakthrough innovations, charting the course for the next wave of tech advancements.

Featured Exhibitions

Let’s delve into three pivotal exhibitions that offer distinct insights and beckon attendees to explore deeper:

Quantum Computing Technologies

Since its debut in 2020, the NexTech Tokyo Quantum Computing Expo has been a shining light for those in the quantum computing sphere. Launched concurrently with the AI and Blockchain Expos, it underscores the critical role quantum computing plays in technology’s evolution. With its capacity to transform sectors like logistics, pharmaceuticals, and finance, quantum computing is gaining global attention. The expo serves as an excellent platform for presenting cutting-edge quantum innovations to both Japanese and international markets.

Blockchain Technologies

The Blockchain Expo at NexTech Tokyo is a specialized showcase for the burgeoning field of Blockchain Technologies. This technology’s potential to reshape industries has garnered interest from a wide array of fields, making the expo a pivotal event for displaying your blockchain innovations and services to a receptive Japanese and Asian audience.

AI Expo

Renowned as Japan’s leading event for AI technologies, the NexTech AI Expo offers companies a premier platform to exhibit AI-driven solutions across numerous sectors. Given the swift pace of technological progress and a push towards safer, more efficient operations, the penetration of AI in Japanese industries is poised to expand. The expo provides a rare opportunity to introduce your AI products and services to a broad audience in Japan and beyond.