Top Blockchain Network Disruptors: ICODA’s Picks for 2024

Welcome to 2024, a year where blockchain is the pulsating heart of digital innovation. In this cosmic dance of technology, ICODA presents you with the stars of the blockchain galaxy. This is where the savvy meet the revolutionary, where each byte and block holds the promise of a digital renaissance. 

We’re not just tracking the giants of this realm; we’re diving into the vortex where trailblazers like Avalanche redefine velocity and visionaries like Chainlink weave the fabric of the real and the virtual. Here, every token tells a story, and every smart contract ignites possibilities. Each one of these 2024 blockchain marvels is a gateway to the future, wrapped in the excitement of discovery and the thrill of transformation. Get ready to explore the frontier where finance meets imagination. Let’s go!


As the pioneer in the field, Bitcoin brought blockchain technology into the limelight. Its recent innovation, BRC20 tokens, mirrors Ethereum’s ERC20 standard, signaling a significant technological leap. This move diversifies Bitcoin’s capabilities, extending its reach beyond a mere payment system. The introduction of projects like Ordinals and Bitcoin LWS further cements its evolving nature, illustrating its potential in digital ownership and asset management.


Ethereum, since 2015, has propelled blockchain beyond finance, heralding the DeFi era with smart contracts and dApps. The flexibility of its Virtual Machine and the ubiquity of ERC-20 tokens have made it a cornerstone for innovation. At its core, Ethereum has elevated blockchain with intricately programmable transactions, enabling a shift towards automated, intermediary-free DeFi services. Nevertheless, Ethereum’s success is marred by growing pains—scaling woes, steep transaction fees, and a power-hungry PoW mechanism have often become bottlenecks. Ethereum 2.0 emerges as a transformative upgrade to combat these issues; transitioning to PoS drastically cuts energy use, while sharding and Layer 2 rollups promise increased throughput and lower fees.  

BNB Chain

BNB Chain, emerging from its Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain roots, reigns as a titan in the blockchain sphere with its dual-chain architecture. This powerhouse fuses rapid trading with formidable dApp and smart contract prowess, all while aligning seamlessly with Ethereum through EVM compatibility. The BNB token transcends utility, driving transaction fees, staking, and governance within the network. Its Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus ingeniously melds the best of PoS and DPoS, delivering lightning-fast transactions at reduced costs. Amidst a surge in DeFi, NFTs, and gaming, BNB Chain is swiftly etching its mark as a potent, agile Ethereum alternative.  


Avalanche is revolutionizing the blockchain world with its trailblazing consensus mechanism, redefining speed and efficiency benchmarks. Its standout feature is the capacity to forge customizable subnets, crafting bespoke blockchain solutions for varied requirements. Known for formidable scalability, Avalanche effortlessly handles thousands of transactions per second, making it a powerhouse for DeFi and a multitude of dApps. Its emphasis on interoperability ensures fluid connections across diverse blockchain landscapes.  


Chainlink is catapulting blockchain into new realms, masterfully connecting on-chain smart contracts with vital off-chain data. Its decentralized oracle network stands as the backbone, delivering unassailable, accurate data essential for sophisticated smart contracts. Agile and blockchain-agnostic, Chainlink thrives across multiple blockchain ecosystems with unparalleled adaptability. Fueled by its native token, LINK, the network rewards data provision and ensures seamless operation. At the forefront of innovation, Chainlink broadens its data horizons, enhances node reliability through staking, and cements vital partnerships, significantly impacting the DeFi sector.  


Algorand is reshaping the blockchain landscape with its eco-friendly Pure Proof-of-Stake (PPoS) model, merging swift transactions, ironclad security, and environmental consciousness. It boasts blazing-fast processing and a no-fork policy, ensuring transactions are both speedy and final. Powered by its native ALGO coin, the network champions widespread participation in block validation, reinforcing its commitment to decentralization. Algorand’s dynamic smart contract capabilities and its growing footprint in the DeFi and NFT arenas highlight its multifaceted nature.  


Stellar is revolutionizing global finance with rapid, affordable cross-border payments. Fueled by its native Lumen (XLM), this decentralized powerhouse runs on the Stellar Consensus Protocol, combining lightning-fast transactions with eco-friendly operations. Excelling in international remittances and micropayments, Stellar effortlessly dismantles financial boundaries. Its burgeoning ecosystem, bolstered by strategic alliances and asset tokenization, continuously scales up in both reach and security.  

Ripple (XRP Ledger)

Ripple is transforming the blockchain landscape, laser-focused on overhauling global payments with its real-time settlement powerhouse, RippleNet. A favorite among banks and financial institutions, Ripple is redefining global payment systems and pioneering the On-Demand Liquidity service, employing XRP for streamlined liquidity management. Utilizing the XRP Ledger, it facilitates swift, secure, and cost-efficient cross-border transactions at a stunning rate of 1,500 per second. Ripple’s innovative consensus algorithm outshines conventional blockchains in speed, energy efficiency, and scalability.  


EOS.IO is revolutionizing the blockchain world with its exceptional scalability, effortlessly handling millions of transactions per second. Harnessing the power of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), it outperforms traditional blockchains in both speed and efficiency. Unique in offering free transactions through EOS token staking, EOS.IO creates an enticing ecosystem for developers equipped with a comprehensive suite of tools for fluid dApp development. Its burgeoning ecosystem, embracing a wide array of applications and bolstered by democratic governance and vibrant community involvement, solidifies EOS as a prime destination for cutting-edge dApps.  

Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph shatters traditional blockchain conventions, wielding its novel hashgraph consensus to deliver ultra-fast, secure transactions. Surpassing conventional blockchains with its capacity for thousands of transactions per second, Hedera stands as a paragon of speed and efficiency. Key features include impregnable security against DDoS attacks and a commitment to equitable transaction processing. The HBAR token, central to its ecosystem, powers both dApp functionality and network safeguarding. With increasing adoption across various sectors, from finance to healthcare, Hedera is fast becoming the preferred choice for enterprise solutions.  


IOTA revolutionizes the blockchain paradigm for the IoT universe with its groundbreaking Tangle architecture, transcending conventional blockchain limits. Perfectly attuned to the expansive Internet of Things, it paves the way for a fluid machine-to-machine economy, enabling swift, scalable, and zero-cost transactions. IOTA goes beyond mere scalability, offering robust data security essential for IoT interactions. The Chrysalis upgrade propels IOTA’s performance and security to new heights, expanding into the realms of smart contracts and dApps. Cementing partnerships across diverse sectors, IOTA is increasingly integral in practical IoT applications.  


Zilliqa is redefining blockchain’s cutting edge with its trailblazing sharding technology, propelling transaction speed and network capacity to unprecedented levels. Equipped with the Scilla programming language, Zilliqa expertly navigates the intricacies of smart contract security. As a high-throughput juggernaut, it’s a magnet for dApps and DeFi initiatives, blending rapid processing with robust security. Zilliqa’s approach to eco-friendly mining signals a new era of sustainable blockchain practices. Diving into the NFT space and prioritizing interoperability it broadens its reach, fortifying a vibrant ecosystem.  


Dash is reshaping the digital currency landscape with its rapid, covert transaction capabilities, InstantSend and PrivateSend, outpacing traditional cryptos in user-friendliness. Driven by an innovative master node system, Dash not only delivers speedy, private transactions but also engages users in key governance choices. Standing apart with its self-governing, self-funding structure, Dash reinvests earnings into network growth. The evolving Dash Evolution platform is set to boost user experience and retail adoption, making Dash more accessible than ever. With a keen eye on scalability, Dash is positioning itself as a day-to-day digital currency, streamlining payments in a way traditional systems can’t match.


zkSync is supercharging Ethereum with its cutting-edge zkRollup technology, masterfully compressing hundreds of transactions into one. Leveraging zero-knowledge proofs, it confirms transaction integrity while significantly lightening Ethereum’s load. This process not only boosts Ethereum’s capacity but also upholds stringent security standards. Seamlessly aligning with Ethereum, zkSync offers a smooth, efficient transition path for users and developers. On the cusp of enabling smart contract functionality, zkSync is rapidly growing its ecosystem, becoming a magnet for diverse DeFi initiatives. More than just a Layer 2 solution, zkSync is pioneering a new wave of sophisticated, streamlined dApps, bolstering Ethereum’s position as a blockchain leader.

Arbitrum One

Arbitrum One turbocharges Ethereum with Optimistic Rollups, offering a swift, cost-effective Layer 2 scaling solution. By optimistically processing transactions off-chain and securing them on Ethereum, it massively boosts throughput while slashing costs. Fully compatible with Ethereum’s ecosystem, it enables seamless dApp migration and development, preserving Ethereum’s security and decentralization. As Ethereum’s scalability becomes increasingly crucial, Arbitrum One stands out as a pivotal platform, balancing scalability, security, and efficiency, poised to power Ethereum’s next growth phase.


Chiliz is transforming the world of sports and entertainment with its trailblazing blockchain platform, turning fans into active participants in club decisions with its unique Fan Tokens. Hosted on, these tokens bridge the gap between ardent fans and club management, unlocking a new realm of fan interaction. The CHZ token, Chiliz’s own digital currency, is the lifeblood of this thriving ecosystem. Boasting partnerships with sports titans like FC Barcelona and Juventus, Chiliz is taking the global stage, reshaping how fans interact with their favorite teams. It’s not just about voting; Chiliz is crafting exclusive rewards and experiences, continually enhancing its platform to energize and expand its fan base.  

Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero stands as a privacy powerhouse, leveraging its DAG-based consensus for unmatched speed and scalability. Focused on ensuring transaction secrecy with cutting-edge cryptography, this platform is making waves for its commitment to data protection. Built with interoperability at its core, Aleph Zero facilitates fluid interactions across different blockchains, catering to a wide range of applications where privacy is paramount. As an emerging force, it’s rapidly growing its ecosystem and forging strategic partnerships to highlight its prowess in secure, streamlined blockchain solutions.  

Hyperledger Foundation

The Hyperledger Foundation fosters collaboration and innovation by housing a range of open-source blockchain projects under one roof. It’s a beacon for enterprises looking to leverage blockchain technology, offering tools and frameworks that drive interoperability and standardization.


TON Blockchain, birthed by Telegram’s visionaries, is a speed-focused, scalable multi-blockchain platform. It’s engineered for rapid transactions and houses a vast playground for smart contracts and decentralized apps. At its heart, TON Coins drives the ecosystem, making it a hub for swift and flexible blockchain solutions. Now, fueled by community enthusiasm, TON is rapidly evolving, redefining the limits of decentralized technology.

Secret Network 

The Secret Network is revolutionizing blockchain privacy, introducing ‘secret’ smart contracts that cloak data in a veil of confidentiality. Its groundbreaking Secret Tokens redefine transaction privacy, marking a significant shift in the crypto world. Excelling in both scalability and interoperability, the network is a prime hub for a plethora of privacy-focused dApps, spanning from finance to healthcare. Energized by its native SCRT token, the network underpins transactions, staking, and a community-driven governance model. As the Secret Network rapidly expands, it’s constantly enhancing its privacy safeguards and diversifying its application pool.  


Stacks is revolutionizing the blockchain world by bringing smart contract functionality to Bitcoin’s solid foundation. It unveils Clarity, a smart contract language designed for transparency and predictability, significantly reducing risks and boosting trust. Leveraging the novel Proof of Transfer (PoX) mechanism, Stacks harnesses Bitcoin’s mining power, offering users the unique opportunity to earn Bitcoin rewards. The Stacks Token (STX) is the driving force behind this vibrant ecosystem, fueling transactions, smart contracts, and community engagement.