What Do You Need to Know About the Metaverse Game Development

It is not a secret that the metaverse can be as useful as the internet. The metaverse brings together the digital elements of our lives – video games, social media, messaging, e-commerce – into one holistic experience.

Thanks to a vast system of interconnected networks, 2D websites will become 3D, interactive, immersive, and social web spaces. Rather than scrolling through web pages, you’ll be aware of other people simultaneously engaging in the same content as we come together to play, buy, talk and search together.

The metaverse has the potential to make the internet more social and productive. Additionally, it’s a ton of fun and presents the genuine business potential for creators used to creating livable environments. Thus, there will be a large number of metaverse NFT game developers.

The real platform or virtual world in which communities form will take a back seat, becoming an invisible layer of infrastructure, much like websites are now hosted on AWS or Google Cloud.

Instead, users will choose a metaverse platform based on its ease of use, technical capabilities, and content quality. Creators who are proficient in producing metaverse content or developers who design tools for ordinary users to easily create and distribute their own metaverse content will attract the most users and therefore build the most valuable platforms.

Here, in this article, we will talk about metaverse game development and how our company assists in the process.

What Are Blockchain Games?

Blockchain games are games that are made on the basis of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies used as an in-game tool.

Let’s look at the use of this technology inside metaverse gaming products.

The absolute possession of one or more items is the most significant aspect of this technology in the game. For instance, by purchasing an in-game NFT token, a player may be certain that he has a genuine rare item and can get rid of it outside the game. Without transferring your entire account, it becomes possible to freely swap with others for the sake of a single item. We may claim that this offers an entirely new player-driven economy in which everyone can produce their own distinctive content.

The question arises, how will developers monetize their game if skins are created not only by them but also by users? The simplest option is a commission on trading. This percentage can be compared to the percentage that is deducted from the artist for each subsequent resale of his NFT.

It is worth mentioning that the most popular type of game at the moment, with a special in-game economy, is games based on farming. Now in the metaverse game development, we have a lot of games that allow you to farm cryptocurrency. These are DeFi games where you can actually earn money, though in a certain equivalent, cryptocurrency or NFT.

How Do NFT Games Work?

How does metaverse NFT gaming platform work? ICODA as a metaverse game development company

NFT games allow users to earn money by playing. Most use NFTs, which are unique digital collectibles on the blockchain. Players then have to collect them to advance in the game or to resell or trade them with other players.

On Play to Earn metaverse game models, NFTs can increase in value over time, such as land plots on Decentraland.

Although each metaverse game is unique, they nonetheless have a common framework. Once enrolled, users must design an avatar and select from the available qualities and skills. The mission given to them must thereafter be completed. If they are successful, they are given NFTs, which can later be exchanged for cryptocurrency or cash. Smart contracts are utilized in NFT games. Developers can thus use self-executing smart contracts to implement NFTs in themed contexts.

Characteristics of NFT Game Development

Here is a list of characteristics of NFT game development:

  • Allows you to dive into high-textured graphics that portray real-world feelings.
  • A certificate that cannot be forged and enhanced storage that enables metaverse game development has immutability of services with the same efficiency.
  • An excellent alternative for investing in blockchain technology that has a secured multi-currency wallet.
  • A young and very promising technology that has advanced UI.

Advantages of Metaverse Gaming

Metaverse game development based on blockchain technology


Traditional in-game purchases are one-time investments that are locked in a certain gaming universe and are not transferable. NFTs, on the other hand, give players ownership of their in-game items rather than the game designers. In-game purchases may be saved, sold to other players, or transferred to other compatible games thanks to blockchain technology.

Provable Scarcity

Collectors prize rarity and authenticity, and the unchangeable records inherent in an NFT’s underlying blockchain network serve as evidence of the rarity of in-game NFT purchases. This decentralized public ledger verifies each NFT’s identity, number, and ability to be uniquely identified.


NFTs are based on the blockchain itself and do not depend on any one gaming platform. Take Axie Infinity, for example. This hugely popular play-to-earn NFT game has two native tokens, Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axie Infinity Token (AXS). SLP is earned from farming within the Axie Infinity world, while AXS can be earned from climbing the player leaderboard. So, regardless of what happens to the game, in-game purchases may be made and sold, and new games can be created to integrate with an existing blockchain system. Furthermore, because of the permanent record each NFT produces upon the issue, blockchain-enabled game assets cannot be copied or altered.


On centralized servers, traditional online games are hosted. As a result, private systems that do not communicate with one another house the in-game assets. On the other hand, decentralized games may be found on other blockchains that serve as the foundation for other linked games. As a result, game assets represented by NFTs may be created to work together in a variety of settings. For instance, it is feasible for two games developed on the Ethereum network to share the same in-game resources, such as cars, armor, or even complete characters.

The Different Types of Metaverse Games

There is a whole display of metaverse gaming platforms using blockchain technology, allowing both to play and to win money. Whether you are a fan of card games, strategy games, RPG games, or even fighting games, there will surely be one that will please you. Here are the main types of metaverse games currently offered by metaverse game development services.

Playing exciting games in the Sandbox worlds

Fighting Games

Gaming world of Illuvium is a fighting arena to earn in-game assets.

In the category of RPG metaverse gaming, we have fighting games like Illuvium, which feature heroes and enemies to defeat. The clashes usually take place in teams, and the duel can be done in PVP or PVE.

Either way, fighting games are widely enjoyed by those who love to put their characters to the test and try out their abilities. If this type of metaverse game is appreciated, it is because it allows you to live a real adventure because, in parallel to the fights, there are quests.

Card Games


For trading card fans, there are metaverse games like Gods Unchained, which is a collectible digital card game. The concept takes up that of these physical games, except that here they are NFTs stored on the blockchain.

With this type of metaverse game, players must manage to collect the rarest ones and try to implement the best strategy to defeat their opponents. It is interesting to remember that the player can sell or exchange the cards afterwards if he wishes so as to be able to recover later those which he lacks or which he needs.

Field Games

Decentraland is virtual reality developed by Esteban Ordano

Universe creation, as well as making games, are also on the rise. The concept is quite simple: the player builds his environment by first buying plots of land. Once they become his property, he can start building on them.

Decentraland or The Sandbox are good examples. They make it possible to create a real society and to attract other players to it. What is nice with this type of metaverse game is that NFT lands gain value over time, and it thus becomes very profitable to monetize them.

Animal Games

AXIE: popular metaverse gaming platform | all you need to know about metaverse NFT game that is blooming now in gaming industry

Finally, in the category of animals, we find Cryptokitties or Axie Infinity. The player must acquire one or more small characters and then train and prepare them for combat.

The goal is to take care of these little characters and offer them the best environment so that they can reproduce and give birth to new kinds of species. A little in the same vein as Animal Crossing, these games come with a story and are generally very addictive.

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive since there are other types of games such as MMORPGs, strategy games, racing games, board games, etc.

Here in metaverse game development, we support you throughout your game development project

Icoda is metaverse game development company creating metaverse nft games


Any game in the metaverses will, first of all, be a branding strategy. More than on any other medium, it will be necessary to take into account the immersive character in the dynamics of interaction. Indeed, it is not a question of reproducing a simple game in 3D dimensions but of creating a complete universe that will embark gamers in your world. All the elements will be important, as well as the necessity to attract and make gamers want to stay.

Concept / Design

Conception and design are the fundamental elements of this logic of immersion in the game world. A visitor in a world of a metaverse game will have the dynamic of living an experience (unique if possible) with the brand, the artist, etc. This is what will make the difference between several worlds. You will have to manage to differentiate yourself, to present your brand and your product in the best possible light. The question of the image will be decisive. Your world should reflect the values ​​and image of the company.


Realization is a fundamental point. The quality of the development must be faithful to the strategy as well as to the concept and the design. This is why we have very high-level engineers who are both talented and passionate. So that your project is faithful to your objectives, scalable and effective.

Evolution / Updates

It’s about regularly updating your world in the metaverses. Indeed this virtual world is a persistent, instantaneous world, and if you want to keep your gamers and recruit others, you will have to constantly evolve your universe, innovate, and offer new functionalities, new NFTs, and new animations.

Marketing, Creation, and Sale of NFT

As in the real world, your marketing approach will be decisive. It must be understood that this new El Dorado will only be so if you know and implement the marketing recipes that you know how to use in the real world. However, you also have to keep in mind that there is special metaverse marketing! The codes are not the same, and neither are the expectations of the customers and the tools you have at your disposal. 

Final Thoughts

NFTs have totally changed the world of gaming. Players can now actually own the items they collect or erect in the virtual world. Of course, some will say that this game mode is still in its infancy, and it is difficult to say if the trend will continue, but what is certain on the other hand is that NFT games are creating excitement, and some even register millions of players accounts.

In addition, most of them allow you to earn money, which contributes all the more to their attractions. Thanks to new technologies of the blockchain and the new features offered by the developers, the NFT games will improve even more in the years to come, whether in terms of playability or earnings.