The Best Launchpads You Should Pay Close Attention to

We can say that cryptocurrencies have changed the fundraising sphere. It is becoming very hard every other day for cryptocurrency businesses to successfully tread in the industry due to the high competition. As a solution to the problems facing businesses, launchpads were introduced.

It is a crypto platform designed to help startups reach their full potential and mainstream adoption. Generally, there are many ways to safely raise funds, including ICO, IFO, STO, IEO, IDO, etc.

Launchpads help new projects attract the community, thus making it easier for them to tread in crypto. The platforms are like advertising pools which, in addition, help garner crowdfunds. Businesses listed in launchpads are vetted for the utter protection of the sponsors’ wealth.

Moreover, launchpads help reduce the barriers of entry like costs and regulatory requirements.

Following the example of the biggest projects like Binance, other popular platforms implemented their launchpads. They have become one of the most popular ways for companies to raise money for new projects.

Although there are multiple launchpads, very few provide excellent and trusted services. You should keep in mind that investing is still highly speculative and comes with considerable risk. As with any other investment, be sure to conduct research with the help of independent sources before making any decisions.


Here we have collected the most popular projects.

It is the most popular service, launched in 2017. It became most trending in 2019. It helps and advises project teams on how to best issue and launch their token. They provide a full-service offering starting from advisory services from before the token is even issued, to post-listing and full support. A lot of cases like Bread, Gifto, Bittorent, Celer, Fetch held their IEOs there.

Founded in 2017 by AngelList, this cryptocurrency investing platform is aimed at investors seeking to source tokens that are newly listed. CoinList’s goal is to manage all steps that inevitably come with launching a new financial instrument. By providing this guidance, companies creating new digital assets can focus more on building world-changing tools and services.

It is a decentralized exchange made for cross-chain token pools and auctions. Polkastarter is a platform that enables sponsorship for early cryptocurrency projects through the native POLS utility token. Holders of 3,000 POLS tokens or more receive an allocation for early access to token launches and auctions. It offers public pools for non-POLS holders to participate in. The token price and amount of tokens allocated can vary between POLS pools and non-POLS pools. Among successful projects are ExeedMe, MahaDao, and Fire Protocol. Some token sale events on Polkastarter were sold out in record time (10 sec.). It also gained the most success on returns for investors. Although, return rates vary and it is imperative to assess risks and provide due diligence in advance.

It is the first decentralized Initial Dex Offering (IDO) service designed for products based on the Binance Smart Chain. This launchpad supplies firms with the capacity to share tokens and raise liquidity. The platform has found a solution to incentivize and reward token holders in an inclusive way and with a lower entry barrier. It creates a platform that rewards token holders and guarantees them a spot during token allocation, offering them a tier system.

It is a decentralized incubator that supports its loyal fans. Produced by the DuckDAODime (DDIM) utility token, it makes the process of bringing investors into new cryptocurrency businesses easier. In addition, if we check out its projects, we can say that they are prosperous and have a thriving long-term future. Using a tiered system, it gives holders of the DDIM token early access to private token sales. Moreover, DDIM holders can yield this coin, offering allocations in DuckDAO’s public token sales. The DuckDAO community is loyal and ready to take part in shaping the future of the project. Some of the most successful launches on the DuckDAO incubator platform include Fyooz, Bondly, and Base Protocol.

We hope that our article will be helpful for you, and you will be able to make a decision, choose the most suitable one.

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