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PR and Promotion with Guaranteed Results from ICODA Agency

Every blockchain startup requires proper PR and promotion. Your potential investors, partners, and clients may never know about your ICO if you – or other people – don’t inform them!

Our team of highly experienced marketers, software developers, analysts, and other skilled experts will work out a solid strategy of you ICO promotion on local markets, based on the individual requirements of your company. Besides, we offer the services of translation to other languages, promo video creation, and after ICO development.

Advantages of PR and Promotion by ICODA Agency

Our major objective is to develop a comprehensive promotion plan that can work on a daily basis, attracting hundreds of new investors from all over the Globe. In order to achieve this purpose, we’ll perform the following tasks:

  • Develop your ICO website. Its design and content will become highly attractive and interesting for the most influential representatives of today’s blockchain community.

  • Promote your startup in niche resources. This is the best way in obtaining engaged investors and partners, who will do their best to support your solution.

  • Place ICO announcements on specialized ICO trackers. This action helps to inform investors about the time and place where to purchase your coins.

  • Automate media coordination. PR and promotion in social media, ICO news websites, and other specialized recourses lets us embrace a wide audience of potential investors from all parts of the world.

These are the steps of our ICO promotion strategy, which can vary depending on the individual features of your project, but always have the same result: we let the whole world know about your blockchain in the most efficient way. Your ICO will succeed with us!

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