Client Acquisition

A unique business idea needs unique people to believe and invest in it. Having come from the startup and entrepreneurial sectors, we understand the needs of a new business, and how important it is to connect to the right people. Because of this, we offer services that do just this. We match your business with the right client, perfectly matched to your needs and understanding of your vision. We network with investors who have an interest in new business ventures and match our client’s ideas to the right people.

We have deep experience in working with such professionals as the C-Suite members of a prospective client company’s team. These include: CEO, CMO, CTO, VPs of Engineering, VPs of Partnerships, Heads of Procurement, etc.

What we can guarantee

1. Deep client and market analysis leading to a creation of a target list of companies which will be a great fit for your business as clients. We will update this list throughout the course of our partnership with you.

2. Twenty new clients and/or investors contacted daily through such methods as:

  • Social Media (including: LinkedIn, Telegram, and if necessary, Facebook).
  • Cold Calling
  • Outbound/Inbound follow-up
  • Email marketing

3. Initial presentation of the product to the prospective client. This includes:

  • Presentation through mutually agreed marketing content in social media
  • Engagement of the client through a conversation in social media
  • Follow-up telephone calls
  • Handing off the hot lead to our client’s sales team
  • Arranging and taking part in (if necessary) in conference calls
  • Handling/maintenance of the signing of the NDA process
  • Support of the sales process and of the sales team of our client if necessary
  • Client follow-up and retention through relationship building and maintenance
  • In some cases, we can act as the sole sales team of our client
  • Arrangement of personal meetings between the sales team of our client and the hot lead (appointment setting)
  • Daily coordination with you or your sales team

4. Complete record of all actions, all companies contacted, and conversations through the use of CRM, Excel, or Google technologies.

5. Acquisition of clients and coverage in such markets as: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Russia, Eastern Europe, South Africa (as well as other, English speaking, African countries), the Middle East, Scandinavian region, India, China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Western Europe.

In general, we have a very deep experience of doing client acquisition in the entire English-speaking world, so anywhere where English is spoken and understood, will be an area we can cover. Our English is that of a native speaker (US accent), so we will have a good way to connect to all of our leads.

Please note: we are guaranteeing only that we will present the project to our maximum ability to investors and clients. We are NOT guaranteeing investments or clients (there is way too much out of our control for us to guarantee this).