PPC Ads under Restriction

Every search engine has certain restrictions with PPC. The specialists of the ICODA Agency are ready to help you circumvent current prohibitions applied to blockchain products and promote your product on any websites. Our service of PPC ads under restriction will let you forget about possible problems with ads and find a great deal of investors from different sources in all parts of the Globe.

ICODA Agency Will Help You Avoid Issues with PPC Ads under Restriction!

There are various reasons for ads disapproval, such as:

  • Inappropriate themes, such as gambling or counterfeit
  • Usage of copyrighted content
  • A phone number in the ad text
  • Referring to your company as “#1” or “the best”
  • Words or phrases in caps
  • Phrases like “Click here”
  • Too long text, and others


It’s important to note that the topics of cryptocurrency are also forbidden, so you may have quite a lot of problems when promoting your solution in this way.

If you PPC ads are under restriction – no matter for what reasons – you may have to spend quite a lot of time improving it and trying to remove these restrictions. Instead of losing time and money, you can address the specialists of the ICODA Agency. They’ll take on the task of your blockchain PR and promotion, from the website creation to blockchain development.

When we say that we’ll do some job, this means that our smart contract developers, technical specialists, legal consultants, marketing experts, creative designers, and writers will work as thoroughly as possible to help you reach your objective. You won’t have to worry about PPC ads under restriction – we always foresee and prevent possible problems, irrespective of the sphere we’re engaged in.

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