Internet analytics system

A data-driven approach to tap quality leads, increase conversions and grow revenue.

  • Do you know which traffic source brings you most of the leads?
  • Do you know the cost per lead for each traffic source?
  • Do you know from which countries, what age and gender are the most active users of your exchange?
  • Are you sure you are buying all the traffic from the low-cost leads?

ICODA will help you to get answers

Our  internet analytics will provide you:

  • Control of the total budget for paid traffic with dividing by channels of attraction;
  • Evaluating the cost of attracting new users or achieving goals, depends on your targets (CPL);
  • Detailed information about each channel of acquisition: adwords impressions, clicks, cost per click, cost per lead, cost per conversion etc.
  • Control of your contractor’s work for achieving goals, budget and other parameters.

How it looks

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