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Innovative Approach to Promo Video Creation from the ICODA Team

The ICODA team creates the promotional breathtaking videos for all kinds of ICO. We ensure you receive the increased conversion rates and guaranteed views of a target audience. Promo video creation is a part of our ICO Launching package, though you may order this service separately. We launch ICO according to your custom needs and requirements.

What can you get with the ICODA promo video for your ICO?

If you need additional PR and promotion, our creative videomakers can literally generate a video from a single idea. Or even offer a creative idea for a future video because our team consists of experienced marketing specialists.

The stages of making a promotional ICO video:

  • Briefing with brainstorming;

  • Script writing;

  • Voiceover of recording with an individual actor casting;

  • Creation of animation and illustration;

  • Music writing and sound mixing;

  • Exports and rendering;

  • SEO optimization and keywords;

  • Publishing of a created video on different social media platforms;

With a few years of cryptocurrency market experience, the ICODA team knows what it takes to create a successful PR video along with a full-stack promotion on local market. Also, keep in mind that most ICO projects and fundraising campaigns have promotion videos on landing pages. According to some analysts, a single high-end promo video may increase the conversion up to 80%.

The ICODA team offers a full-fledged creation and promotion of all key elements for your ICO campaign. Including the efficient after ICO development — we make sure your project is live and prosperous for months!

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