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ICODA Offers the White Paper Development from Scratch

The ICODA team helps with professional ICO Launching from scratch, including an expert writing of the most important technical document — white paper. We can create whitepaper that will help to turn crypto enthusiasts into investors, in turn raising millions for your company.

Our professionally developed white papers can demonstrate the decisive leadership, build awareness for your ICO brand and generate the quality leads.

What are the stages of a white paper development by ICODA Agency?

The ICODA experts try to cover such important issues in a white paper as:

  • Overview of your product-related market;

  • Explanation the token economy in simple words;

  • Thorough market analysis;

  • Writing a realistic financial plan working for promotion on local market;

  • Detailed description of your ICO project;

  • Explanation and demonstration the benefits for regular users;

  • Specification of ICO and token distribution details;

  • Creation of a trustworthy roadmap;

  • Compliance with all necessary requirements when creating the sections with terms and conditions.

We strongly believe that any good PR and promotion of an ICO campaign can’t do without an expert-written whitepaper. It is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience, enhance your brand’s credibility and show what makes your product so special.

The ICODA team of experienced writers with deep knowledge of the industry will work together to deliver the best possible whitepaper for your project. We make sure to edit it according to your project’s updates as a part of our after ICO development service.

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