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Professional Telegram Promotion by ICODA Agency

When launching your blockchain startup, you have to take care of a broad spectrum of tasks, from website creation to after ICO development. In order to perform all of them in the most efficient way, address the specialists of the ICODA Agency: we are always ready to provide you with the full cycle of ICO-related service.

One of the most important aspects of blockchain launching, which is frequently neglected by startup creators, is Telegram promotion. This channel can bring businesses millions of new partners, clients, and investors under one condition – the work should be entrusted to a reliable company with experienced and skilled specialists in different fields. Our dedicated team of smart contract developers, specialized technicians, marketers, legal consultants, and designers is ready to make your ICO campaign successful.

What Includes Telegram Promotion?

Telegram promotion from the experts of the ICODA Agency includes the following:

  • Administration and moderation of your community page;

  • Promotion of your project in large thematic channels;

  • Invitation of potential investors to your Telegram Channel;

  • Promotion of your Telegram Channel in different online catalogues (websites advertising Telegram Channels and Groups);

  • Promotion of your Telegram Channel in Facebook among potential investors.

We can guarantee that our experts will work out the most effective Telegram promotion strategy for your ICO project that will work daily attracting a good few of new investors. Your reliable and transparent channel will clearly show all the benefits of your blockchain and the enthusiastic capital providers won’t be long in coming.

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