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Listing on Exchanges: Promote your Cryptocurrency with ICODA Agency

Every new blockchain project is intended to be successful and profitable. But the truth is that almost half of such startups fails to survive even a year. The ICODA Agency offers you the services of ICO launching, website creation, PR and promotion, as well as after ICO development. All this will make your blockchain project booming and growing with the support of new investors.

One more service we offer our clients is listing on exchanges. ICO startup developers often neglect this step of PR and promotion, losing in such a way a broad spectrum of important opportunities. The specialists of ICODA Agency won’t let you make such a mistake!

About the Importance of Listing on Exchanges

Here are only some of the reasons why you should think about this part of our ICO launching package:

  • When your coins are listed on a stock exchange, your project becomes more high-prestige for potential investors.

  • You get the opportunity to raise more funds by virtue of additional stock issuance.

  • Having your coins listed on exchanges, you can launch various stock option programs engaging top talents to your company.

  • In such a way, you’ll easily attract the attention of open-end funds, private investment companies, and institutional traders.

  • With the service of listing on exchanges, you get additional gearing when taking out loans from various financial institutions.

During the consultation ICODA specialists will create an individual strategy of your blockchain startup PR and promotion. We will make your website fully adaptive and user-friendly, promote your project on local markets, build smart contracts for your business, and, not least importantly, help you get listed on exchanges.

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